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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Why I No Longer Apologize to Anyone

This is a sensitive subject for everyone, but I have always said that if I ever do anything wrong to anyone, I will apologize for it. Well, that won't happen anymore. All I ever have done is apologize to people if I hurt them, and it usually only led to them getting angrier than they were when I committed the act they didn't like. And when I apologize, it is always sincere. Especially if I like the person. But even if I don't, if I am wrong, then I am wrong and I admit it. But if I am not wrong, and the act I committed against that person was perfectly justified, that person will never get an apology from me. But even so, I will never apologize to anyone ever again. Not going to happen. If they were once my friend and they get angry, well then let them stay angry. It's their ulcers not mine.

A long time ago, when this feeling got started, it was when Sara Wieler was kicked out of my forum. I wrote about her on my MSN blog. Well, she called my home and my sis answered the phone. She said things to the effect of "I called the police" and "I have a police report" and "I want that post taken down" and blah-blah-blah. Well, back then I was new to blogs and the internet was still new, so I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. But to get her off the phone, I decided to delete the post anyways. I know I shouldn't have done that!!! I still have it though. I should post it on here. And I will if I even dream she is talking about me behind my back. Not that I care what she says really, but she didn't like me talking about her behind her back, so turnabout is fair play! Isn't it! And I will know if it's her. I knew in Bozeman. I knew in the Pluba forum. I'll know again. Well, I should never have taken that post down. Now, Sara expects me to always apologize when I do something. She's like a spoiled child that you do something nice for once, and then she expects you to do it all the time. That's why she told the people in Bozeman I was writing about them. But I am really not bitter about that. It was an awesome test of strength for me. I always wondered what would happen if I came face to face with people I wrote about in my blog. It's one thing to talk on the phone with them, or talk to them on the internet. It's very different when you have to face them. I always wondered if I would stand my ground, or if I would break down and give in to them. Well, now I know. I stood up to them very well! I wasn't even intimidated by Andy's charges or Mike's growling. Not even slightly! I was thrilled when I found that out! But it proved that Sara still is butthurt because I called her a backyard breeder, and she is jealous because my Vegas, that I bred myself, is better looking than any of her dogs!!

Well, neither Mike nor Andy got an apology from me, if that was what they were after. I never said I was sorry for what I said about them, and I never will. The only person I apologized to was Deb, and that was it, but even she acted like that wasn't good enough for her. So, no matter what, I will never apologize to her again for anything. I say I did her a favor. She found out what an asshat Mike is thanks to me! She should be thanking me! Andy almost punched Deb once, and Mike didn't do anything about it! And Mike picked on my Vegas. Anyone who would do that has got to be an asshole. And that is why I told Deb I am sorry, but I told her I was not going to apologize to Mike. It wouldn't be long before Mike possibly would beat up Deb, or worse, beat up Neveah, her granddaughter! A man that would pick on a tiny, innocent little dog, you never know what they would do next! And it's a well-known fact that violent criminals often begin by picking on animals. Mike didn't beat up on Vegas, or Minnie. He wouldn't be alive now if he had! But the way he yelled at Vegas one day in the dog park, it was so mean and hateful, my motherly instinct kicked in and told me I need to watch this man like a hawk!! Even Karen heard him do it. That's why I called him an asshole.

I also remember another incident, with the Watcher (Rhonda Booth). Rhonda hated me from day 1! LOL!! I'm fine with that too! But it is because of that (and the fact I never did anything to her to vindicate her initial attacks on me) that I wrote about her in my blog. In fact I still do! She's a dumbass. She's a dumbass's dumbass! She's a dumbass's dumbass dumbass dumbass! LOL! hehehe! Well, the Watcher created this little slideshow, and titled it "Tale of a Stalking Whale" and she said that she was going to leave that up until I post an apology to her on Pluba. I saw the slideshow, and it wasn't so bad! For one thing, I love whales! Always did! That's a very poor insult if that is what she meant it to be! It's more like a commendation. For another thing, none of the pics she posted of me were bad ones. That's something she'll never get, no matter how hard she tries!!! LOL!! All the pics I post on the internet are pics I am proud of. The only person who has the bad pics of me is my ma. And ma will never make friends with Rhonda! Ma doesn't even have those pics on her computer. And you know what? Rhonda still hasn't got any apology from me yet!! LOL!!! And she never will either. Eva and Katrina told me not to. But I do kinda wonder if Rhonda is still thinking of suing me for what I wrote in my blog about her? hehehe! If so, I am ready. Her statute of limitations is over. Mine isn't! I'll get her for copyright infringement for using the pic of me and INXS, a pic I had to pay $300 to use. A pic neither I nor the photographer gave her permission to use!! She would have been better off asking me. I might have said yes. hehehe! ;)

I have the feeling though if I had apologized, it still wouldn't have been good enough for Rhonda, and I wouldn't have meant it anyways! LOL! Because people like her, I am not sorry for hurting. She never gave me any reason to respect her at all, so that's that. It's like "Get over it!" She's nothing but a hit and run troll, the most cowardly kind of troll. Which is hysterical considering she has said I'm a spineless person. Of course, she doesn't know me as well as she thinks she does. She never did. If she did know me, she would know one thing I am definitely not is spineless. Then she comes back under the name "the watcher" and doesn't tell me who she is. But I recognized her M.O. And instinct kicked in again. Or intuition, whatever you want to call it. But since she created a different identity to harass me with, and didn't tell me it was her, it definitely proves she is the spineless person. Not me. Well, she can call me a spineless person all she wants to, but actions speak louder than words. So no matter how many times she would have said it, it doesn't make it so. One thing no one can ever accuse me of is creating a secret identity to harass anyone. I'm so me, I'd always get found out anyways! LOL! I just can't stop being me. But I don't know, maybe in a way I am spineless. Because without Vegas, INXS and my Timmy pics, I am no good! hehehe!

Then that incident in Bozeman where I put this nasty note on Roger's door. When the landlord blamed my sister, I admitted I was the one who did it. I even apologized to Roger for doing it. And believe me, I was sincere. As sincere as I'd ever been in my life. Roger said he accepted my apology. But I could almost tell instantly that he was lying. I knew there was still some resentment in his head. I could see it in his eyes. It was no surprise to me that Roger created this identity calling himself CosmicWheeler on YouTube, and said things about me that he presumed were insulting. Unfortunately for him, they were not insulting to me. He said I was a dog-face. Well, so are lemurs. So are flying foxes. So are kangaroos. They all have dog-like faces, and I think they're adorable!! A lot of dogs are adorable too. Like Chihuahuas, or Pomeranians, or maltese, or papillons. So, call me a dog-face. I'll take it as a compliment! The only thing I didn't like was how he took his anger and hatred that he felt for me out on my sis. He had no right to do that. My sister never did anything bad to him. But fortunately, his little scheme didn't work. He won't get my sis to leave Montana. If anything makes her move, it'll be her own will. And I told her to stay there as long as she likes, as long as it pisses Roger off! LOL! But this was another incident where, no matter how sincere I was, it wasn't good enough for the person I apologized to. And if I had it to do over again, I'd put an even nastier note on Roger's door and never apologize for doing it!! I should have done it while I was visiting there in Bozeman!

Anyways, those are among the reasons I will never apologize to anyone anymore! Nobody accepts them, no matter how sincere you are with them. People today just enjoy being rude too much. So, why don't I join with them. If anyone tells me I need to apologize to anyone, I'll tell them they need to go fuck off and die!
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