Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Youtuber MinnesotaBurns Threatens a Child!

OK I know I said I was never going to give people on YouTube any more publicity than they deserve, and especially those I think does not deserve it at all. But I have to speak out against this guy who calls himself MinnesotaBurns, or his crowd affectionately calls him "Burnsy". He makes me mad!! I've only seen a few of his videos, and he calls people and trolls them while playing video games. He's not even that funny. Most people who do trolling videos and prank calls are in some ways funny, but not MinnesotaBurns. I've tried to find some funny lines among his videos, but I could not find a single, solitary one. He's just not funny. His humor is more along the lines of being corny. Not funny. I guess if you are a dumb adolescent you might think he's funny, but a mature person like me, I just don't see his funny side. I've even watched a few of his hate mail videos, and even those aren't funny. Believe me, I've tried to find a funny video of his, but I just couldn't. I don't know why it is he has over 2 million subscribers.

Well, recently he hit the big time. He's threatened to kick some kid's teeth in. He said he's going to find this kid's house, go over there and kick his teeth in. That was really a douchebag thing to say!! Especially as old as he is saying it to a child. I hope and pray he never has children of his own! There are some people who I'd like to beat up and kick their teeth down their throats, but I would never actually do it!! Of course the ones I am thinking of are not kids. But you just can't go around threatening things like that. If I had been that kid, I would have said to Burns "Oh please! Come over here and kick my teeth in! I dare you!" I'd have him in a headlock so fast he wouldn't even have time to think! And I wouldn't let go until he turned blue! Burns must be in his mid-20s. He still uses the word "retard", and told a 12 year old child to "get laid". Don't believe me? See for yourself!


Of course I borrowed this from another YouTuber. I think MinnesotaBurns took this video down, because I could not find it anywhere on his channel. Well, I don't blame him. If I threatened a child I wouldn't want my fans seeing this either! I've never threatened a child in my life, and I try hard not to threaten anyone at all. Its just not my style. I don't know who this kid is, or what he did, it doesn't say in the video, but I am sure it doesn't warrant the threat Burns made to him. Burns said it was a federal crime, well according to him, everything is a federal crime. It's not the only time I have heard those words come out of his mouth. Kinda like the dirty dozen, who love to throw around the word "slander", even though no one else is committing slander except maybe themselves. But just like that, Burns calls everything a "federal crime".

This is what makes me angry about this person. I don't watch his videos anymore, since I can't find anything better than corny. He talks about this boy committing a crime, but I think it's an even bigger crime to threaten someone, especially a child. Burns wants to call the police and have the kid arrested? Fine. But he should not have threatened to kick this child's teeth in. That it's self is a crime. If I were that child's mama, I would have Burns turned over to the authorities!

MinnesotaBurns regularly calls everyone who is not subscribed to him either "retarded" or "ugly". Well, he can call me ugly all he wants to. I couldn't care less. But ugly has nothing to do with why I dislike him. I judge YouTubers by the quality of their videos, and the work they put out. Not by whether the person thinks I am ugly or not. Most people who call me ugly anyways generally do not have videos themselves. Or if they do, it's almost always video game videos, which I don't watch, or anime cut-outs, which I also don't watch.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Sis vs. Idiot Andy

My sis told me some weeks ago that Andy, the man who attacked me in the elevator with his bad body odor in Bozeman, actually said hello to her. It was the first time ever. I was talking about this to my ma, and she took it as Andy is trying to be nice to her. I told ma how I didn't like it at all. And I hope that my sis does NOT accept Andy's fake smile and "hello". Because that's all it is, is fake. Andy is the most insincere person I know. He acts like he likes Karen and Kim, yet he beats Karen with a newspaper. I don't know about Kim though, and frankly I don't care. If I were my sis, I would never even say hello back to Andy. I told my ma that if my sis does become friends with Andy, I'll disown her as a sister. Of course ma doesn't want me to do that. I know it would be wrong of me, but still! My sis, GOD bless her, she can be so easily misled! But the ONLY reason Andy would like her is because she is losing weight, and that is not really liking her. That's liking her body. And that is a dumb reason to like anyone! If you're going to be friends with someone, like them for who they are. Not because they are losing weight and are looking good like my sis. I'm losing weight too. I lost 20 pounds over the last 2 months. But if someone didn't like me before because I am fat, I'd rather they stay away from me now that I am losing weight. Like me for who I am, or don't like me at all. Simple as that!

My father and stepmom came by yesterday and we went out for lunch together. After that, Kathy wanted to take a pic of me and dad. I saw the pic yesterday when I got home and looked at Facebook, and I looked GOOD! Even I noticed I was slightly thinner than I was before. Even though yesterday I splurged a bit. But dad and I also went walking around Reno. I could have gone on all day, I'm used to walking almost 3 miles in one hour now! LOL! But dad had to get back to Kathy. He also met my roommate Donna, and thanked her for taking care of me. Donna said of all the roommates she's had, I was a jewel! She's told me that before too. And Donna is a damn good roommate herself. I told her once she's a LOT better than the last thing I had as a roommate, which was Patti. Donna does have some little quirks, but nobody is perfect. I have some weird quirks too I bring to this house. I still like her anyways. And she is indeed a LOT better than Patti ever was, or could ever have been! I feel sorry for anyone who would become Patti's roommate. But I think she went to live with her brother. I really do. He'd be the only one who could put up with her. Shoot, they were both nutty as a fruitcake!! They must have had weird parents too. Well, I remember the one thing about the brother, he liked playing with knives. I told my ma how when I was going around the house, gathering my things so I could pack and move out, I saw Patti's brother sitting in his recliner, playing with a hunting knife. I knew what he was trying to do! He was trying to intimidate me. He was expecting trouble from me because I was being evicted so he brought out that knife as if to say "Come on girl! Try and pick a fight with me and my sister!" But at that time all I wanted was to get out of there!

 I wanted to try and talk my sis into moving in with me and ma. But she wouldn't have it. She wants to go to beauty school, and I think she should! But there are absolutely NO beauty schools on the OR coast. I'm sure there are beauty shops, but no schools. She could very easily get a job in one. Frankly neither ma nor I understand why my sis wants to live in a town like Bozeman. There is NOTHING there!! And most of the people in that complex mistreat her. Just her friends don't, which is good. But she is so good, she could make new friends elsewhere. And she always said she hates racists. Well, the majority of the people in Montana are racists. And there is little to see there, just a bunch of mountains. None of them are volcanic mountains, and except for volcanoes, you seen one mountain, you've seen them all. It's not like the ocean. She'd have been better off living in a town like Missoula. Even that would be better than Bozeman. But the people are still racists. I used to get in the Rants and Raves section on Craigslist for the Bozeman area, and all they did was complain about Hispanics moving in. That's the biggest gripe I saw on there. If my sis hates racists, she is in the wrong state. But like I said, she is so easily misled. She's not detail-oriented like I am. She wouldn't know elephant shit if it fell on her head. She'd just keep right on walking with an elephant-dropping wig on her head.

My sis has a natural talent with hair. What she should do is offer hair-cuts there at the complex for a dollar a piece. Maybe $2. But she needs first to go to school and develop that talent further. I let her cut my hair when I see her. I haven't paid her anything, though I should. Not fair of me.

Anyways, I know my sis has no intention of making friends with Andy. But still. He might try to manipulate her like he does everybody else. And I don't want my sis to fall for it. If he hated her before when she was fat, he has no right to even talk to her now that she is losing weight. Just look the other way and don't even acknowledge him! Besides, he probably still smells bad! LOL! I don't want my sis smelling like him. My sis has been my inspiration to lose weight myself. If she can do it, then so can I, and I can prove it! Like I said, I've lost 20 pounds over the past 2 months. My sis so far said she's lost 60 pounds, which is AWESOME!! But she's been at it a lot longer than I have. I just got started. She's been doing this since I lived in Port Angeles. She must have weighed more than me, because I've only been at it for 2 months, and I'm already close to how much she weighs now. Or what she told me she weighs, which is about 240 pounds. Though this club has a digital scale too, and I am NEVER again getting on that thing!!!! Every time I step on it, it gives me a different number. Sometimes it's more, sometimes it's less. I use the traditional scale there, the numbers it gives me has been much more consistent. I don't understand why the digital scale always gives me different numbers each time I step on it. The first time I stepped on it, it said I lost 10 pounds. Then the next day I stepped on it, it said I gained 20! Then the next day it said I lost 5 pounds. UGH!! So I just said piss on it! I'm never stepping on that digital scale again. The traditional one at least stays in the same vicinity of numbers and last time I stepped on it, it said I lost 20 pounds since joining. It still says that. Though I must admit the other day when I stepped on it it said I gained 3 pounds back. LOL! But I think that's because I have begun consuming 2000 calories a day. But that's the advice of my trainer. She said I need to consume 2000 calories a day just to function, so I try, and spread them out over 6 small meals instead of having one big one. And I don't skip breakfasts anymore like I used to. That's the biggest mistake people make who are trying to lose weight. I read here somewhere back there that breakfast should be eaten like a king. Lunch like a prince, and dinner like a college student on a fixed income. So that is what I do. Makes sense too. Well, my body is trying to get used to this new mode of eating. It's been in starvation mode for so long, so it needs to snap into a normal routine. That's why I put on 3 pounds. It'll come off again. My trainer at the fitness center assures me of that.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Should Christians Be Converted to Atheism?

