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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

"The Summer of Love"?

Mayor Jenny Durkan is an idiot. In fact, I told her that on Twitter. She's a horrible mayor. But maybe she's the best wake up call for Seattle. Maybe she will be the driving force that will turn Seattle red. If not, then Seattlites are dumber than I could have ever imagined. She allowed Antifa and Black Lives Matter to take over a portion of Seattle's Capitol Hill and even went so far as to call it "the Summer of Love". Durkan, like so many leftists, are so blind to the crimes these rioters have committed that she allowed them to just move in and create some kind of "cop-free zone". Dumbest idea in the long, sad history of dumb ideas! I knew that. I don't know why the leftists don't know that.

Many people, especially Trump supporters, have questioned what Trump is doing about all this. Well, let me tell you. Trump has tried to do something about this. He told the mayor to do something about it or he would. Durkan basically told Trump to fuck off and "go back to his bunker". Not sure what the reference was to "his bunker", but I don't like the way she said it. Then Durkan calls Trump an idiot and "stupid" and other such BS as that that the left typically uses to bash Trump. See, the whole thing was done just to make Trump look bad. I knew this was going to happen this year. The demoncats are getting desperate. And by all means, DON'T FALL FOR THE MAIL-IN BALLOT NONSENSE!!! Thousands of mail-in ballots have been found that had come in from North Carolina to the Democrat headquarters. They tried to stop them from being delivered because they wanted to check and see how many people voted for Donald Trump and get rid of those votes.

I knew that would happen! That's why I refused to send a mail-in vote! That's the whole purpose of starting this coronavirus thing in the first place. It was a ploy to stop Trump from winning this year's election. And leave it to the demoncats to do something underhanded like this. It's supposed to be against federal law to tamper with the mail. So, why weren't these people arrested?

So anyways, Mayor Durkan wanted to let this CHOP/CHAZ carry on. What made me so mad is that they totally dismantled the police station. They called their little place a "cop-free zone" and took over the Seattle police precinct. And the dumb mayor did nothing about it. You know why black people wanted a cop-free zone? Because they wanted to keep committing crimes without the fear of consequences. Since CHOP/CHAZ went up, rapes have been on the rise, shootings have been heard every night, and even murders. Did you all know that bags full of peoples' body parts have been found floating around in the harbor there? When I first heard that, I could not help but wonder if those were untold victims of CHOP/CHAZ. Police are not even allowed to go in there and investigate, so no one really knows. But the place where those dead people have been dumped is only 10 miles from this CHOP/CHAZ place! So, it is quite suspicious. What I want to know is who the Hell supplied those thugs with guns??? At one point they were passing out AK-47s. Who supplied those??? The one who did aught to be thrown in prison along with the rest of those CHOP/CHAZ thugs!!! So much for a "summer of love".

This all just had to happen. I knew it for the past 27 years!! I predicted this. Back when I was in high school, I had an english teacher who had 2 small children. She said that she's never spanked them before. She didn't believe in spanking. Her kids however, seemed OK. There are indeed some kids who can get by without having to be spanked. But not all kids. When Bill Clinton became president, he made it illegal to spank children, he said it was "child abuse". Parents started negotiating with their kids, like they were bargaining with adults. That's like handing a child a gun and saying "here, do what you will with this." You cannot negotiate with kids!! They don't have the knowledge of consequences. Kids think in the here and now. A kid would look at that gun and say "Wow! It's pretty!" But they don't know the potential dangers associated with it. They don't know that if they put a bullet in it and point it at their heads and pull the trigger they'll die. Or get seriously hurt. But they make that decision anyway.

The other day, on another group I am on, someone talked about an incident at the dollar store between a mom and her little boy. The little boy wanted a particular candy bar, but it wasn't stocked in the aisle. The mom told her child that he would have to wait to get it when they get back up to the cashier, where that particular bar was stocked at. The boy got angry and cussed his mom out, calling her a bitch and a whore. The little boy is like 7 years old and talking that way to his own mom!! But she didn't want to say no to him. It's parenting like that that is causing the problems in today's young people. Kids like that grow to become the same people running Antifa and CHOP/CHAZ now!! And everyone in this country is suffering for it! They don't care who they hurt. I saw a video of a kid (who turned out to be 14 years old) kicking a poor man's teeth out in a Portland protest. Why? Because he told Antifa to leave a man with an American flag in his hand alone. They chased him down and knocked him to the ground, and while he was lying there unconscious, the kid kicked him in the head! That's what Bill Clinton started. I'm sure that 14 year old kid has never been spanked, or said no to. His mom was probably not unlike that mom at the dollar store. That's what today's ways of "parenting" is doing to today's society.

