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Thursday, October 21, 2010

INXS Releasing A New Album

So INXS have decided to release this new compilation album, including some of their previous songs sang by different guest singers. One of my Facebook buddies sent me a version of JD singing The Stairs, and it does not sound too bad. Not what I am used to, but not too bad! The only thing that disturbs me about the album is the cover. I hate it! This is how it looks:

I left it enlarged so you can all see what I am talking about. I think it looks evil! I hate it. The first thing that stands out is it's a damn tiger, and you all know by now how I HATE tigers. So that there is a huge turn-off to me. But it isn't the tiger it's self that makes it evil to me. It's the eyes!! Someone said that the eyes are Michael's. UGH! Someone superimposed Michael's eyes onto a dumb tiger's head????!!!! If that doesn't earn the creator the Nutjob of the Year award, I don't know what will! If Michael were to come back, reincarnated into an animal, it sure as Hell would not be a stupid tiger!! At least Michael could sing and dance! Tigers cannot. Not in any way, shape or form. No felines can sing or dance. Well, I've seen some housecats make moves similar to dancing, but they sure cannot sing!! They try to. I've heard them. But all that comes out is a cacophonous screech that sounds, at best, like a broken bugle. In a tiger, it's worse! Tigers have a bellowing that sounds akin to a clogged up toilet. If Michael loved his singing, this is not an animal he would be honored to come back as!! As he would lose that ability. Or otherwise be the planet's only known musical tiger!

I would think if Michael were to come back as an animal, it would more likely be a gibbon. Have you ever heard a gibbon sing? They sing about as good as songbirds sing! Definitely a forebearer to our own abilities to sing! Each gibbon species has it's own song. Even the loud booms and barks of siamangs sound very harmonious! And gibbons are very graceful, and literally seem to dance through the trees! And I mean true dancing! Not those mediocre, primitive-style dance attempts you see housecats doing on occasion. Cats dance much like I do. Gibbons dance through the air like Fred Astaire! That's why I love the primates so much! Many of them can sing. In fact, I've always referred to them as 'mammalian songbirds'. And they've got some wonderful moves! In fact, I'd swear they could defy gravity!!

Some people have stated that perhaps the cover design is a link to Michael's daughter Tigerlily. At first I thought "Then why didn't they use a tiger lily flower? It'd look much prettier!" But then if it is true that those are Michael's eyes, I guess that would have been an impossibility. Flowers don't have eyes! Probably would have looked even more disturbing. Unless it was presented in a cartoony-like fashion, like in Alice in Wonderland (the original version, NOT Tim Burton's version!!!!) Burton could make a stroll through the park with your lover in hand look dark and sinister! I still think the cover looks evil though. I don't like INXS being presented as an evil band! I love INXS. Part of the reason is because they make me feel like a child again. And with that comes the memory of the innocence of being a child, prior to the 90s. This takes that innocent feeling away, and makes INXS look malevolent. Anyway, it sure does not make me want to rush out and purchase this album!


mikessa said...

Oh man, INXS has really done it this time. I'm gonna tell you the truth, this album will never sell. JDs full of shit now.

TimGal said...

I'm not sure this is JD's fault.