This is a rather good question. I was just now watching a video regarding this subject. I have my own beliefs as a Christian. I believe there is a GOD that exists, I don't believe all parts of the Bible. The Bible has been translated and re-translated so many times over the years. The universal belief is that of King James' version of the Bible. Well, King James, sad to say, was psychotic. Everyone knows that. So naturally, his version of the Bible is going to contain much more violence and rage and a lot less love and understanding than any other version. This seems to be the one thing that atheists use as an excuse to believe there is no GOD. That and all the bad things that are happening in the world today. Well, there is this girl whose name is Jaclyn on YouTube and I was just now watching her video. Her video is about how to convert a Christian into an atheist.

Now, don't misunderstand me, I've met some atheists who are indeed good people. I don't have anything against atheists who are accepting. What I hate are the atheists who are pushy and hateful, who think they have the right to force everyone who is a believer in GOD into becoming atheists. Jaclyn herself even said that fighting with a Christian does no good. I agree with her on that one. Fighting with anyone about their beliefs does no good. It sure doesn't work with me. In fact, try to force me to see everything your way, and I will rail against you even harder. I don't listen to fanatics. I commented on this video saying something to the effect of that she is right, fighting with Christians does not work. Neither does the argument of "if GOD exists, why are so many bad things happening in this world?" or "Why are there so many starving children in the world?" or "Why are so many people dying of cancer?" none of those have anything to do with why I believe in GOD. I also added that she could also NOT try to convert Christians. Just leave them alone with their beliefs and take it like an adult. Instead of acting like a bunch of little wussies and whimper and whine because not everyone has the same beliefs as you do.

I mean really! Not every Christian is like the WBC! I'm a Christian and I am not hurting anyone with my beliefs. I believe everyone should be treated equally. Though I do tend to despise people I believe are evil. I know! I need to work on that!! We're not supposed to hate them, we're supposed to feel sorry for them! But that's my actions, not GOD's. And I admit I need to work on that. LOL! I recently made a video about the Dirty dozen mob, kinda mocking them. LOL! I shouldn't be hating them, I should really be feeling sorry for them. But they are so much more fun to hate on!! That's the kind of ideology that has kept me from progressing as a Christian though. But again, that's my deal. Not GOD's. But I am keeping that video up because for one thing, it's funny. Another thing, I really think every victim of the dirty dozen mob should be informed about them and how they call everything they don't agree with "slander". That's just a word the DDM loves to throw at everyone. Everyone except themselves. And using their logic, they've "slandered" many more people than anyone else I've ever seen in my life.

But anyways, back on the subject. I am a Christian, and I have never tried to convert atheists. And that's the one thing I hate so much about radical atheists. I mean, they don't like it when a Christian talks about converting them to Christianity. So what makes them think a Christian would like it if an atheists tries to force us into atheism? I'm a different kind of Christian, I admit it. I believe in GOD, but also I don't believe being gay is an abomination, because why would they be such if GOD Himself created them? I don't believe in comparing Jesus to a lion, that would be like saying Jesus was a bully. Nor do I believe lions are better animals than wolves. Lions kill people and other animals for fun. Wolves rarely kill people and eat every animal they kill. I also believe in evolution because there is just so much more evidence of that. Darwin himself was a Christian. But like me, he saw there was more evidence of evolution than in creation. I also believe in reincarnation, also because there is so much evidence of it. Now, my mama does not believe in reincarnation. She believes once you die, you either go to Heaven or to Hell. That's where you stay. You don't come back in another body. But I believe different. I've seen documentaries where even little children talk about their past lives, and those past lives have been confirmed.

There was one incident I remember hearing about where a 4 year old boy told his mama how he was once a woman who got into a car accident and she fell in the river and died. Well the mom was stunned to hear her 4 year old little boy talking like this, but the boy swore it was the truth. So she did some research, and there were police reports that showed just such a woman did exist in another state several years before her little boy was born. She was falling asleep at the wheel, and her car swerved to avoid another car and she wound up in the river where she drowned. But why would a 4 year old child, who's probably barely lived life outside his own home, know about a car accident and falling into a river and drowning? The only explanation would be that he had been reincarnated into another body. And that is what I believe really happens when we die. But I also believe that it is GOD who is in charge of where we are and who we become in that next life.

I also believe in unicorns. But not the horselike creatures with a horn on top of it's head. The real unicorn is the Indian Rhinoceros. So anyways, my advice to atheists is that they should just leave people alone with their beliefs. As long as they are not hurting anyone else, I don't see any reason to fix something that isn't broken.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Should Meat-Eaters Feel Guilty??

Oh boy! LOL! Well, I went to bed early last night, I've been exhausting myself over this little lung infection that Vegas developed and now that he has stopped coughing, all that tired from the nights over the past week and a half have finally caught up with me. Not easy being a mommy. Not even a doggie mommy! LOL! But thankfully, Vegas seems to be OK now, though he is still on some anti-biotics. So here I am, up at what is nearly 5AM, with nothing else to do. So now that my blog and videos have been labeled "hate speech" by a group of 50-60 year old show breeders who still suckle their mamas' titties and sniff their daddys' underpants, I thought I would keep up the tradition and discuss something vegans LOVE to throw at us omnivores. They think we feel guilt over eating meat.

I hear this line ALL the time from vegans! They just love to say that omnivores argue because we feel guilt over eating meat. Well, not this omnivore! I don't feel guilt at all. I don't even argue anymore. I gave that up. The reason I gave it up is simple, because I know I am right. When you know you are right about something, there is no need to argue. Humans are omnivores, we always have been. Just because our teeth are flat and we have no claws does not mean we cannot eat meat. Chimps and baboons also have flat teeth and no claws, and they eat meat. Most often in the form of insects, but still they eat meat. Humans did not get where they are today by simply eating nothing but weeds, grasses and roots. We became smarter and more social by hunting. It was key to our survival.

Well, using the vegans' own logic, I guess I would say they are the ones feeling guilty. Guilty because they are going against mother nature, and they know it deep down inside. The only reason they are vegan is just to save some prey animals' butts. Really, that is not a good reason to go vegan at all. I always figure those animals would be eaten anyways. Whether it is by humans, or lions, or wolves, etc. So, it might as well be us who eats them. And I have heard the blah-blah bullshit about how those animals are obligate carnivores. Well, humans are obligate omnivores. Before vegans decided to become a bunch of whining wussies, we were all omnivores in the beginning. If everyone goes vegan, we all might as well return to the trees and stay there, instead of progressing to a better civilization. Like I said, we did not get where we are today by living on plants.

I know I cannot speak for all omnivores, but I know facts, and all about mother nature, so I know I am doing OK. While I have seen some rude people get on vegan videos and make hateful comments (OK, I have legitimately been accused of that myself) I have also seen vegans who have gotten on my videos and called me names. My only guess is that those vegans are the ones feeling guilty themselves. Guilty because they are going against what nature intended for us to do. That is to eat some meat in our daily lives.

Yes, I saw Earthlings, and it had absolutely NO affect on me. I had no trouble seeing cattle, sheep and pigs getting killed for meat. Well, the only thing that really bothered me was watching a man beat up on a calf. But the reason I had no problem watching it was because I've been watching nature shows all my life. I'm used to seeing animals killing one another. Not saying I am sadistic, but watching wolves kill a deer or hyenas kill a buffalo just seems no different to me than watching humans slaughtering a cow. Even when I was a kid, 5-7 years old, I understood that was nature. I knew all along where our meat came from that we buy in grocery stores. That is no surprise to me. That is why I can sit down to a steak and not feel any guilt whatsoever.

Sometimes I see vegans saying things like "I want to order a roast kitten" or "I want a doggie burger" just because they feel sorry for some prey animals. They think we can't love one and eat the other. Well, they are wrong. It is silly to order something like a roast kitten. Who eats cats anyways? Besides the Chinese. I had a friend once who said she tried cougar meat once, but she said it was very greasy. I can imagine cats would taste pretty much the same. And since dogs are also carnivores, they probably taste greasy too. I don't even eat chicken legs or thighs because they're too greasy. I prefer breasts and wings. But even if I was in the jungle starving, I still would never eat a dog!