Even some republicans are bending the knee to BLM. I keep seeing these stupid commercials that props up BLM like heroes. In truth, BLM is nothing but a dirty terrorist organization, just like PETA. It was built by lazy black women who wanted to create more lazy black people and let them get away with crimes. They wanted to turn America into South Africa, and cause white genocide. Well, those bending the knee are not real republicans. They're probably more like RINOs. I know I'm not gonna bend the knee to BLM!! I don't owe black people shit!! This is why I'm buying guns. I went to Lincoln City yesterday, and found a gun store on the way. I went in there and looked at some guns I hope to get in the near future. If the police are going to be defunded, and BLM is going to go catshit loony, assaulting people for no reason, and raping, stealing and plundering, no way am I going to sit here like a target and let them get away with it! I'm a lone old woman, with a bad leg. I can't run, I can't even walk very fast. So, I need to pack a gun!

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Nevermind My Last Post

Just forget what I said in my last post. Especially that last paragraph where I talked about accepting Felicia Hollis back. She unfriended my mom yesterday. I told mom she's much better off without her. Felicia is NOTHING like she was when we knew her 40 years ago. Today, she's gone absolutely apeshit crazy! I still blame Obama. I was saying the night before I'm glad I am not in her church. She obviously does not worship the same GOD we do. I worship the GOD Almighty of the Bible. I can't help but wonder who, or what, Felicia's god is? Maybe it's Obama? That's one thing I would never do, and no one can make me do! I refuse to worship Obama! I'm not going to worship the guy who caused the current day racial divide! I'm not going to worship the guy who made modern leftists the way they are now! No way!! So, I wouldn't attend Felicia's church even if she offered me money!

Ya know, I hate to say this, but I'm going to have to start telling all the people who support Obama to get off my Facebook. I never wanted it to come to that. I didn't like people who always said "If you support Trump, then delete me from your friends!" But it seems that is what the leftists want anyways. So, why don't we all play that same game? I was watching a video from a woman who used to not like Trump at all. Just like me. And another woman, who she'd been good friends with for 10 years, dropped her when she became a Trump supporter. She made a video and she was crying about losing this woman as a friend. I used to be that way too. I lost someone I was hoping we'd be friends forever back in 1993. She just all of a sudden stopped talking to me, and never answered my phone calls anymore. I don't know what happened to her, although I do have some theories. But for a while there, I was sad to lose her as a friend. But I healed. And today, I don't care if people accept me as a friend anymore. I can accept them, but I can just as quickly and easily let them go. I don't care anymore. In today's world, you almost have to have a hard heart. I still have my family and that's all that counts with me now.

I absolutely knew this was going to happen the year of the next elections!! I absolutely KNEW it!!!! I remember how bad the democrats got in 2016, when the threat of Trump becoming president was looming over their heads. I stayed the same, even though back then I didn't like Trump. But I said nothing could possibly be worse than 8 years of Obama. And believe me, they were the LONGEST 8 years of my life!!! That's wasted years I should sue Obama for! Because he accomplished nothing good! So, I really expected the democrats to go crazy again this year. They seem to actually be worse than they were in 2016. Now I read somewhere that BLM is going to be considered a political party. That's scary! To say the least! Can you imagine what will happen if BLM becomes our next president?! Remember all the bad shit Obama did? Well, I can imagine if BLM gains control of the white house, it'll be Obama to the 20th power! They'll have spray painted "BLM" all over that beautiful house. The grounds will become trash, because you know cleaning up after dirty black people is considered "racist". You'll see human shit all over the lawns and all over the streets in front of the house. Black people with masks, toting guns will be running wild all over the grounds. Gay people can forget about their rights because BLM does not give a shit about them. You'll go to the white house and smell the shitty odor of marijuana, and be blasted with coccaine dust. If you're allowed in the white house at all! More likely, the blacks will make you go away if you're not black like them. Segregation will be back. Whites will be treated like shit just because they're white. We won't have a strong figure like Trump to cover for us all. If you're white, you could even be killed just for your opinions against BLM. That has already begun. If you speak out against BLM, you can get fired from your job! Your property and business will get burned down too. They may even proudly hang white people in the trees surrounding the White house, and display your dead body up there like a trophy. The days of lynchings will return, only it'll be blacks hunting down whites. Even those who are supposedly on their side.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

