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Monday, June 9, 2014

Exactly Why I Hate Cat-People

I have always admitted on this blog that I am not a people person. I hate people in fact. Why well, there are so many reasons why. Too many to list in one blog post! I'd be going on forever. But the kind of people I hate the most, besides irresponsible people, are cat people! Namely the cat fags. There is a difference between being a cat lover and a cat fag. BIG difference. The cat fags may carry that title with pride, but believe me, being a cat fag is NOTHING to be proud of! There is a reason I refer to them as "cat fags". For the same reason the WBC refers to all sinners as "fags". These people look at cats as some kind of deity. Not just a mere pet. To me, all cats are is just pets. I would never have one myself. I like cats (a few breeds anyways) but I don't want one as a pet, and I just cannot see how someone can like a cat over a dog. With dogs, you can do so much more. Granted dogs are not perfect, but then again, neither are cats. Yet cat fags think they are the be-all-end-all of beings.

But like I said, cat fags see cats as being some kind of deity. Like they are GOD. And like the radical Christians you see going from house to house trying to force their religion on other people, cat fags condemn those who don't care for cats to a life of ridicule, bullying and other kinds of shit. The funny thing is, dog people are not like that. I am not like that about dogs. I love my dogs, but I don't go around condemning people who don't like dogs to ridicule, harsh judgments and threats. Yet the cat fags do this all the time. Here is a prime example of the kind of people I am talking about.

On one of those online quizzes that you take for fun, it asks which are you, dog, cat or bird? I took the quiz and found out I was a bird. Well, they have at the base of the quiz where you can post comments. A lot of people got the cats. A lot of people on there said they like cats too. Very few actually said they don't like cats. One of those people was a woman named Anita. She said:

"Don't like cats. They are very self-centered & annoying & very few of them really warm up to anyone."

Which I have found to be true, and cat people actually admit this too. Or something like it. They say that is why they love cats. Well, the next thing you see, all the cat fags start condemning this poor girl. Another girl, named Jennie Collett, who actually has a good-looking cat in her profile pic, said in response:

"Anita if you knew cats personally, youd find they have some great qualities, especially for loyalty. and they do show strong affection. my cat is also very close friends with my pet bird."

Well, the cat in her profile pic is a Siamese. Siamese are known for having dog-like personalities. That's why I like them. My Siamese, Amadeus, was so dog-like, he even liked to sniff people's butts. Siamese are also more affectionate than other cats. Well, then Elaine Lively comes in and gives one of the typical responses I often see from cat fags:

"you are so wrong,you probably like dogs better anyway.."

I'm sure she wanted to say more. But it sounds like Elaine is already making harsh judgment against Anita because she likes dogs better than cats. There were several responses, some saying they agreed with Anita, while others were saying how wrong she was about cats. But the response that gets me all bothered more than any other, was made by a woman named Margret Fox. Her response was the absolute pinnacle of cat-faggotry! She said:

"@Anita, the fact that you don't like cats says volumes about you and doesn't have much to do with the reality of cats. It says you have some preconceived notion, or that you have had some weird experience and you have related that to the whole species, which is psychological on your part, not reality. Here is a sincere tip from a counselor:
When you find yourself saying something like you did here, check it out for yourself and ask yourself why you feel this way. It isn't rational to dislike an entire species."

Well, I responded to her comment the way I would respond to any cat fag:

"Margret Fox And I bet if she'd said she didn't like dogs, you wouldn't have said anything at all. Right?? In fact, I see several people here saying they don't like dogs, and you haven't seemed to raise an eyelash. Yet dogs are more loyal than cats. They love us. Cats love anyone who feeds them, that is all. I like dogs, I only like a few breeds of cats, and I am racist against gray tabbies. I proudly admit that. Gray tabbies are UGLY and too run of the mill. But I love Siamese. Everyone has their preference. You cannot judge anyone by what they like or don't like. Oh and don't try to "counsel" me. I'm too complex for you."

I don't like cats in my house, not because I had an evil cat. In fact, all my cats were very loving and sweet. But the Persians I had was the last straw. I woke up to them having messed up my carpet one morning. I never forgave them for that! It was just a good thing I had a carpet shampooer, otherwise that carpet would have had to be thrown away. Those cats messed it up so bad!! If my father would have seen that mess, he would have wrung those cats' necks!! And yes, I HATE gray tabbies!!! I still think they are the ugliest cats! Every damn one of my cat-owning friends has a damn gray tabby! One of my friends on Facebook just got a kitten, and yes you guessed it! It was a damn gray tabby! I told her before she got it that I thought it was ugly! Its her choice really, but to me, if that's the best she could find in a kitten, then that is so pathetic!! I would have kept looking until I found something better if I were that desperate for a kitten!!

That's how I am. I tend to not like things that are too common. Things you see every day. And I just got so sick of seeing pictures of gray tabby "run of the mill" cats, that now I am racist against them. I can't stand them! I will forever think gray tabbies are the ugliest cats of all. And there is nothing the cat fags can say that will change my mind. I don't know why every cat fag thinks it's their personal vendetta to get ALL people who don't like cats to like cats! They need to grow up and learn that not everyone is going to like cats, for whatever reason. Accept it like an adult! Stop being a bunch of whiney cat-wussies!!!
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