One of my vegan buddies referred me to an article written by a friend of her's all about animal rights and saying what we eat is not just our own business and not a personal choice. I tried to comment, but was unable to because all I had at the time to comment with was my ipod and it kept disconnecting. But this is what I was going to say to him:

"OK, when I see pigs, cows and chickens stand up for their own rights, I will go vegan. When I see more than just a handful of vegans practicing this compassion they claim to have for their own species, I will go vegan. When I start seeing vegans grazing the grass from my lawn, I will go vegan. When I see vegans eating all the fruits, including the seeds, and taking a dump outside to disperse those seeds, I'll say vegans have a good point. When I see fewer vegans making family members out of the most carnivorous mammal a person can own and start taking in more vegetarian pets, I will give some credibility to your argument. When I see vegans stop living in big, elaborate houses on land that once belonged to the animals, and start seeing them living in meager shelters with only the very basic utilities, then I will have more respect for vegans. Until then, what I eat IS my business. NOT yours! And I don't see these animals as sentient creatures. That's for hippies and wussies. If eating meat is good enough in the natural world, then it's good enough in my home. Even vegetarian primates eat meat once in a while."

Vegans keep saying that humans compare themselves to truly carnivorous animals. But I don't. I compare us to our closest kin, the primates. We are afterall primates ourselves. And there are very few truly herbivorous primates. Those that are have more than one stomach pouch, which usually causes them to have pot bellies. Omnivorous primates (like humans) don't have this naturally. But all primates have flat teeth... well, except for the lemurs, and flat nails. We use weapons and our brains to hunt for meat. Vegans seem to forget we are primates, and designed just like all other primates. They obviously think humans are relatives of cattle and pigs. Well, here's a wake-up call: We're NOT!!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

I Made The Complaint Board!!

"Ida Know" has written about me on a site called "The Complaints Board". I think I might know who this person is, and it looks like she has complained a lot about a lot of breeders as well. This is pretty cool. First Encyclopedia Dramatica has a write-up about me, and now I am on the Complaints Board. Either way, it looks like my blog will get attention. I hope it brings more readers.

Anyways, this is what "Ida Know" writes:

Cassandra Rivera, hiding behind the names Timmyfan, and Dee Timmyfan writes a blog filled with hate speech, intolerance, and profanity. On June 1, 2014, she rejoices about hearing of a man's death. June 9's blog calls those who love cats, "cat fags". She regularly slanders the tenants of her former apartment complex in Bozeman, MT, and a former housemate named Patti. She has nothing good to say about anyone, except herself.

She also has a channel on YouTube (search Timmyfan) filled with her hateful rants against vegans, show breeders, and anybody who doesn't agree with her.

LOLOL!!!!!!! Hell yeah I write about Patti, there's a lot to say about her. Hell yeah, I rejoiced in hearing about a man's death, because he wasn't even dead! LOL! He made that up himself. Hell yeah I use profanity. I'm over 18, free and single and I can say anything I damn-well want to. Yes, I use the online moniker "Timmyfan", just like you are hiding behind the moniker "Ida Know" (Dead give-away that this is a member of Pluba's dirty dozen mob, complains because someone else is doing something they always do themselves). And don't try to make me believe that is your "real name". LOL! Call this 'hate speech' all you want dude. I'm honest. If that makes this "hate speech", then so be it. Yes I call cat-fags just what they are, cat-fags. Yes, I hate vegans and show breeders. I don't deny that at all. But as for me having nothing good to say about anyone but myself, that's another matter. I wrote a simple response to this person:

No, I even don't have anything good to say about myself. LOL! I slander myself as much as I slander everyone else. Thank you for reading my blog though. :)

Well, anyone who has been reading this blog for any length of time knows it's true. I slander myself just as much as I slander everyone else. I just don't do it as often because well, frankly everyone can look at my blogs and Facebook posts and see that I tease myself as much as I tease everybody else. Why else would I call myself a "fat-assed bitch"?

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Social Drama

I was watching a few videos by a vegan woman (a rather large vegan woman) who said she was upset because she lost friends on Facebook. hm. Now I wonder, were these people who were actually on her friends list, or were they simply people who she met up with on some group that she is a member of? I converse with people in groups, it's the few times I actually pay any attention to people who are not on my friends list on Facebook. Normally, I tend to COMPLETELY ignore people who are not my Facebook friends. There's only a few exceptions. One is if I am conversing in a group I am a member of. Another is if I ask a question and someone who is not on my friends list answers, I accept their answer. Another is when I am just feeling giddy and I feel like playing with someone. I will accept playing even from someone who is not on my friends list. Also if a stranger PMs me on Facebook I'll answer, but now I am doing that less and less. But even people in Facebook groups, I don't consider them friends. To me, it's not official until they send me a friend request and I accept it. Then they have to converse with me at some level before I really emotionally become friends with them.

There is a very good reason why I ignore people who are not my friends on Facebook. I have THE most awesome Facebook friends on the planet! And I don't need the corruption of their friends or strangers messing up my day. Or my life. Or how much I enjoy talking to my friends. Also, other peoples' drama is really none of my business. So, I just don't read posts from people I don't know. Sometimes I glance at posts from other people, but it is only a glance. I don't read their entire post. Even if someone tags my name in a post, if it's a person I don't know, I totally ignore it. I have a good knack for that. Just like when I go to the fitness center too. I sometimes see someone who will smile and say hello. I will say hello back, but I also know I am there to work out. Not to make friends or anything. I go, get my water, then make a beeline for my favorite treadmill first. Although the last couple of times I visited there, I got on the stair machine first, and I made it up 11 floors! For me, that's a big accomplishment!! In fact, since I started going to this fitness center on the 7th of May (last month) now, I have lost 20 pounds!! I am really thrilled!!

Anyway, I know that Facebook friends does not mean that they are your real friends. I have real friends outside of Facebook. It's not the only place I go to make friends. I admit I love my Facebook friends, but they are not the be-all-end-all. And if I lose a friend on Facebook, it does not affect my daily life outside the internet. Of course I have to rephrase that. If I lose a friend who became a wuss and deleted themselves because of something I said on Facebook, I've been known to cheer! Hey! They're not friends if they remove themselves from my list because they don't agree with me. So, I often praise the LORD for removing those people from my life. Many of them I never even asked them to become friends of mine on Facebook. And many I have never, or rarely, communicated with. That is, they never liked my posts, or only liked one or two. They never commented, never left me any messages, basically, I think they just added me to boost up the number of friends they have. That's the impression I get anyways. Those people I am never sad about losing from my list.

There are really very FEW people who can say I sent them a friend request on Facebook. It's not something I regularly do. I wait for people to ask me. Then I add them. But I almost never send friend requests. If I ever do, consider yourself VERY lucky!! That means I really like you. Offhand, I think I only know of 2 times I ever sent anyone a friend request without them asking me to. Yet, I have well over 200 Facebook buddies. The majority of them are INXS fans. The reason I never send friend requests is because I feel like it's intrusive of me. Like I am forcing myself on someone, and I don't want to do that to anyone. Though I don't feel that way when someone sends me a friend request. It's just my shy nature I think. That's why I only limit my incitements to people I am really comfortable with.

But this person was upset because she spoke her mind and some people in an animal rights Facebook group said things to her and then unfriended her. I've never been known to be afraid to speak my mind. Even if I know I am going to lose friends because of it. Oh heck! That's when I have the most fun!! LOL! I say things that a lot of people may not like, then it's fun looking to see who is still on my Facebook friends list after that! Believe me, in a situation like that, you learn who your real friends are. In the words of John Lennon, being honest won't get you many friends, but it will always get you the right ones. That's one thing I can handle that most people can't. Sheer honesty. I've never been known for unfriending someone just because I don't agree with them. If that were true, I'd have no vegan friends left. LOL! But I always try to be fair with all my buds. The only thing that I will unfriend someone for is dissing my family. To me, that is an unforgivable sin! I don't keep anyone who disses my family! I actually unfriended someone because they intentionally deleted a post I posted on their wall of my Booby (Vegas). He was delusional anyways. He would do nothing but talk to himself in his posts, then he deletes posts from someone who was probably the last friend he has on Facebook. And my dogs are my family, so if anyone disses them, it's just like dissing my fam. They don't last long on my page after that! Say what you want about Chihuahuas in general, but don't dis my baby!!

I've never been known to sway from my POV to save friends. I say what I feel, the hell if someone doesn't like what I say!! Believe me, I've been on the short end of that stick once before, when I had that confrontation with the people on the Chihuahua forum on Acmepet. I felt I not only had to change myself to get them to like me again, but also felt I had to lie! And I will tell you it is the WORST feeling in the world!!!! It was even worse than losing people that I thought were friends. After I composed myself over what happened, I swore I would never go through that again! If I give an opinion now, I stick to my guns! Anyone doesn't like it can kiss my ass! Now that I am older I find it is much easier to stick to my guns though. But I won't change for NO ONE! I don't care if we spent a lifetime being friends and I say something that offends them and boom! They suddenly decide they don't want to be friends anymore. No skin off my nose! At least I can say I ended the friendship with honesty. They just didn't like it.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Mass Shootings Needs to Stop!

