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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Python Ban

There is a serious threat in the making. The only thing that can stop it is your votes. It is a ban on exotic pets, which is a billion dollar industry, and keeps a lot of people in jobs. For example, a business that I am subscribed to on YouTube, actually 2 of them. Snake Bytes and Viperkeeper. If this bill is passed through, this could mean not only a lot of people will lose billions of dollars a year, but also people like me won't be able to keep snakes, lizards and frogs as pets! Well! Frogs are not really pets, per se, but I do so enjoy having them around!! I also love my snakes, and took a sigh of relief when we decided we are not going to move to Bozeman yet, and won't have to live with someone else. So I get to keep my beloved snakes! I am so glad!! But bills like this piss me off!!!

While I will agree that the big pythons, like the burmese and rectics, are a problem in southern Florida, it's not fair to punish those of us who do not live in Florida from having the species we want to have! While I myself have no interest in the large constrictors, next thing you know, they will start banning the smaller colubrid constrictors, next they will work on the lizards and already they are working on frogs! And it's not just the herp industry that is going to suffer. Before you know it, all kinds of pets will be banned! Pit bulls are already banned in some states, next will be rottweilers, german shepherds, doberman pinschers, maybe even chihuahuas! They'll start off with the big animals and work their way all the way down to domestic cats, which are just as responsible for killing small wildlife throughout the country, as the feral pythons are for killing wildlife in Florida!! Once the PETArds discover that and put 2 and 2 together, don't be surprised if they do work on passing a bill that will ban the ownership of cats!! And yes, I truly believe PETA is to blame for this bill even being thought up! Simply because it sounds like something they would do!

The thing with this bill is it represents a lot of our basic freedoms being taken away from us. First they ban all pet ownerships, next they ban some other little pleasures that make life worthwhile. Next thing you know, you cannot step outside your home without having to call the government and ask for permission! Then hope to GOD they give it to you! I'd be surprised if, by the year 2100, we're even still allowed to use the bathroom in public facilities without asking for permission from the dang government!! It's ridiculous and unscrupulous!!! I blame PETA for bringing up the python ban, but I also blame irresponsible people too! It is them that gives responsible pet owners like me a bad name! And it is they that gives reason to put a ban on some animals. It may be some now, but there will be more later on.

If you ask me, people need to stop taking PETA so seriously!! If you knew what PETA was all about, you wouldn't. You would think that they would take the millions they get a year and do something constructive with it, but no. They hire dumbass models to stand naked out in the road and say they'd rather be naked than wear furs. Or mislead the public saying that vegetarians have better sex, which is a direct lie! Eating too much vegetation actually lowers your ability to reproduce or even get aroused, not enhances it. During the time my grandma was a child, people reproduced like crazy, no one was a strict vegetarian, except my grandma. Then grandma had only one child (confirmed). LOL! Long story there. PETA tells people only what they want them to hear, half-truths, innuendos, yadda-yadda-yadda. Basically PETA is full of bull! Their so-called "facts" are not really facts, they are only half the facts. One thing I can tell you for sure, most vegetarians are dumb! So, this leads me to believe that there is something that we need in meat to inhibit proper brain-function. Something that you either cannot find at all in vegetables, or you can't get enough of from veggies unless you eat like 20-pounds of veggies in a sitting or something. Of course you can take supplements, which is unnatural! If I'm going to do that, why not just eat the meat?? Meat tastes a LOT better than a handful of vitamin pills!!

But anyway, please contact your congressman and tell him that you will not vote for him (or her) if he (or she) is going to push for the python ban in all states! Once this freedom is taken away, who knows what will happen next?? I don't live in Florida, and have no intention or desire to, so I should be allowed to have whatever kind of snake (or any exotic) I choose to have.

NO TO HR2811!!!!


ewhitley said...

I never heard of such a ban on pythons. They should just keep that ban in Florida and not in other states.

TimGal said...

That's why we have to work hard to keep this law from spreading to other states.

Anonymous said...

play the fucking riff timmy lol...X