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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Buy Organic! How??

This is a simple question, how can anyone afford organic products short of taking out an outrageous loan from the bank each month?? I know I can't. I mean, the thought of going organic appeals a great deal to me. To be able to go to a grocery store, and pick up a gallon of milk with no rBGH would make me jump for joy! And drinking it would make my body feel cleaned out. But how does one afford it? I can't afford to spend $10 for a gallon of milk!! Not when I could buy the same size bottle for less than half that much. Sometimes, if you catch a store at the right time, you can even buy a gallon of milk for under $2. That's rare nowadays though, but I have seen that price for a gallon of milk recently. But to buy organic?? I just don't understand it.

Why is it that organic costs so doggone much?? I don't get it! You would think that the cost of the extra hormones and other injections given to cattle and other livestock, that non-organic would be more costly. But no. I think it's because those farmers get extra pay in farm subsidies that they can bring down the price of their products. But looking at the price of organic products, when compared to the price of non-organic products, its no wonder a lot of people today are so fat! Including me! Though I have been working out, its going to take a long time, and careful planning to get rid of all this fat. It's not going to be an easy ride. I never expected it to be. But I can do it.

The vegans will all argue now that I shouldn't buy milk or meat at all, organic or not. Well, I still like meat. And I like milk too. Yogurt is now part of my daily diet. I am especially becoming fond of this Greek yogurt. That stuff is AWESOME!!!! Ya know, I used to be along with the vegans that say we have no business drinking milk, that we are the only creatures to drink the milk of another species. Well, I found that to also be untrue! The other night, I was watching a documentary about brown hyenas. In South Africa, you know what their favorite prey is? Baby fur seals. Especially those that have just been suckling from their mother. They kill the babies and literally stomp on their bellies to squeeze the milk out of them, and the hyenas have a pleasing drink of fur seal milk with their meal. So, humans are NOT the only animals to drink the milk of other animals. The hyenas just don't suckle it directly from the mother. But humans also eat a form of regurgitated milk, in the form of cheese, which I LOVE cheese!!! Well, not all forms of cheese, but I like cheddar cheese.

Yes, in a way, cheese is regurgitated milk. The main ingredient that causes the milk to curdle and form cheese is called rennet, and it is basically the enzymes in the baby calf's belly that helps it digest milk. Humans simply add salt and other ingredients to form what we know as cheese. But the vegans all argue that the milk that comes from cows belongs to the calf, not to us. Well, NOTHING in nature belongs to anyone. Nature is nature, it's free for the picking. It belongs to whoever gets to it. For that matter, the plants and trees don't belong to us either, so fruits and vegetables and herbs are not ours either. But like I said, nature is nature. Nature is a big free for all. All you have to do is work for it. And back in the days before grocery stores, we did work for it.

We may not be equipped with claws and teeth for killing prey, but we do have our brains, and the ability to use tools at will. We did not get that way just by picking fruits and leaves. In fact, if we were the way vegans say we should be, we would still be living in trees. We'd have no need to come to the ground, or form groups, or grow the kind of brains we have today. Do you think any of that was needed when we only ate fruits and vegetables?? It doesn't take any brains to eat plants. Look at sloths. They're probably the dumbest animals out there, they only need to reach out and grab a leaf and eat it. No skills are needed, no abilities, not even speed. But look at an omnivorous animal, like a fox. Foxes are very intelligent. They can reach up and grab some berries to feed on, but they also got their smarts by learning to hunt prey and out wit their prey.

Vegans think that just because our teeth are flat that we were not meant to chew meat. They compare us to true carnivores like dogs and cats, and true herbivores like cows. They tell people only what they want us to hear. They seem to forget about the story in between. Look at most omnivores. Most of them are chewers as well. But we are primates. So, look at an omnivorous primate like baboons, they eat meat and they also chew their food too, just like us. They also have flat teeth, just like us. The problem with vegans is that they don't believe omnivores even exist. That's because I found out the reason. Vegans only see the world in black and white. To them, there is no gray. Everything in this world to them is either black or white. If it's not black, then it's white. Or if it's not white, then it's black. That's how vegans see the world. That's why they don't believe there is such a thing as an omnivore. That's also why most of them don't believe in GOD too. Because they can't see HIM. And if they can't see HIM, then to them, HE doesn't exist. That is why I cannot become a vegan. As an artist, I see the world in many colors, and even colors that other people would say does not exist. But a vegan says if it's not black, it's white. If it's not an herbivore, it's a carnivore. There is no "in-between" area with them.

Also, look at animals that feed on ostrich eggs in the wild. NO animal is powerful enough to break an ostrich egg's shell. But a lot of animals do feed on them. How? By using tools they can find to break open the shell. Most animals use rocks. Humans use tools too. So, that kills the notion that we should not eat meat because our teeth are not made for eating meat.

Well, I am hoping to prove that a person can eat meat and still look good. Or at least be thin. I am not changing anything about my eating habits, just switching to a leaner meat. It's more costly, but I think it'll be better to prove my point. Of course I still indulge in fruits and veggies, but no more than I did before. I am also cutting out the sugar. So, no more chocolate. WAA!! I still love chocolate!!! Just cutting back on it. I am also cutting out the sodas. I went to WinCo yesterday, and I usually get some sodas there. Well, yesterday I went there and I was in the soda aisle, looking at my favorite soda varieties. But then I thought against getting any sodas! Too much sugar in those sodas. And I absolutely REFUSE to drink diet sodas!!!! They have aspartame in them, and that stuff is evil!!! More evil than high fructose corn syrup. If animals won't touch it, then I won't! Animals will eat HFCS, but they completely avoid aspartame. Even such animals as ants and bees will avoid aspartame. So, I came home without any sodas, and I have no intention of ever getting any. For a long time, I just didn't drink sodas at all, and I can do that again.
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