What do you think of this? Over the past 10 days there have been more mass shootings than any other 10-day period in recent history. There were 3 just last weekend that took place in Washington, Oregon and California, then another last Sunday that happened in Las Vegas, which is south of where I am now. I have the feeling Armageddon is coming! Then today, we have a full moon on Friday the 13th, so count on things to go really crazy today!

So what do you all think of these mass shootings? I know all of them have been committed by people in their teens or 20s. See what I mean about how young people always get angry over little things? Never met a young person who didn't. All these youngsters had one thing in common, evidently they had been taking psychotropic drugs before committing the crime. That may only be the thing with young people. Not older people. I took Zoloft back in 2006, after Groucho died, and I never got the urge to kill myself or anyone else. Just the delusional mods for accusing me of killing Groucho. LOL! I felt like killing them, but I never would have really done it! And all the Zoloft did was give me the giggles a lot.

Well, this is nothing. Look at another thing I found:

This is a map showing all the mass shootings that have occurred in this country since Sandy Hook Elementary school was attacked only a year ago. All of them done by people under the age of 35. Schools in Canada don't suffer these kind of numbers. What is it with them that they don't experience this kind of mass shootings? Is it because of the cooler weather? Is it because guns are illegal in Canada? Is it because the people there do not take as many mental medications as we do? I don't know. I've interacted with Canadians before, of course most of the ones I am referring to here are teenagers. And they were just as reprehensible as the teenagers I see in this country. One that I am sure had some form of autism, even got on my channel and cussing me out on my videos. He acted like a child with some kind of autism, and he was from BC.

But why don't Canadians have this problem with mass shootings? Maybe it is because guns are illegal there. Maybe. The government is trying to use this to start taking away our rights to own guns. But would that really solve the problem?

When I was in middle school, I was bullied not only by the other kids, but also by several of the teachers. I'd be lying if I said that shooting up the school, or bombing the school never crossed my mind. The biggest bully of them all was a man named Mr. Bradley Purvis. I could not stand him!! I still hate his guts. If I ever see him again, GOD I hope HE gives me the strength not to want to hit him in the face! That's how much I hated that old fart! I'm not normally in the habit of hating my teachers, because I know they are just doing their job and sometimes they have to be strict. But Mr. Purvis carried his position to the point of being abusive and asinine. Not only him, but there was a small group of teachers that I considered his followers. They acted just like him, and were most likely influenced by Mr. Purvis' abuse of authority.

I hated Mr. Purvis. I hated him so much, I used to lie in bed at night thinking of creative ways to get rid of him. If I had done a school shooting, he would have been my first victim! I would have first shot him in the leg, and watch him moan and writhe around the floor in agony. Then I would have killed him. But I wanted to see him suffer, like he made me suffer those years with him as the teacher. OK enough info, I don't want to sound like Elliot Roger here!! LOL! But you know what stopped me from carrying out such a plan as this? I didn't want to get arrested. I didn't want my life ruined by going to jail. Back then we had what is called a "fear of authority". Kids these days don't have it. You know why? Because thanks to Bill Clinton, parents can no longer spank their children and teach them this fear of authority. Now it seems parents are scared of the kids, instead of the other way around!

Parents today are absolute wussies!! They let their kids have their way and they shouldn't. I recently heard of a mom whose 4 year old little boy was going to a birthday party, so they went to a local toy store to buy a gift for that kid. Well, the little boy wanted some kind of toy he saw for himself and he yelled at his mom "I hate you!" and screamed until his mom finally gave in and bought that toy for him. Parents are afraid to embarrass their child now because there are too many laws "protecting" kids. But that's not protection! That's just teaching a child that the world owes him everything. That all he has to do to get what he wants is be hateful and yell and scream. I would have dragged that kid out by his collar, into the car, and we would not have gone back in the store until he calmed down. And if he refused to calm down, we'd go home. And instead of him bringing a gift to his friend on his or her birthday, I'd have sent him with a note that said "Sorry, I could not get you a gift because I was being a selfish little brat, thinking more of myself than of you. I'm sorry. Happy Birthday anyways."

Kids need to feel embarrassed when they do something wrong. Bad behavior never ends good. Kids need to learn that early on. But nowadays parents are being told to "negotiate" with their kids. HA! Like that does any good! You treat a child like an adult, they're going to start acting like one well before their time. That is not a good thing! That, I think, is why kids today are committing more crimes than they ever have before. These anti-med people can blame mental medications all they want, but I think the REAL problem is parents cannot spank their kids anymore. This gives these kids some kind of sense of entitlement when they get older. And if they don't get what they want, they do bad things to other people in the form of these mass shootings, because they don't learn early on in life how else to deal with situations where they can't get what they want. I knew, once I heard Bill Clinton passed this bill that parents cannot spank their kids, that now kids are going to get worse and worse. You cannot negotiate with kids like they are adults. Kids cannot start thinking they are on the same level as adults. That's wrong!

That's my take on this thing. So parents, go ahead and start spanking your children again! I don't care if you don't believe in it. I don't care if the kid says they hate you for it. I don't care if spanking them makes you feel bad! Do it for the sake of the child! Save the lives of other innocent people who might become victims of their's. And don't think that your own child will never end up doing something like this! I'm sure these criminals' parents said the exact same thing when they were growing up.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Need to Go Back to Roasting!

I need to go back to roasting people again!! I'm not getting enough views on my blog to get paid much anymore. In fact, I haven't made enough since the time I left Bozeman. LOL! I need to go back to roasting again, that's how I get the most views! The problem is that I haven't been around people I don't like since I left Bozeman. Well, there was Patti. I don't like her. But she is just one person, and she didn't have any friends. I couldn't roast anyone in Port Angeles because well, most of the people there I liked them. I had nothing bad to say about any of them. I have nothing bad to say about Donna either. She's really sweet. So the dirty dozen cannot send people this blog and have them read the posts for themselves. So, my views go down. As long as I was roasting people I didn't like, I could count on them to always foreword this blog to them. Therefore upping my views, and bringing me more cash. I guess they could not find Patti, even though I posted the link to her ad on Craigslist on here. Though she calls herself Patti Smith, I don't think that's her real last name. I remember she had a really weird last name. Perhaps I could make something up about someone, and then the dirty dozen mob will send this blog to them. My biggest saving grace when they told the people in Bozeman about this blog was that they only sent them a fax. Naturally people are going to check the internet for themselves because a fax can be altered. That was good news for me. It got me a LOT of views that week! I made over $100 just in that week alone from those views!

That's one reason why I was so grateful to GOD that the dirty dozen sent this blog to the people at that complex in Bozeman. That and the fact that is was a wonderful test of my strength of character. I held out really well! I thought I would be intimidated by some of those people, I even surprised myself that I was not. Not at all! Andy charged and growled like a dog when he came at me in that elevator, but I did not back down! I was so proud of myself. Of course I should have kicked him hard in the nutsack! But you know what, that didn't even cross my mind! Katrina said that would be the first thing she'd have done! LOL!! But I kept my cool, until he tried to reach for my hand. Then I pushed his hand away and I told him if he touches me, he's done! The only bad thing about his attack at me was that he stunk so bad it almost made me pass out! LOL! But that was his embarrassment. Not mine.

I also heard about the things that happened after I left Bozeman. Remember how I said that Roger started to take his anger and hatred he had for me out on my sister? Well my sis told me about the Thanksgiving party they had there after I left. Of course my sis had already made other plans by that time for Thanksgiving. But I heard Karen, who was a friend of ours there, invited people around the building to the party. Well, she got to Roger and Leon before she got to my sis, and both of them said they wouldn't go to the party if "that girl next door" is going. So, our friend Karen, what does she do? Does she do what I would have done and said to Roger "OK, suit yourself. You've been invited, but I am also going to ask 'that girl next door'!" ? No she doesn't. She lets Roger and Leon dictate to her who she can and cannot invite, so Karen didn't even ask my sis to the Thanksgiving party. I mean I always knew Karen was not the best friend we ever had, but still! And I know my sis had already made other plans by that time, but it's the principle of the thing. I'm not mad at Roger for that. Because I would have expected that kind of attitude from him. I've told you all before he's an asswipe. I'm not even mad at Leon. Leon is Roger's fat little shadow. He always goes along with Roger no matter what he says. I'm mad at Karen because she should have stood up to Roger and Leon. My ma asked Karen to look after my sis as long as she was there. My ma rewarded Karen with a video of Celtic Thunder, which Karen likes, for that. And she didn't do her job!! Not in that case! I'm mad and so is my ma.

