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Friday, January 3, 2014

Another Move

Well, this year living in an RV has been interesting. Now, my family wants me to move on. My ma has invited me to move to Reno and I have decided to take her up on her offer. Though I have no intention of staying there permanently, it'll do for now. I was so excited before moving into this RV, and there have been times I have enjoyed it, but a lot of bad things have come out of it too. The worst is the dampness and mold that grows when the weather changes. I used to be very flexible, and move with the ease of a lemur. Now, I can't do that anymore! My left arm has gone bad. The only time it feels good is when it is lying perfectly still. It hurts worst of all when I try to bend it backwards like to scratch my back. I can't do it anymore. And I think it's because of the dampness in that trailer. Plus there are other things I have learned I don't like about it. So, I am packing what I can and moving out. I may have to leave some things behind, hopefully not too much stuff! I am hoping against all hope that the dry climate in Reno will help my arm regain flexibility, like it did my ma's leg. If not, I may have to have surgery.

The worst thing about this move is I am going to miss Port Angeles. I love it here! This has been the friendliest town I have ever moved to in my life! The people here are so nice, gentle, always willing to help out a stranger. I never lived in a town like this before. Toutle was nice, though the people were more standoffish. Lakewood I hated with a passion, the people were rude and low-class mental-midgets. Olympia was not bad, I would say about average, half the people were OK, the other half were rude. Ocean Shores was OK too, but the people there were more quick to laugh at a stranger with a problem than help them out. Especially the rich folks that lived there. Bozeman was about like Lakewood. Only about 1% of the people I met in Bozeman were the friendly types. But here in PA, the people are so nice and friendly, I've never seen anything like it. I am going to miss this town.

In Port Angeles, if you are having trouble out on the street, a stranger will stop and ask "Are you OK? Can I help you out?" Whereas in Lakewood, a stranger is more likely to say to you "What's your problem?" and pass you by. My father wanted me to move back to Lakewood, and I said I would rather die than move back there. I hated the town, and I hated the people there. The only good thing about that town was this little donut shop a few blocks away from the Lakewood Mall. It is THE best donut shop I've ever been to in my life! Even better than the big chain shops. Their donuts are nice and moist, almost with a creamy texture, with a crunchy outside, and the icing comes in many flavors, even orange and cherry, which are my faves. I'm going to be sure and stop there on my way out! No other donut shop I've ever been to has been even half as good. But that's the only thing I love about Lakewood. Nothing else.

Bozeman was the only time I ever lived outside this state, and I missed Washington so much the whole time I was there! I couldn't wait to come back. I might be just as at home in Oregon, after all there isn't much difference in climate, and Oregon has the ocean on one side. But for the sake of my shoulder and Vegas's leg, which also develops arthritis now and then, I am going to give Reno a try. I know Reno gets HOT! That is one of the cons I figured. But Reno also has everything, including casinos. There's even a store that I saw while I was visiting there, that specializes in selling puppies. I'd love that! At least I can get a puppy-fix while I am there. Maybe they will even hire me to work there. Who knows?