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Monday, June 2, 2014

Must Be Sadder To Lose A Dog

I see it over and over again. People get dogs, they have them for a while, and then the dog dies. The owner is so sad that they say they don't want another dog, instead they get a cat. I got a coupon this morning from Petco, and it was for a free treat for Groucho's birthday. The subject line said "Happy Birthday Groucho". I saw that and I thought "My Groucho has been dead now for 8 years." If she were alive today, she would have been about 12 years old. It made me realize again how much I miss her. For a long time, I didn't even think about it because I had Minnie with me. I am not complaining, but I wish I had her back here now. Vegas alone, just doesn't cut it. He's always been a living reminder of how much I miss Groucho because he is her nephew. His father is Groucho's brother. Not to mention, he was born a little more than a month after she passed away. He is definitely her reincarnated, but he gets more ornery. I guess because he's a boy. After seeing that email, I miss my baby more than I ever have before. At least Minnie went to live with family, but the thing that gets me is she is not HERE right now.

I have known several people who have lost dogs, saying they were the best dogs they ever knew, and when the dog dies, they don't want to get another one. Instead they want to get a cat. It makes me think, it must be sadder to lose a dog than it is to lose a cat. I've never lost a cat before in my life. I never had a cat long enough for it to get old and die. Cats don't last long in my house. They're so destructive, I cannot tolerate having them long enough even for them to finish their kitten stage. The longest I had a cat was 2 years, then that was it for me, the animal had to go! But I made sure it went to a good home and not the pound. My ma told me about her cat that she had for 20 years. It died the day I was born. Well, it was discovered that day anyways. Ma was in the hospital, ready to have me when she got a call from grandma saying that her cat, that had been missing for a week, was finally found under the house, and it was dead. I never knew this. But maybe that is why ma would never let me have a cat when I was a kid. Maybe she was so upset by losing her old cat of 20 years, she didn't want another one. But she is the only person I ever met that felt that way. Usually when a cat owner loses a cat, they go right out and get another one. Not so much with dog owners.

I can understand it though, I have lost dogs before. Not just Groucho, but there was Andy, my papillon that I had for 14 years before he died of cancer. Then Hutchess, a cattle dog I had that contracted parvo somehow, and I only had her for a week before she died. Then there was Jasmine, a toy poodle that started having seizures and had to be put down because they were getting worse and worse. Then Groucho, and we didn't lose another dog to death until this year when Odessa died. Dogs, though they are definitely not perfect, become so close to us, they are like another child in our lives. Dogs are so useful too, unlike cats. Cats, the only thing they are good for is catching and killing mice. Dogs can catch and kill mice, and any other pest that can come into your house, they can fetch, play Frisbee, lead the blind, hear for the deaf, help people in wheelchairs, sniff out cancer, inform an epileptic of an oncoming seizure, warn of burglars and other intruders, sometimes even ward them off, and they are great weight-loss companions because you can take them out on walks. You can't do any of that with a cat. So, I can understand why people who own dogs feel sadder when they lose a dog than they would if they lost a cat. So I guess when they lose a dog and they say "I don't want another dog", they figure it'd be easier to replace it with a cat, because when the cat dies, it won't be so hard on the owner. And one cat looks pretty much like another, most of these people always wind up with gray tabbies anyways. So they go out and find another gray tabby to replace the one they lost, and it's like the last one never died.

I like dogs and cats (OK I admit it, except for gray tabbies), but I would rather have a dog than a cat. Cats are just too destructive! Ya know I tell people that, and all the cat fags say "Cats are not destructive" and blah-blah-blah. I say "Oh hell yes, they ARE destructive!" They are every bit as destructive as kids are. The last real cat I had was these Persians that my sis and I were going to breed, and every morning I would get up and there would be hairballs coughed up all over our carpet. One morning I got up and there were not only hairballs coughed up all over the carpet, but one of the cats smeared shit all over the carpet! Luckily we had a carpet shampooer and I managed to clean it good. But after that incident, those Persians had to go! My friend Katrina HATES cats with a passion!! She has a car that she invested $50,000 to have it restored, and the stray cats around her place destroyed it. Believe it or not! That was when she started shooting at them.

Katrina and I both like having dogs though. Especially little ones. Though now she is down to having only one Japanese chin, one Chihuahua, and both her Italian greyhounds have died. Beazley was her first Japanese chin, and he is gone too. He died the year we moved to Bozeman. Katrina was inconsolable. But she never gave up on having dogs. I remember after I lost Andy, our papillon. I also said I didn't want another dog. But then someone I met, who sold horse rides, was in the same boat I was. But she found she just couldn't live without having a dog. It made me think, because I enjoyed having dogs. As long as they kept their noses to themselves. That's the only thing about dogs I don't like and that is why I usually only get the little ones. I like tiny dogs that cannot reach that high. Chihuahuas are the perfect candidates. So are papillons, and many other tiny breeds. Plus they cost less to feed.

Well, enough of this depressing subject. I spoke of death yesterday on here! Though I still don't buy that malarkey that Bill Waggoner is dead. I'm off to work out!
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