I can't believe now, looking back that I once thought of Roger as a friend. He thinks I was in love with him at one time. LOL!!! I still laugh about that one!!! It's the stupidest thing I think anyone has ever thought of me!! I could never be in love with Roger!!! He's definitely not my type! He's a miserable, sad, angry piece of shit who is never happy unless he's bitching about something! I'm a happy, bubbly, giggly and jolly fat girl who loves life and looks for the positive in everything! I mean, I love a lot of people, and a lot of things. I'm not in love with them. But I figured Roger is not smart enough to know there are different kinds of love. But things on my blog have been slow lately. Not enough views. Maybe I need to personally charge for views. I could set that up! Maybe I need to go into forums again. Though I don't like to! But even if everyone on the forum ignores me, I still manage to find something to write about on here! There's always something going on in forums. Of course it depends on the forum. The most active one now is the Craigslist forum. I should go back in there. I haven't been in there since just after I moved to Bozeman, and I've been so busy and disillusioned with forums, I haven't even made time to go back in there. Besides the show breeders and the rescue people make me sick!!! The way they treat people on there sucks!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Why I No Longer Apologize to Anyone

This is a sensitive subject for everyone, but I have always said that if I ever do anything wrong to anyone, I will apologize for it. Well, that won't happen anymore. All I ever have done is apologize to people if I hurt them, and it usually only led to them getting angrier than they were when I committed the act they didn't like. And when I apologize, it is always sincere. Especially if I like the person. But even if I don't, if I am wrong, then I am wrong and I admit it. But if I am not wrong, and the act I committed against that person was perfectly justified, that person will never get an apology from me. But even so, I will never apologize to anyone ever again. Not going to happen. If they were once my friend and they get angry, well then let them stay angry. It's their ulcers not mine.

A long time ago, when this feeling got started, it was when Sara Wieler was kicked out of my forum. I wrote about her on my MSN blog. Well, she called my home and my sis answered the phone. She said things to the effect of "I called the police" and "I have a police report" and "I want that post taken down" and blah-blah-blah. Well, back then I was new to blogs and the internet was still new, so I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. But to get her off the phone, I decided to delete the post anyways. I know I shouldn't have done that!!! I still have it though. I should post it on here. And I will if I even dream she is talking about me behind my back. Not that I care what she says really, but she didn't like me talking about her behind her back, so turnabout is fair play! Isn't it! And I will know if it's her. I knew in Bozeman. I knew in the Pluba forum. I'll know again. Well, I should never have taken that post down. Now, Sara expects me to always apologize when I do something. She's like a spoiled child that you do something nice for once, and then she expects you to do it all the time. That's why she told the people in Bozeman I was writing about them. But I am really not bitter about that. It was an awesome test of strength for me. I always wondered what would happen if I came face to face with people I wrote about in my blog. It's one thing to talk on the phone with them, or talk to them on the internet. It's very different when you have to face them. I always wondered if I would stand my ground, or if I would break down and give in to them. Well, now I know. I stood up to them very well! I wasn't even intimidated by Andy's charges or Mike's growling. Not even slightly! I was thrilled when I found that out! But it proved that Sara still is butthurt because I called her a backyard breeder, and she is jealous because my Vegas, that I bred myself, is better looking than any of her dogs!!

Well, neither Mike nor Andy got an apology from me, if that was what they were after. I never said I was sorry for what I said about them, and I never will. The only person I apologized to was Deb, and that was it, but even she acted like that wasn't good enough for her. So, no matter what, I will never apologize to her again for anything. I say I did her a favor. She found out what an asshat Mike is thanks to me! She should be thanking me! Andy almost punched Deb once, and Mike didn't do anything about it! And Mike picked on my Vegas. Anyone who would do that has got to be an asshole. And that is why I told Deb I am sorry, but I told her I was not going to apologize to Mike. It wouldn't be long before Mike possibly would beat up Deb, or worse, beat up Neveah, her granddaughter! A man that would pick on a tiny, innocent little dog, you never know what they would do next! And it's a well-known fact that violent criminals often begin by picking on animals. Mike didn't beat up on Vegas, or Minnie. He wouldn't be alive now if he had! But the way he yelled at Vegas one day in the dog park, it was so mean and hateful, my motherly instinct kicked in and told me I need to watch this man like a hawk!! Even Karen heard him do it. That's why I called him an asshole.

I also remember another incident, with the Watcher (Rhonda Booth). Rhonda hated me from day 1! LOL!! I'm fine with that too! But it is because of that (and the fact I never did anything to her to vindicate her initial attacks on me) that I wrote about her in my blog. In fact I still do! She's a dumbass. She's a dumbass's dumbass! She's a dumbass's dumbass dumbass dumbass! LOL! hehehe! Well, the Watcher created this little slideshow, and titled it "Tale of a Stalking Whale" and she said that she was going to leave that up until I post an apology to her on Pluba. I saw the slideshow, and it wasn't so bad! For one thing, I love whales! Always did! That's a very poor insult if that is what she meant it to be! It's more like a commendation. For another thing, none of the pics she posted of me were bad ones. That's something she'll never get, no matter how hard she tries!!! LOL!! All the pics I post on the internet are pics I am proud of. The only person who has the bad pics of me is my ma. And ma will never make friends with Rhonda! Ma doesn't even have those pics on her computer. And you know what? Rhonda still hasn't got any apology from me yet!! LOL!!! And she never will either. Eva and Katrina told me not to. But I do kinda wonder if Rhonda is still thinking of suing me for what I wrote in my blog about her? hehehe! If so, I am ready. Her statute of limitations is over. Mine isn't! I'll get her for copyright infringement for using the pic of me and INXS, a pic I had to pay $300 to use. A pic neither I nor the photographer gave her permission to use!! She would have been better off asking me. I might have said yes. hehehe! ;)

I have the feeling though if I had apologized, it still wouldn't have been good enough for Rhonda, and I wouldn't have meant it anyways! LOL! Because people like her, I am not sorry for hurting. She never gave me any reason to respect her at all, so that's that. It's like "Get over it!" She's nothing but a hit and run troll, the most cowardly kind of troll. Which is hysterical considering she has said I'm a spineless person. Of course, she doesn't know me as well as she thinks she does. She never did. If she did know me, she would know one thing I am definitely not is spineless. Then she comes back under the name "the watcher" and doesn't tell me who she is. But I recognized her M.O. And instinct kicked in again. Or intuition, whatever you want to call it. But since she created a different identity to harass me with, and didn't tell me it was her, it definitely proves she is the spineless person. Not me. Well, she can call me a spineless person all she wants to, but actions speak louder than words. So no matter how many times she would have said it, it doesn't make it so. One thing no one can ever accuse me of is creating a secret identity to harass anyone. I'm so me, I'd always get found out anyways! LOL! I just can't stop being me. But I don't know, maybe in a way I am spineless. Because without Vegas, INXS and my Timmy pics, I am no good! hehehe!

Then that incident in Bozeman where I put this nasty note on Roger's door. When the landlord blamed my sister, I admitted I was the one who did it. I even apologized to Roger for doing it. And believe me, I was sincere. As sincere as I'd ever been in my life. Roger said he accepted my apology. But I could almost tell instantly that he was lying. I knew there was still some resentment in his head. I could see it in his eyes. It was no surprise to me that Roger created this identity calling himself CosmicWheeler on YouTube, and said things about me that he presumed were insulting. Unfortunately for him, they were not insulting to me. He said I was a dog-face. Well, so are lemurs. So are flying foxes. So are kangaroos. They all have dog-like faces, and I think they're adorable!! A lot of dogs are adorable too. Like Chihuahuas, or Pomeranians, or maltese, or papillons. So, call me a dog-face. I'll take it as a compliment! The only thing I didn't like was how he took his anger and hatred that he felt for me out on my sis. He had no right to do that. My sister never did anything bad to him. But fortunately, his little scheme didn't work. He won't get my sis to leave Montana. If anything makes her move, it'll be her own will. And I told her to stay there as long as she likes, as long as it pisses Roger off! LOL! But this was another incident where, no matter how sincere I was, it wasn't good enough for the person I apologized to. And if I had it to do over again, I'd put an even nastier note on Roger's door and never apologize for doing it!! I should have done it while I was visiting there in Bozeman!

Anyways, those are among the reasons I will never apologize to anyone anymore! Nobody accepts them, no matter how sincere you are with them. People today just enjoy being rude too much. So, why don't I join with them. If anyone tells me I need to apologize to anyone, I'll tell them they need to go fuck off and die!