The Bravest Person On The Internet

Yet, the most hated too. LMAO!! But hey! That's me. At least I am aware of it. My ma has too many liberal friends. But it's not just people on her list, it's people on my list too. Over the past week, I can say I've lost 4 Facebook buds because of what is going on with the George Floyd incident. Well, one of them wasn't even really my bud, but I did know her when I was a child and went to church with her, and she is a friend of my mom's. And one of them I just unsubbed on YouTube. He wasn't really a bud, but I did used to enjoy his videos back when he used to talk about Onision.

Well see, my father was a cop. I also have a cousin who is a cop. Both are very good cops. All this gibble-gabble about cops all being bad gives me the ass! Yes, I have known some hateful cops. But I've also known a lot of very nice ones too. It really isn't fair to lump all cops into the category of being bad. That's like lumping all blacks in the category of being muggers, rapists and murderers. The vast majority of cops I've met have been good. I think I've only met a couple in my lifetime that I would truly call hateful. One was in Lakewood, WA back in 1997. And him, I actually knew he was bad by the company he kept back in 1991. The other one was in Aberdeen, WA back in 2009. Since then, I haven't met any hateful cops. Just some who were serious. But as long as you cooperate with them, they won't harm you. Such was not the case with George Floyd.

George Floyd had a violent criminal history. In one case he attacked and beat up a pregnant woman. He's robbed banks, he did drugs, he was high on meth when he was arrested. Now, I will admit it was rather heartless of the police to continue to sit hard on his neck after he told them he couldn't breathe. The cops should have got off his neck and let him breathe again. It's still possible to detain him without 3 grown men sitting on his neck. That was indeed wrong of the cops to do that. But let's face it, he was not a martyr like the whole internet and television media is making him out to be. He was a violent criminal. He's really not worthy of all the fuss being made over him now. I believe every action has a subsequent reaction, but what is happening now with the riots and violent protests, is an overreaction! It's over-kill! Many more white people are killed by cops each year, you don't see white people rioting and looting in the streets when it happens. But I guess that's just these modern liberal black kids. They never learned how to just let things go.

And now all this talk about "white privilege" going around. I don't believe in "white privilege"! I believe in working HARD for what you want. My mom has this friend, Felicia Hollis, who is a pastor of her own church in Atlanta I believe. I knew her when she lived in Lakewood when I was a kid. I never had any problems with her. But I never heard of her talking about "racial inequality" or "white privilege" back then! That's because NO ONE did back then! We're talking 1983 here. Those two things were not even a thing back then. They didn't pop up in our American culture until Obummer took office!! Then he convinced all colored people that all white people are racists by nature. Really, the only racist really left in this country was Obama himself.

Well, yesterday my mom posted a picture of the woman who was allegedly assaulted by George Floyd. It said Floyd was not innocent. It talked about his violent past. Felicia posted a lot of backlash about Trump being the worst president of all. Mom's post had absolutely NOTHING to do with Trump!! Yet here was Felicia, bringing it up where it didn't belong. Then she started accusing my mom of racial inequality, and having "white privilege" and not acknowledging "her own racism". My mom is not a racist at all! She married a Mexican man, had 2 half Mexican children, and has had black friends all her life. Felicia being one of them. That made me so mad, I just had to say something! So I did. I made a new Facebook account that I could use. Not to trash Felicia. But because my account was suspended for 3 days for saying how much I HATE Illhan Omar. I just said to Facebook "Fine! I'll just do all my posting on YouTube!" I was OK with being suspended. It didn't change my mind about Illhan Omar. I hate her now just as much as I did before. Maybe more so. And I do NOT believe she is "more American" than Donald Trump's wife! She doesn't even love this country. She trashes it, and Americans, ALL the time! Trump's wife does love this country. That's what makes Trump's wife more American than Illhan Omar!

