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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Need to Go Back to Roasting!

I need to go back to roasting people again!! I'm not getting enough views on my blog to get paid much anymore. In fact, I haven't made enough since the time I left Bozeman. LOL! I need to go back to roasting again, that's how I get the most views! The problem is that I haven't been around people I don't like since I left Bozeman. Well, there was Patti. I don't like her. But she is just one person, and she didn't have any friends. I couldn't roast anyone in Port Angeles because well, most of the people there I liked them. I had nothing bad to say about any of them. I have nothing bad to say about Donna either. She's really sweet. So the dirty dozen cannot send people this blog and have them read the posts for themselves. So, my views go down. As long as I was roasting people I didn't like, I could count on them to always foreword this blog to them. Therefore upping my views, and bringing me more cash. I guess they could not find Patti, even though I posted the link to her ad on Craigslist on here. Though she calls herself Patti Smith, I don't think that's her real last name. I remember she had a really weird last name. Perhaps I could make something up about someone, and then the dirty dozen mob will send this blog to them. My biggest saving grace when they told the people in Bozeman about this blog was that they only sent them a fax. Naturally people are going to check the internet for themselves because a fax can be altered. That was good news for me. It got me a LOT of views that week! I made over $100 just in that week alone from those views!

That's one reason why I was so grateful to GOD that the dirty dozen sent this blog to the people at that complex in Bozeman. That and the fact that is was a wonderful test of my strength of character. I held out really well! I thought I would be intimidated by some of those people, I even surprised myself that I was not. Not at all! Andy charged and growled like a dog when he came at me in that elevator, but I did not back down! I was so proud of myself. Of course I should have kicked him hard in the nutsack! But you know what, that didn't even cross my mind! Katrina said that would be the first thing she'd have done! LOL!! But I kept my cool, until he tried to reach for my hand. Then I pushed his hand away and I told him if he touches me, he's done! The only bad thing about his attack at me was that he stunk so bad it almost made me pass out! LOL! But that was his embarrassment. Not mine.

I also heard about the things that happened after I left Bozeman. Remember how I said that Roger started to take his anger and hatred he had for me out on my sister? Well my sis told me about the Thanksgiving party they had there after I left. Of course my sis had already made other plans by that time for Thanksgiving. But I heard Karen, who was a friend of ours there, invited people around the building to the party. Well, she got to Roger and Leon before she got to my sis, and both of them said they wouldn't go to the party if "that girl next door" is going. So, our friend Karen, what does she do? Does she do what I would have done and said to Roger "OK, suit yourself. You've been invited, but I am also going to ask 'that girl next door'!" ? No she doesn't. She lets Roger and Leon dictate to her who she can and cannot invite, so Karen didn't even ask my sis to the Thanksgiving party. I mean I always knew Karen was not the best friend we ever had, but still! And I know my sis had already made other plans by that time, but it's the principle of the thing. I'm not mad at Roger for that. Because I would have expected that kind of attitude from him. I've told you all before he's an asswipe. I'm not even mad at Leon. Leon is Roger's fat little shadow. He always goes along with Roger no matter what he says. I'm mad at Karen because she should have stood up to Roger and Leon. My ma asked Karen to look after my sis as long as she was there. My ma rewarded Karen with a video of Celtic Thunder, which Karen likes, for that. And she didn't do her job!! Not in that case! I'm mad and so is my ma.

I can't believe now, looking back that I once thought of Roger as a friend. He thinks I was in love with him at one time. LOL!!! I still laugh about that one!!! It's the stupidest thing I think anyone has ever thought of me!! I could never be in love with Roger!!! He's definitely not my type! He's a miserable, sad, angry piece of shit who is never happy unless he's bitching about something! I'm a happy, bubbly, giggly and jolly fat girl who loves life and looks for the positive in everything! I mean, I love a lot of people, and a lot of things. I'm not in love with them. But I figured Roger is not smart enough to know there are different kinds of love. But things on my blog have been slow lately. Not enough views. Maybe I need to personally charge for views. I could set that up! Maybe I need to go into forums again. Though I don't like to! But even if everyone on the forum ignores me, I still manage to find something to write about on here! There's always something going on in forums. Of course it depends on the forum. The most active one now is the Craigslist forum. I should go back in there. I haven't been in there since just after I moved to Bozeman, and I've been so busy and disillusioned with forums, I haven't even made time to go back in there. Besides the show breeders and the rescue people make me sick!!! The way they treat people on there sucks!!!
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