I was born an animal lover. I always loved animals as a kid, ALL animals. Yes, even panthers. Even spiders. I used to go out in the field in our back yard and catch grasshoppers and spiders. I was never scared of spiders until I was a teenager, and I was lying on the floor listening to music one evening and a huge, black, hairy spider came out from behind my boombox. It was no more than 2 feet away from me. I was scared nearly out of my mind!! From that point on, I was scared of spiders! I still am to this day. When I was growing up, people who didn't like all animals made me mad. If you wanted to be friends with me as a child, you had to like ALL animals! No exceptions. Well, I remember spiders were the first animals I learned to not like. Then a year later, I learned to not like panthers of all kinds. With the exception of snow leopards, which I still kindof like. Not as much as I used to (courtesy of the panther fanatics). It was learning about lemurs that saved me from the panther craze. I thank GOD for them! But for most of my childhood, I loved animals. I still love animals now, but I do have my limits. Limits that I didn't have when I was growing up.

The reason I don't love animals now as much as I used to is very simple: it's pet people. I think the people of the Acmepet forums corrupted me. Until I joined that forum, I used to think pet people were on the level. I mean, I used to think they were all pretty level-headed. Until I started going in that forum, most of the pet people I've ever met were nice people, who loved to talk about their pets and hearing about their pets made me feel good. After getting on that forum, I began to notice not all pet lovers were very friendly. In fact, they were extremely sensitive. And for the most part, stupid. I was thinking about some examples of why these pet people were so dumb. They gave me arguments that I had never heard before. Maybe it was because I was from a small town. I don't know. I remember one time, a troll came into the dog forum, and started calling everyone names. His nickname for me was "gay". I kept telling him I was NOT gay. I didn't see it as anything more than me giving the troll the correct info. Well, it's TRUE! I am not gay. But because I said I am not gay, all of a sudden, all the regular posters in that forum were saying that I was prejudice against gay people, which is not true! I don't know how it was they deduced that I was homophobic just because I said I am not gay. I never once said I thought gays were disgusting, or an abomination, or they have no right to live. I never said none of that anywhere on that forum! All I said was I am not gay. It was those people who concluded that I hated gays just because I said that statement.

Of course the troll may not have been saying that I like to hit on other women. I didn't know back then the word gay had a double-meaning. And it wasn't happy. People now use the word gay to describe something they think is weak, or ridiculous. Mostly teenagers use it this way.

Another thing that happened I was telling everyone about Maria, a woman that I used to work with that got a dog from a friend of mine, locked the dog in a crate and left it there for 4 months. I described her to the forum, as being short, fat, with hair that was short, but not skin-tight, of oriental descent, and dresses like a slut. I was so mad at her. Well, the people on that forum were saying it's a horrible thing to do to that dog, but one person asked "What has her race got to do with anything??" Of all things I said, I couldn't believe this idiot only picked up on the fact I said she was of oriental descent!!! I thought it was nothing more than a descriptive passage, in case someone else has seen this person. They say things like that all the time on shows like America's Most Wanted. But this moron of a poster said that what I said was borderline racist. So stupid! I also said she has short hair, but not skin tight. Does that also mean I am prejudice against people with skin tight hair??? Some people are just too comfortable playing the race card! Its ridiculous. And of course, all the sheep follow the one, everyone on the forum started attacking me, telling me I should apologize. I wanted to make peace, so I did apologize. I was also young and stupid back then.

And the people on the pet forums wonder why I always got so mad so easily! People like those on the Acmepet forums made it hard for me to trust other pet people. I first started going in there when Bambi had her first litter. In fact, I called myself "Bambi" on that forum. That was when I learned that nobody likes breeders unless they show their dogs. So, that was when I decided I am going to strive for showing my dogs. I had no idea at the time what I would have been getting myself into. But anyway, back to the people of that forum. It seemed that nothing I said was right to them. Then there was the big incident on the Chihuahua forum, which I have discussed several times on this blog. But in my defense of that, I was asked for my opinion by a woman named Sharon. And I gave her an honest answer! If someone asks me, I am going to tell them. So, don't get angry at me for giving you an honest answer. Get angry at yourself for asking the question! But if I knew back then what I do now, I never would have got caught up in Kallie's little mocking games. She was a tree-hugger anyways!

Another incident happened when someone posted an article that mentioned some teenagers took someone's Yorkshire terrier and stuck it in the microwave. I responded with "Evil monsters! I hate teenagers! And this is why!" Suddenly, one of the posters, incidentally it was the exact same dumbass person who called me a racist and a homophobe before, said my statement was not fair. She said it wasn't fair of me to group all teenagers in the category of being monsters. For once, I actually knew she was right. It's just easier for me to lump them all in the same category as evil monsters until I get to know them and they prove me wrong. Because most of the teenagers I've met, I would have been right about. But once again, all the sheep follow. Next thing I know I have all the parents of teenagers on that forum cussing me out, and getting extremely pissed off. The original sheep said to me, "to put all teenagers in the category of being evil monsters is the same as saying all people named Bambi are dumb, bleach-blond bimbos". When she said that, it made me think "Oh my GOD, that must be it!! That must be the reason everyone in this forum hates me so much!! They must think I'm a slut because of my handle!" Because there were people in that forum, who were there longer than me, that have said worse than anything I said. They never got denounced the way I was getting! One person on there, who called herself "eup", even said she hated all kids. I never heard anyone condemn her!!

I don't know why I stayed on that forum even as long as I did! The people there pissed me off so much!! It seemed like I couldn't say anything, even when I was asked, without them all getting angry at me for whatever reason. Or misinterpreting everything I said. Then 9/11 happened. It was the only thing I was grateful for on that day, people stopped talking about pets, and started talking about the disaster. I decided then I was going to make my get-away. I quietly snuck out of that forum, and didn't look back!! No good-byes, no sentiment, nothing. I just snuck out and didn't look back! Who was I going to say good bye to?? I had no friends on that forum. There wasn't even anyone I particularly liked on that forum that much. And thanks to this one sheep who kept misinterpreting everything I said, nobody in that forum really liked me that much. So I don't think I was missed. Which is a good thing. But that forum handicapped me. I don't trust people anymore, not even on forums. I don't like animals as much as I used to, now that I've seen what real animal lovers are like. I hate pet-people with a passion, and especially show breeders, as most of the people on that forum were show breeders, or saw show breeders as some kind of divinity. Rescue people are no better! They call backyard breeders and puppymillers scum. Well, I agree with them. But I also put most show breeders in that league too.

But I must emphasize "MOST". Not all show breeders are evil people. There are some I do still like. But I don't see them as being on the level of being a God, like others do. In fact, I would say show breeders are the biggest hypocrites of all. They tell people Don't buy from pet stores! Don't buy from puppymills! Don't buy from backyard breeders! And then you try to buy a pet from a show breeder, and most of the time they won't sell to you. Sure, it can sometimes be because they have other people on a waiting list. That's understandable. But then sometimes they find other excuses. Like they have a dislike for a certain kind of person. Or they don't like where you live, or they don't like the color shirt you're wearing, or they don't like a post you made on the internet. Whatever! Still!! If a person wants a certain breed bad enough, they are going to get it, by whatever means they can. Even if it means going to a pet store. Then the show breeder has no right to get angry at that person for buying from a pet store, when they were most likely the reason that person went to a pet store, or a backyard breeder, in the first place! And some people may not like everything I have to say in my blog, and can hate me for it. But I am a DAMN GOOD mommy to both my dogs!! Even though Minnie is now living with my sis, she is still in the family. But I always make sure my dogs are fed, even if I have no food for myself. My dogs are exercised daily, if one of my dogs is ill, I see to it they go to the vet, even if I only have a drop of gas in my car. My dogs get LOADS of attention! I think of my dogs before I think of myself.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Exactly Why I Hate Cat-People

I have always admitted on this blog that I am not a people person. I hate people in fact. Why well, there are so many reasons why. Too many to list in one blog post! I'd be going on forever. But the kind of people I hate the most, besides irresponsible people, are cat people! Namely the cat fags. There is a difference between being a cat lover and a cat fag. BIG difference. The cat fags may carry that title with pride, but believe me, being a cat fag is NOTHING to be proud of! There is a reason I refer to them as "cat fags". For the same reason the WBC refers to all sinners as "fags". These people look at cats as some kind of deity. Not just a mere pet. To me, all cats are is just pets. I would never have one myself. I like cats (a few breeds anyways) but I don't want one as a pet, and I just cannot see how someone can like a cat over a dog. With dogs, you can do so much more. Granted dogs are not perfect, but then again, neither are cats. Yet cat fags think they are the be-all-end-all of beings.

But like I said, cat fags see cats as being some kind of deity. Like they are GOD. And like the radical Christians you see going from house to house trying to force their religion on other people, cat fags condemn those who don't care for cats to a life of ridicule, bullying and other kinds of shit. The funny thing is, dog people are not like that. I am not like that about dogs. I love my dogs, but I don't go around condemning people who don't like dogs to ridicule, harsh judgments and threats. Yet the cat fags do this all the time. Here is a prime example of the kind of people I am talking about.

