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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sketchbook Originals

Well, I recently heard from Sam. I asked him if he had anymore of my books, because these were not exactly the books I was hoping to get back. He told me he found these books at a Goodwill store in Lakewood. I was not sure whether to believe him or not. Why would Goodwill sell books like that? They are hand-written, not published books. At least, not yet! They will be when I get through with them, as there are still a couple of stories I want to have published from those books. I'll be working on them today.

The worst thing about the idea that Goodwill was selling these books is that my others may be out there somewhere, and someone else has them. When I got these books back from Sam, I noticed a lot of stories, and even several pictures, were unfinished. I have to go back through my memory bank and try to remember how I wanted these stories to finish. That's not easy! First, I have to go back to the year 1989 and think like I did back then, IF I can remember it!! Heck! Looking at the cover, I even just realized I called gay people "fags"! That was very common in the 80s though. Well, I am in for quite a task!! Better get to work!

Just thought I would touch up, as I haven't made a blog post in quite a while. But if anyone has any of these sketchbooks, let me know! If they really were sold in a Goodwill store, most likely in the Lakewood-Tacoma area. They would have dark yellow covers, and be either 11"x17" or 8.5"x11", and have weird pictures of animal faces all over the cover. That was my style back then. Send me pics, I'll pay for shipping, and let you know where to send it to.

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