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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Official Announcement!!!

OK, I am officially announcing this game. hehe! Let's see how many people take me up on my offer. I recently made a video about why I hate show breeders. Of course I do talk about the good that show breeders do. But at the end, I also make a challenge to people about confronting show breeders. So it gave me the idea for this game. The number 1 rule to this game is watch this video!!

The number 2 rule to this game is get a video camera and go to a show. Any kind of show, either a dog show or a cat show, I don't care. But go there with the interest of breeding in mind.

I will personally give anyone $100, via PayPal, that goes up to a well-established, winning show breeder, and shows an interest in breeding the breed of their choice and does NOT get looked at by that show breeder like some kind of a pest. Here's the catch:

1. This has to be your VERY FIRST TIME EVER, going to a dog or cat show. So you cannot know the breeder personally.
2. You must ask the winner (BOB winner) this question: I am interested in breeding *insert breed of choice here*, can you mentor me? (Ask that exactly, do not add words or leave any out, except for those italicized, replace those with the name of the breed you want to breed).
3. It absolutely MUST be a video, no still pictures accepted, and if the breeder asks you to turn the camera off, you're out!
4. No editing films, no rehearsing, if it looks rehearsed, I will not accept it. You can submit more than one clip, but they must be un-edited.
5. It has to be a breeder that has won BOB in at least 5 shows, and has mentored before (ask them if they have).
6. If the breeder says no, or gives you a disgusted look, or tells you to "come back later when you have a better specimen of the breed", or refers you to somebody else, you're out!
7. If the breeder smiles or laughs with you (not at you) I will even add an extra $50 to your winnings.

I am offering this because I'm telling you, no newbie is going to be able to do it. I know most of the chihuahua breeders, the ones with the best reputation will not do any of these things. I know because I wanted to learn from one of the best. The ones who will help you are the ones that the people with the best reputations frown on. Though I don't know why. If every show breeder was as anxious to help as some of these that get frowned on by the big-wigs were, we would not have puppymills or backyard breeders!

A good example of this is a breeder, who did show regularly, that I liked, I'll call her Mary, allowed me to breed my dog to one of her's. One of her best ones actually. The stud hadn't been shown, but he's produced many a show-stopping young! Well, when I brought up that I bred my dog to her's to Rita, the breeder I mention in this video, Rita basically told me that Mary will let her dogs breed to anyone who comes to her with the money. Even if that were true, it was a horrible thing to say! I wish more show breeders were like Mary! Like I said if they were, we wouldn't have so many people breeding bad specimens of their breeds. But every show breeder looks at every newbie like a pest, and I think when they do that, it does more harm than good! That's another thing I point out in this video. A person should be educated, not turned away like a punished child! I like the show breeders who educate and treat newbies like gold. I don't like the ones like Rita, who has mentored in the past, but only people who already have acquired exceptional specimens of the breed. And, if you are a newbie, to acquire a good specimen of your breed from a show breeder, for the purpose of breeding, is no easy task! I'm sure it used to be, but it's not anymore. Even some of the people who used to be frowned upon are getting cautious.

An example of this would be this one lady I sold a pup to some time back. I'll call her Sally. Sally also got a pup from a breeder who showed, but I later found out was also frowned upon by the big-name breeders. She went to Rita and asked for mentoring, Rita took a look at the pup I sold her, and said no. But when Sally showed her the pup she got from this other breeder, who was good, but frowned on by other show breeders, then Rita finally agreed to mentor Sally. Though Sally told me that Rita did like the father's side pedigree (the mother admittedly was a backyard breeder dog), but we sold the pup to her as a pet. When she bought it, I had no idea she wanted to breed for show. Sally never told me that. If she had, I would never have sold her that pup. I believe Sally told me she wanted to breed, just not for show. Now, even that breeder that Sally got her exceptional specimen from will not sell a good quality dog to you for the purpose of breeding unless you have actually shown before. And this isn't whining or bitching, this is TRUTH!! I promise you! And I believe it's going to cause the demise of the chihuahua breed, and encourage newbies who want to breed chihuahuas to go to backyard breeders. What would counteract this is if instead of saying "I'm not going to sell you a good dog for breeding when you haven't shown before!" Show breeders should say "OK, I will sell you one of my best females, only if you promise to find a good mentor and learn to breed the right way." Then have that client give you the name of the person they find to mentor them, and if it's someone the breeder knows, then they can rest assured. I realize you can sell a dog to someone and they make promises they do not keep, but if they do not carry out their assigned task, the breeder can always take back the pup. Just don't sell to someone who gives you a fake address (there are ways of finding out) or a PO box.

So if a show breeding mentor will not educate anyone unless they already have a show-worthy specimen of their breed, then who are they going to educate?? That doesn't make sense to me. But I will definitely give anyone the money who films themself talking to a show breeder and can get that show breeder to mentor them. But more likely, I will be correct in my prediction that NO newbie will be able to do it. But I will give the winner $100, and I will announce that winner on this blog, and even show the winning video. Send your entries to staff@umgproductions.com
Disclaimer: The show must be that of a reputable registry (AKC, CanadianKC, UKC, TKC, FCI, CFA), shows put on by disreputable registries will not be accepted. The breeder must agree to mentor you, and you must be willing to go through with it. You must accompany your entry with the name and contact info of the breeder you spoke to. Preferably a phone number or physical address. No information will be shared with any third party persons for any reason. You must have never been to any dog or cat shows previously, and anyone with family members who have shown before will not be accepted. You must be totally new to dog or cat shows. Your entry must be accompanied also with your name, e-mail address, and phone number. I will contact you personally to let you know if you have won. Only one winner will be chosen. Any material you submit will become the property of timmyfan.com and your video will be displayed on the site, along with your name announced. I will not publish any of your personal information on the site. Your e-mail and phone number will only be used to contact you if you win the prize. If you do not submit your name, e-mail and phone number, your entry will be disqualified. You must also provide the date you attended the show. No entries filmed before the date of this posting will be accepted. All entries must be received by Dec. 1, 2010. The winner will be announced Dec. 19, 2010.


ewhitley said...

This is a real game? It sure sounds like fun. I'd do it myself except I am looking at the paper now, and I dont see any dog or cat show listed for this area. If show breeders are what you say they are, they wouldnt come within 500 miles of this town.

They bitch, laugh at you, and say horrible things behind your back? Wanna bet that those breeders you dealt with came from California? UGH!! It does seem possible.

Well, I hope your game works.

TimGal said...

Yes Ephrata, this is a real game I am putting on. I dare anyone to do it, as long as they give me what I want.

TimGal said...

BTW Ephrata, most of the show breeders I've spoken to came either from this state or from Oregon. But yes, they do talk behind your back! I promise you that.

I know I won't get any entries because I know nobody is going to be able to do it. :) But good luck to all who enter!!

ewhitley said...

I think after seeing your video and hearing your speech, nobody in their right mind would do it unless they wanna get laughed at or picked on by show breeders. Believe me, I'll stay away from dog and cat shows.

Those breeders live in WA and OR? I find that hard to believe.

TimGal said...

No one ever took me up on this challenge. Oh well! It wouldn't have worked anyways.