On one of those online quizzes that you take for fun, it asks which are you, dog, cat or bird? I took the quiz and found out I was a bird. Well, they have at the base of the quiz where you can post comments. A lot of people got the cats. A lot of people on there said they like cats too. Very few actually said they don't like cats. One of those people was a woman named Anita. She said:

"Don't like cats. They are very self-centered & annoying & very few of them really warm up to anyone."

Which I have found to be true, and cat people actually admit this too. Or something like it. They say that is why they love cats. Well, the next thing you see, all the cat fags start condemning this poor girl. Another girl, named Jennie Collett, who actually has a good-looking cat in her profile pic, said in response:

"Anita if you knew cats personally, youd find they have some great qualities, especially for loyalty. and they do show strong affection. my cat is also very close friends with my pet bird."

Well, the cat in her profile pic is a Siamese. Siamese are known for having dog-like personalities. That's why I like them. My Siamese, Amadeus, was so dog-like, he even liked to sniff people's butts. Siamese are also more affectionate than other cats. Well, then Elaine Lively comes in and gives one of the typical responses I often see from cat fags:

"you are so wrong,you probably like dogs better anyway.."

I'm sure she wanted to say more. But it sounds like Elaine is already making harsh judgment against Anita because she likes dogs better than cats. There were several responses, some saying they agreed with Anita, while others were saying how wrong she was about cats. But the response that gets me all bothered more than any other, was made by a woman named Margret Fox. Her response was the absolute pinnacle of cat-faggotry! She said:

"@Anita, the fact that you don't like cats says volumes about you and doesn't have much to do with the reality of cats. It says you have some preconceived notion, or that you have had some weird experience and you have related that to the whole species, which is psychological on your part, not reality. Here is a sincere tip from a counselor:
When you find yourself saying something like you did here, check it out for yourself and ask yourself why you feel this way. It isn't rational to dislike an entire species."

Well, I responded to her comment the way I would respond to any cat fag:

"Margret Fox And I bet if she'd said she didn't like dogs, you wouldn't have said anything at all. Right?? In fact, I see several people here saying they don't like dogs, and you haven't seemed to raise an eyelash. Yet dogs are more loyal than cats. They love us. Cats love anyone who feeds them, that is all. I like dogs, I only like a few breeds of cats, and I am racist against gray tabbies. I proudly admit that. Gray tabbies are UGLY and too run of the mill. But I love Siamese. Everyone has their preference. You cannot judge anyone by what they like or don't like. Oh and don't try to "counsel" me. I'm too complex for you."

I don't like cats in my house, not because I had an evil cat. In fact, all my cats were very loving and sweet. But the Persians I had was the last straw. I woke up to them having messed up my carpet one morning. I never forgave them for that! It was just a good thing I had a carpet shampooer, otherwise that carpet would have had to be thrown away. Those cats messed it up so bad!! If my father would have seen that mess, he would have wrung those cats' necks!! And yes, I HATE gray tabbies!!! I still think they are the ugliest cats! Every damn one of my cat-owning friends has a damn gray tabby! One of my friends on Facebook just got a kitten, and yes you guessed it! It was a damn gray tabby! I told her before she got it that I thought it was ugly! Its her choice really, but to me, if that's the best she could find in a kitten, then that is so pathetic!! I would have kept looking until I found something better if I were that desperate for a kitten!!

That's how I am. I tend to not like things that are too common. Things you see every day. And I just got so sick of seeing pictures of gray tabby "run of the mill" cats, that now I am racist against them. I can't stand them! I will forever think gray tabbies are the ugliest cats of all. And there is nothing the cat fags can say that will change my mind. I don't know why every cat fag thinks it's their personal vendetta to get ALL people who don't like cats to like cats! They need to grow up and learn that not everyone is going to like cats, for whatever reason. Accept it like an adult! Stop being a bunch of whiney cat-wussies!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Buy Organic! How??

This is a simple question, how can anyone afford organic products short of taking out an outrageous loan from the bank each month?? I know I can't. I mean, the thought of going organic appeals a great deal to me. To be able to go to a grocery store, and pick up a gallon of milk with no rBGH would make me jump for joy! And drinking it would make my body feel cleaned out. But how does one afford it? I can't afford to spend $10 for a gallon of milk!! Not when I could buy the same size bottle for less than half that much. Sometimes, if you catch a store at the right time, you can even buy a gallon of milk for under $2. That's rare nowadays though, but I have seen that price for a gallon of milk recently. But to buy organic?? I just don't understand it.

Why is it that organic costs so doggone much?? I don't get it! You would think that the cost of the extra hormones and other injections given to cattle and other livestock, that non-organic would be more costly. But no. I think it's because those farmers get extra pay in farm subsidies that they can bring down the price of their products. But looking at the price of organic products, when compared to the price of non-organic products, its no wonder a lot of people today are so fat! Including me! Though I have been working out, its going to take a long time, and careful planning to get rid of all this fat. It's not going to be an easy ride. I never expected it to be. But I can do it.

The vegans will all argue now that I shouldn't buy milk or meat at all, organic or not. Well, I still like meat. And I like milk too. Yogurt is now part of my daily diet. I am especially becoming fond of this Greek yogurt. That stuff is AWESOME!!!! Ya know, I used to be along with the vegans that say we have no business drinking milk, that we are the only creatures to drink the milk of another species. Well, I found that to also be untrue! The other night, I was watching a documentary about brown hyenas. In South Africa, you know what their favorite prey is? Baby fur seals. Especially those that have just been suckling from their mother. They kill the babies and literally stomp on their bellies to squeeze the milk out of them, and the hyenas have a pleasing drink of fur seal milk with their meal. So, humans are NOT the only animals to drink the milk of other animals. The hyenas just don't suckle it directly from the mother. But humans also eat a form of regurgitated milk, in the form of cheese, which I LOVE cheese!!! Well, not all forms of cheese, but I like cheddar cheese.

Yes, in a way, cheese is regurgitated milk. The main ingredient that causes the milk to curdle and form cheese is called rennet, and it is basically the enzymes in the baby calf's belly that helps it digest milk. Humans simply add salt and other ingredients to form what we know as cheese. But the vegans all argue that the milk that comes from cows belongs to the calf, not to us. Well, NOTHING in nature belongs to anyone. Nature is nature, it's free for the picking. It belongs to whoever gets to it. For that matter, the plants and trees don't belong to us either, so fruits and vegetables and herbs are not ours either. But like I said, nature is nature. Nature is a big free for all. All you have to do is work for it. And back in the days before grocery stores, we did work for it.

We may not be equipped with claws and teeth for killing prey, but we do have our brains, and the ability to use tools at will. We did not get that way just by picking fruits and leaves. In fact, if we were the way vegans say we should be, we would still be living in trees. We'd have no need to come to the ground, or form groups, or grow the kind of brains we have today. Do you think any of that was needed when we only ate fruits and vegetables?? It doesn't take any brains to eat plants. Look at sloths. They're probably the dumbest animals out there, they only need to reach out and grab a leaf and eat it. No skills are needed, no abilities, not even speed. But look at an omnivorous animal, like a fox. Foxes are very intelligent. They can reach up and grab some berries to feed on, but they also got their smarts by learning to hunt prey and out wit their prey.

Vegans think that just because our teeth are flat that we were not meant to chew meat. They compare us to true carnivores like dogs and cats, and true herbivores like cows. They tell people only what they want us to hear. They seem to forget about the story in between. Look at most omnivores. Most of them are chewers as well. But we are primates. So, look at an omnivorous primate like baboons, they eat meat and they also chew their food too, just like us. They also have flat teeth, just like us. The problem with vegans is that they don't believe omnivores even exist. That's because I found out the reason. Vegans only see the world in black and white. To them, there is no gray. Everything in this world to them is either black or white. If it's not black, then it's white. Or if it's not white, then it's black. That's how vegans see the world. That's why they don't believe there is such a thing as an omnivore. That's also why most of them don't believe in GOD too. Because they can't see HIM. And if they can't see HIM, then to them, HE doesn't exist. That is why I cannot become a vegan. As an artist, I see the world in many colors, and even colors that other people would say does not exist. But a vegan says if it's not black, it's white. If it's not an herbivore, it's a carnivore. There is no "in-between" area with them.

Also, look at animals that feed on ostrich eggs in the wild. NO animal is powerful enough to break an ostrich egg's shell. But a lot of animals do feed on them. How? By using tools they can find to break open the shell. Most animals use rocks. Humans use tools too. So, that kills the notion that we should not eat meat because our teeth are not made for eating meat.

