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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Should Meat-Eaters Feel Guilty??

Oh boy! LOL! Well, I went to bed early last night, I've been exhausting myself over this little lung infection that Vegas developed and now that he has stopped coughing, all that tired from the nights over the past week and a half have finally caught up with me. Not easy being a mommy. Not even a doggie mommy! LOL! But thankfully, Vegas seems to be OK now, though he is still on some anti-biotics. So here I am, up at what is nearly 5AM, with nothing else to do. So now that my blog and videos have been labeled "hate speech" by a group of 50-60 year old show breeders who still suckle their mamas' titties and sniff their daddys' underpants, I thought I would keep up the tradition and discuss something vegans LOVE to throw at us omnivores. They think we feel guilt over eating meat.

I hear this line ALL the time from vegans! They just love to say that omnivores argue because we feel guilt over eating meat. Well, not this omnivore! I don't feel guilt at all. I don't even argue anymore. I gave that up. The reason I gave it up is simple, because I know I am right. When you know you are right about something, there is no need to argue. Humans are omnivores, we always have been. Just because our teeth are flat and we have no claws does not mean we cannot eat meat. Chimps and baboons also have flat teeth and no claws, and they eat meat. Most often in the form of insects, but still they eat meat. Humans did not get where they are today by simply eating nothing but weeds, grasses and roots. We became smarter and more social by hunting. It was key to our survival.

Well, using the vegans' own logic, I guess I would say they are the ones feeling guilty. Guilty because they are going against mother nature, and they know it deep down inside. The only reason they are vegan is just to save some prey animals' butts. Really, that is not a good reason to go vegan at all. I always figure those animals would be eaten anyways. Whether it is by humans, or lions, or wolves, etc. So, it might as well be us who eats them. And I have heard the blah-blah bullshit about how those animals are obligate carnivores. Well, humans are obligate omnivores. Before vegans decided to become a bunch of whining wussies, we were all omnivores in the beginning. If everyone goes vegan, we all might as well return to the trees and stay there, instead of progressing to a better civilization. Like I said, we did not get where we are today by living on plants.

I know I cannot speak for all omnivores, but I know facts, and all about mother nature, so I know I am doing OK. While I have seen some rude people get on vegan videos and make hateful comments (OK, I have legitimately been accused of that myself) I have also seen vegans who have gotten on my videos and called me names. My only guess is that those vegans are the ones feeling guilty themselves. Guilty because they are going against what nature intended for us to do. That is to eat some meat in our daily lives.

Yes, I saw Earthlings, and it had absolutely NO affect on me. I had no trouble seeing cattle, sheep and pigs getting killed for meat. Well, the only thing that really bothered me was watching a man beat up on a calf. But the reason I had no problem watching it was because I've been watching nature shows all my life. I'm used to seeing animals killing one another. Not saying I am sadistic, but watching wolves kill a deer or hyenas kill a buffalo just seems no different to me than watching humans slaughtering a cow. Even when I was a kid, 5-7 years old, I understood that was nature. I knew all along where our meat came from that we buy in grocery stores. That is no surprise to me. That is why I can sit down to a steak and not feel any guilt whatsoever.

Sometimes I see vegans saying things like "I want to order a roast kitten" or "I want a doggie burger" just because they feel sorry for some prey animals. They think we can't love one and eat the other. Well, they are wrong. It is silly to order something like a roast kitten. Who eats cats anyways? Besides the Chinese. I had a friend once who said she tried cougar meat once, but she said it was very greasy. I can imagine cats would taste pretty much the same. And since dogs are also carnivores, they probably taste greasy too. I don't even eat chicken legs or thighs because they're too greasy. I prefer breasts and wings. But even if I was in the jungle starving, I still would never eat a dog!

One of my vegan buddies referred me to an article written by a friend of her's all about animal rights and saying what we eat is not just our own business and not a personal choice. I tried to comment, but was unable to because all I had at the time to comment with was my ipod and it kept disconnecting. But this is what I was going to say to him:

"OK, when I see pigs, cows and chickens stand up for their own rights, I will go vegan. When I see more than just a handful of vegans practicing this compassion they claim to have for their own species, I will go vegan. When I start seeing vegans grazing the grass from my lawn, I will go vegan. When I see vegans eating all the fruits, including the seeds, and taking a dump outside to disperse those seeds, I'll say vegans have a good point. When I see fewer vegans making family members out of the most carnivorous mammal a person can own and start taking in more vegetarian pets, I will give some credibility to your argument. When I see vegans stop living in big, elaborate houses on land that once belonged to the animals, and start seeing them living in meager shelters with only the very basic utilities, then I will have more respect for vegans. Until then, what I eat IS my business. NOT yours! And I don't see these animals as sentient creatures. That's for hippies and wussies. If eating meat is good enough in the natural world, then it's good enough in my home. Even vegetarian primates eat meat once in a while."

Vegans keep saying that humans compare themselves to truly carnivorous animals. But I don't. I compare us to our closest kin, the primates. We are afterall primates ourselves. And there are very few truly herbivorous primates. Those that are have more than one stomach pouch, which usually causes them to have pot bellies. Omnivorous primates (like humans) don't have this naturally. But all primates have flat teeth... well, except for the lemurs, and flat nails. We use weapons and our brains to hunt for meat. Vegans seem to forget we are primates, and designed just like all other primates. They obviously think humans are relatives of cattle and pigs. Well, here's a wake-up call: We're NOT!!
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