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Friday, October 8, 2010

INXS New World Tour?

Maybe! Let's hope! At leastwise that's what Tim said today. Oh, just thinking about it is making me feel as excited as a worm that has come across a 5-pound apple! I sure do hope INXS comes to this state. And I hope it will be before I have to move to Montana! Or maybe I won't have to move to Montana? Who knows right now. But Anna won't be here to watch the dogs. I might have to take them with me to the concert. If we will be in a parking garage again, and it's during the winter months, I won't worry too much about the dogs. Just have to let them go out every now and then.

Well, someone mentioned that Timmy had said that and I was so glad just to hear they may be coming back. Now, whether I get to go may be a separate story. But if I do, it depends on when we have to leave here. But one thing about living in Montana, I have better access to the eastern states, where INXS always seems to go every time they tour this country! If they don't go anywhere else, they will always be going to the eastern states. Funny thing though, Timmy once said (according to another fan) that he's never heard of the state of Montana! Even though he has a recording studio of his own that he calls "Montana Studios". Well, we'll see. Don't expect any meetings though. And as for the dream of a live interview with the guys, it may remain just a dream. But I haven't asked yet! I want to wait and see where they will be touring to. Or at least get some kind of idea. But I highly doubt, since they've never heard of the state before, that they will be showing up there! But that is OK! I can meet them in Reno, or even Las Vegas. Who knows?

I also managed to collect another pic of the guys! This is the one that was presented in the article that made the announcement:

Anyone else would see 4 men standing there in this picture. But this is all I see:

I miss him so much! Haven't seen him in so long, I've almost forgotten how good it feels to go to an INXS concert. Hopefully I can get some shows under my belt this time around.

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