Anyway, Felicia responded to my post with a rather snarky tone, saying the holocaust never happened either. Typical leftist. I just said "And remember, the holocaust was carried out by democrats! They were racists then, and they are still racists today!" Which is true. You know why democrats are always pandering to blacks? For power. That's all. They just want the black votes. Once they get into office, they'll forget all those promises they made during the campaign and just say "whatever" to everything. Besides, you notice how they are treating black people like spoiled little children? That's because the democrats believe all black people are dumb, overgrown babies. It's true. You won't hear words like that come from conservative mouths. And democrats try to hide their inherent racism. Felicia came back again, with a snarky attitude, saying "You're a comedian by profession. Aren't you?" Well, I try to work on it actually! LOL! But sort of. I just said "Yes. Actually I am. It's nice of you to notice, but that really has nothing to do with what I said." Well, I am paid to write funny stories for children and young adults. So I guess you can call me a comedian by profession.

Anyways, after that I noticed Felicia blocked my new Facebook account. Just like a leftist. When they realize they don't have a real argument, they always resort to blocking. The same thing happened to Cynthia (Sarah) Al-Saggaf. She's the person I got Mya from. She is also a huge leftist. She kept posting about Trump going to prison for the rest of his life for colluding with Russia. That news is dead and buried and was proven to be wrong! But she kept bringing it up. Like all leftists, I guess she believed it would magically become true if she kept repeating it. But that's not how the world works. She also called these rioters and looters "peaceful protesters". And then griped about a photo-op Trump did with the Bible in front of a burned-down church. Oh! That's nothing! I'm in this group now where someone posted a pic of that, and another pic of Hitler holding the Bible, and talked about where Trump's thumb is. "Same place and position as Hitler's" is what they said. I said "What?!?! We got bigger problems in this world right now and you people are pissing and moaning over a thumb???? Get a life!!!!" Seriously! That's too funny!

Well anyway, after that I noticed Cynthia blocked me after one of her friends and I got into it. This friend of her's, who has a weird name, was a habitual liar. Like hell I'm gonna believe her! I think it was a "her"? Cynthia blocked me, but her mom is still on my friend list on Facebook. Probably only because I still have Mya. Once Mya goes, so will she. But that is OK. I don't have anything against Cynthia nor Felicia for that matter. I don't hate either one of them. When I was 10 years old, Felicia once asked my mom if I don't like her. Nothing could have been further from the truth. She was a nice person then. And one of my favorite memories going to that church was hearing how Felicia sang this one song. I told mom I don't remember the name of that song, nor how it goes, but I do remember how beautifully Felicia used to sing that song. And Cynthia, I am forever grateful to her for letting me have Mya. She's the best thing that has happened to me in a long time! So I really have nothing against either of them. It's sad though that they are nothing but a couple of dumb, lying leftists. Not their fault though. All leftists are dumb and do nothing but lie. I did block Felicia on my old Facebook account though. And I blocked Cynthia on my new one. But the new one I'm only going to use when I get suspended. LOL!

Usually, just because I unfriend someone, or someone unfriends (or blocks) me, I don't hate them. But I guess it's a matter of context. It was different in the case with Cynthia and Felicia, because they're just a couple of leftists. I haven't seen Felicia since I was a young teen, and I've never met Cynthia before. Nothing like when Karen Boegli blocked me and my sis on Facebook. Karen, I think I've always had the feeling she didn't really like us. Especially since the Thanksgiving party incident after I left. Plus, Karen has always been one of the biggest hypocrites I've ever met in my life. My sis has a friend who still lives in Bozeman, who does not like Karen either. She said Karen is self-centered. I was saying "Yep! That's another thing I also remember about Karen!" Yes she is indeed very self-centered. It's sad, but true. I would never again accept Karen B. as a friend. But if Cynthia or Felicia ever want to start behaving like rational adults, I'll be there, ready to listen to them. Hopefully they will do the same. I don't blame them. I totally blame Obama for all the horseshit going on and the racial divide and all the malarkey about "white privilege".