Well, I am hoping to prove that a person can eat meat and still look good. Or at least be thin. I am not changing anything about my eating habits, just switching to a leaner meat. It's more costly, but I think it'll be better to prove my point. Of course I still indulge in fruits and veggies, but no more than I did before. I am also cutting out the sugar. So, no more chocolate. WAA!! I still love chocolate!!! Just cutting back on it. I am also cutting out the sodas. I went to WinCo yesterday, and I usually get some sodas there. Well, yesterday I went there and I was in the soda aisle, looking at my favorite soda varieties. But then I thought against getting any sodas! Too much sugar in those sodas. And I absolutely REFUSE to drink diet sodas!!!! They have aspartame in them, and that stuff is evil!!! More evil than high fructose corn syrup. If animals won't touch it, then I won't! Animals will eat HFCS, but they completely avoid aspartame. Even such animals as ants and bees will avoid aspartame. So, I came home without any sodas, and I have no intention of ever getting any. For a long time, I just didn't drink sodas at all, and I can do that again.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Must Be Sadder To Lose A Dog

I see it over and over again. People get dogs, they have them for a while, and then the dog dies. The owner is so sad that they say they don't want another dog, instead they get a cat. I got a coupon this morning from Petco, and it was for a free treat for Groucho's birthday. The subject line said "Happy Birthday Groucho". I saw that and I thought "My Groucho has been dead now for 8 years." If she were alive today, she would have been about 12 years old. It made me realize again how much I miss her. For a long time, I didn't even think about it because I had Minnie with me. I am not complaining, but I wish I had her back here now. Vegas alone, just doesn't cut it. He's always been a living reminder of how much I miss Groucho because he is her nephew. His father is Groucho's brother. Not to mention, he was born a little more than a month after she passed away. He is definitely her reincarnated, but he gets more ornery. I guess because he's a boy. After seeing that email, I miss my baby more than I ever have before. At least Minnie went to live with family, but the thing that gets me is she is not HERE right now.

I have known several people who have lost dogs, saying they were the best dogs they ever knew, and when the dog dies, they don't want to get another one. Instead they want to get a cat. It makes me think, it must be sadder to lose a dog than it is to lose a cat. I've never lost a cat before in my life. I never had a cat long enough for it to get old and die. Cats don't last long in my house. They're so destructive, I cannot tolerate having them long enough even for them to finish their kitten stage. The longest I had a cat was 2 years, then that was it for me, the animal had to go! But I made sure it went to a good home and not the pound. My ma told me about her cat that she had for 20 years. It died the day I was born. Well, it was discovered that day anyways. Ma was in the hospital, ready to have me when she got a call from grandma saying that her cat, that had been missing for a week, was finally found under the house, and it was dead. I never knew this. But maybe that is why ma would never let me have a cat when I was a kid. Maybe she was so upset by losing her old cat of 20 years, she didn't want another one. But she is the only person I ever met that felt that way. Usually when a cat owner loses a cat, they go right out and get another one. Not so much with dog owners.

I can understand it though, I have lost dogs before. Not just Groucho, but there was Andy, my papillon that I had for 14 years before he died of cancer. Then Hutchess, a cattle dog I had that contracted parvo somehow, and I only had her for a week before she died. Then there was Jasmine, a toy poodle that started having seizures and had to be put down because they were getting worse and worse. Then Groucho, and we didn't lose another dog to death until this year when Odessa died. Dogs, though they are definitely not perfect, become so close to us, they are like another child in our lives. Dogs are so useful too, unlike cats. Cats, the only thing they are good for is catching and killing mice. Dogs can catch and kill mice, and any other pest that can come into your house, they can fetch, play Frisbee, lead the blind, hear for the deaf, help people in wheelchairs, sniff out cancer, inform an epileptic of an oncoming seizure, warn of burglars and other intruders, sometimes even ward them off, and they are great weight-loss companions because you can take them out on walks. You can't do any of that with a cat. So, I can understand why people who own dogs feel sadder when they lose a dog than they would if they lost a cat. So I guess when they lose a dog and they say "I don't want another dog", they figure it'd be easier to replace it with a cat, because when the cat dies, it won't be so hard on the owner. And one cat looks pretty much like another, most of these people always wind up with gray tabbies anyways. So they go out and find another gray tabby to replace the one they lost, and it's like the last one never died.

I like dogs and cats (OK I admit it, except for gray tabbies), but I would rather have a dog than a cat. Cats are just too destructive! Ya know I tell people that, and all the cat fags say "Cats are not destructive" and blah-blah-blah. I say "Oh hell yes, they ARE destructive!" They are every bit as destructive as kids are. The last real cat I had was these Persians that my sis and I were going to breed, and every morning I would get up and there would be hairballs coughed up all over our carpet. One morning I got up and there were not only hairballs coughed up all over the carpet, but one of the cats smeared shit all over the carpet! Luckily we had a carpet shampooer and I managed to clean it good. But after that incident, those Persians had to go! My friend Katrina HATES cats with a passion!! She has a car that she invested $50,000 to have it restored, and the stray cats around her place destroyed it. Believe it or not! That was when she started shooting at them.

Katrina and I both like having dogs though. Especially little ones. Though now she is down to having only one Japanese chin, one Chihuahua, and both her Italian greyhounds have died. Beazley was her first Japanese chin, and he is gone too. He died the year we moved to Bozeman. Katrina was inconsolable. But she never gave up on having dogs. I remember after I lost Andy, our papillon. I also said I didn't want another dog. But then someone I met, who sold horse rides, was in the same boat I was. But she found she just couldn't live without having a dog. It made me think, because I enjoyed having dogs. As long as they kept their noses to themselves. That's the only thing about dogs I don't like and that is why I usually only get the little ones. I like tiny dogs that cannot reach that high. Chihuahuas are the perfect candidates. So are papillons, and many other tiny breeds. Plus they cost less to feed.

Well, enough of this depressing subject. I spoke of death yesterday on here! Though I still don't buy that malarkey that Bill Waggoner is dead. I'm off to work out!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bill Waggoner Dead!

YEA!!!! hahaha! Naw I'm kidding!! He's not fucking dead! Someone told me about this on YouTube, and I said that I can only hope, but I have the feeling it's a fake. But it would sure do the world a good favor. He is a cruel, demented, abusive shithead who takes pleasure in making innocent people feel bad. I remember when he called someone on Craigslist who lost their Pomeranian dog. Bill Waggoner called that person and told them that he ran over their dog. He most likely really didn't, but he told them that. It totally upset the owner, and then Waggoner asked her what she is going to do to have his car fixed from the strike. He told her that her dog totaled his car. Thankfully she didn't believe him, but he was asking for money or sex to pay for the damages her Pomeranian did to his car. I saw that video, and I heard the anguish in the owner's voice. I hoped that the owner would somehow see this video, know that she was being recorded and put on YouTube harrowing over her dog without her permission, and being pranked. I showed that video to the people on the Craigslist pet forum, hoping that the dog's owner would see that video, and know that there would most likely still be hope in getting her dog back. And also know that she had been pranked.

I was angry because Bill Waggoner made a mockery of someone losing a pet and that pisses me off! How would he like it if someone stole his dumb cat and then called him and said they killed it somehow? It wouldn't feel good. And if he had one iota of feeling for his cat, he would have fallen apart as well. This YouTuber said that there is an online obituary for Bill Waggoner, I went to look at it, and it said that he's been dead since April of last year. It also said he has a daughter and a son, which I also am having a hard time believing. People who have children don't go around doing the things he does, under normal circumstances. The only time they would do something like that, when they have kids, is if they are totally whacked-out in the head. Something would have to be major wrong with them. If it is true and he does have kids, he needs to shape-up and become a better role-model for them! Get off YouTube, and go play with your kids!

He ain't dead!!! I don't buy it for one second. People like him never die, and it won't be long before another one of Bill Waggoner's tards come back to my channel and say he's saying shit about me again. Just wait for it!! I will let you know what happens. And believe me, I'll know it's him! There ain't no way he can hide that from me. Most of his stupid tards always reveal it's him anyways. I believe this is nothing more than some kind of publicity stunt of his. Perhaps to get all the people he has abused to feel sorry for being so pissed off at him. It won't work with me. If he is dead, show me a picture of his family standing by his grave, and the headstone with his name on it. I want to see funeral pics, police reports, medical/autopsy reports. Then I might believe he is really dead. Until then, I believe this is nothing but an act.

In other news, I am now an official member of Anytime Fitness! I love it too! I get to go and work an hour on their treadmill. It makes me feel wonderful!! I may not lose all this weight, but at least I will be somewhat healthier. Though I have lost 10 pounds so far. And you know who is my inspiration? My sis! She's been at it longer than me, and she has already lost 60 pounds, and last time I saw her, she was looking good!! I'm sure she feels good too. Today I even started adding abdominal crunches to my workout, I did more than 50 too. I walked nearly 3 miles on the treadmill today, and barely breathed heavy. I must be in much better shape than I thought! I am not changing my eating habits though. I think I can prove you can still eat what you want (even meat) and be thin and healthy. We will see. I will say I have switched to leaner meat. I have bison meat instead of beef. It may be more pricey, but there's no fat or cholesterol, and it still tastes good! But I have seen skinny folks who pack in the food and still remain thin. So it's not what you eat, its how much in relation to your workout.