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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dumb Shit Vegans Say

You all know how much I can't stand vegans. I do have friends who are vegans, but once they accepted me as their friend, they accepted the fact there is no converting me to veganism. Not gonna happen! Well, over the years, I've heard some vegans say some pretty fucked-up shit just in an attempt to con everybody into going vegan. I thought I might compile some of the silliest things I've heard them say that are either too funny, or too stupid. This is not a personal attack on my vegan buds, this is just some quotes I've seen people on YouTube and Facebook post. Plus some of my own responses. So, here it goes:

Stupid Comment #1: "Meat-eating is the most primitive form of diet. Veganism is more advanced."

True, meat-eating is primitive. Actually they say vampirism is much more advanced than anything. But I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but veganism is MUCH more primitive than an omnivorous diet.

Stupid Comment #2: "If you go vegan, you can avoid any form of cancer, heart-disease, colds, flu, chlamydia, ebola, etc"

WRONG!!! Vegans are just as susceptible to all those diseases. The ones who get it are just closed-mouthed about it because of other vegan Nazis that will torment them if they ever spread the truth.

Stupid Comment #3: "Vegans are more empathetic than meat-eaters"

WRONG AGAIN!!! Some of the worst people I've ever met were vegans. They think it's OK to threaten, tease, harass, and scorn anyone who does not want to go vegan. Not to mention it is vegans who bomb schools that are not vegan, or medical labs that experiment on animals. I've never seen anyone who is not vegan do any of this kind of crap for the sake of a dietary choice!!

Stupid Comment #4: "Humans are more closely related to bonobos, which are strictly vegetarian apes"

Yes, we are related to bonobos and chimps. But the notion that bonobos are strict vegetarians is definitely WRONG!! I've been studying animals all my life, and there is no indication that bonobos are less omnivores than regular chimpanzees. The only strictly vegetarian apes are gorillas, and we are not that close in relation to gorillas.

Stupid Comment #5: "If you're not vegan, then you don't like animals!"

HAHAHA!! This one always makes me laugh!! Just because I don't think cows, pigs and chickens have the same rights as humans have (which is what the vegans want), does not mean I don't like animals in general. Now the fur thing I would have to admit is too far-fetched for me. But I eat meat because I like it. Not because I hate those animals. I just don't think they need to have the same rights as humans have. They are PREY ANIMALS. When we decide we want to eat them, they have no rights.

Stupid Comment #6: "How can you love and care for your dogs/cats, and feel so sad when they die, but you don't feel sad when eating meat?"

Simple. Like I said, they are PREY ANIMALS. They have high reproductive rates, which means they were intended for predators to eat. My dogs are not prey, they are family. They are friends. They have whatever rights I want them to have.

Stupid Comment #7: "Cows, pigs and chickens are sentient creatures that just want to live".

A wussy statement. They are not as sentient as humans are. They don't mourn the loss of herd members. They don't mourn the loss of their young. They don't have hopes and dreams for the future. They are prey animals living day to day with very basic emotions, if any at all. I don't deny they want to live, but they have no "rights" to live like humans do. They have yet to fight for it themselves.

Stupid Comment #8: "You don't have the claws and teeth that other carnivorous animals have so you are not intended to eat meat."

I never did understand this argument. I never said I was a pure carnivore! Humans are naturally omnivores, more like foxes and raccoons. I never, in all my years arguing with vegans, said humans are 100% carnivores like cats or killer whales. Look at omnivorous primates, like baboons. They also don't have claws. But they still manage to catch prey. Look at chimps, they don't have claws either, or the teeth carnivores have. They are still able to eat meat. Catch my drift?

Stupid Comment #9: "You have to use guns and spears to catch prey, so you are not meant to eat meat."

Yes, we do use guns and spears to catch prey. So what??!! Guns and spears are to us, what razor-sharp claws and 3-inch fangs are to a lion. It's our weaponry. The only reason lions did not come up with guns and spears to hunt prey is because they were too stupid. So nature gave them built-in weapons to compensate for their lack of brains.

Stupid Comment #10: "If you were meant to eat meat, I want to see you catch your own prey and eat everything, even the eyes and the anus."

LOL! If you want to see me capture prey, I'll do it! I'm from the South bro! I've done it before. But even predators have their preferred meat. Only the scavengers eat ALL the prey, like the eyes and anus. I prefer breast meat. Some people like darker meat, like the hind legs. But I stick to breast meat.

Stupid Comment #11: "Since you like drinking milk, how about if I rape your mother and kill your baby so you will know how a calf feels."

This is why vegans get threatened by normal people. Because they threaten to rape someone's family member and kill their children just because they drink milk. Then they constantly cry "Well meat-eaters have threatened me before!" Well, this is why! They put the dignity of a prey animal over the dignity of a human. It is totally unnatural for any creature to do that! Even more unnatural than one mammal drinking the milk of another mammal. Yes, I have even seen adult animals of one species drink milk from another species before!

Stupid Comment #12: "Vegans live longer than meat-eaters."

WRONG AGAIN!!! My great-great aunt lived to be 102, and ate meat for every meal. My grandma never ate meat until she was in her 50s, and she almost died when she turned 50 because of it.

Yes, believe me when I say I have heard all these sentences before come from vegans! Stupid and messed-up as they sound. Really, they don't know it, but they are no better than the Westboro Baptist Church saying everyone who does not practice their religion is going to hell. They use scare-tactics to get their word across, and they rarely do it for the health benefits. They do it only to save some prey animals' butts.


Mark L. Persons said...

These people place the actual self-esteem of the victim pet within the self-esteem of the human being. It's completely abnormal for just about any beast to achieve that! Much more abnormal compared to 1 mammal consuming the actual whole milk associated with an additional mammal.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

I once saw in a documentary a hyena drinking the milk of a fur seal. And yes, the hyena was an adult.

SourKitchen said...

That they employ scare-tactics to acquire his or her expression over, and they also almost never undertake it to the benefits. That they undertake it just to preserve a number of animals animals' butts.

Kathryn R. Labonte said...

I think that for a Vegan, it is good for them to eat bread.

Anonymous said...

vegans should eat grass and see how broken cows feel about it

Anonymous said...

lol...we're anatomically herbivorous you dumb fucks