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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Like Animals Better

Have you ever heard someone say this? You've probably seen me say this over and over again on this blog. But it's true!! Measuring my experiences with humans and animals, I'd have to say my love for animals is greater than any love I feel for humans. Of course I have friends, and I do like them a lot. But knowing humans the way I do, if one of them decides to let me go, I can just as easily and quickly accept that too. In fact, throughout my history, there has only been one friend I ever had that I was in some way sad to lose. That was this girl named Jennifer, she and I went to the voc school together, and we became very good friends! We were friends to the point even we were exchanging Christmas cards and gifts. That is how close we had become. That is why I say losing her was probably the only time I ever mourned losing a friend. My sis and I were not that close when we were kids. So, I became closer to Jennifer than I was to my own sis at one time. I never understood why she cut off the friendship like she did. I have my theories, but am not definitely sure.

Now, I could have let that bring me down to a state of absolute depression, and just not want to make another friend again as long as I live, but I'm so glad I didn't. What doesn't kill you definitely makes you stronger. But this is just the beginning of why I don't like people very much. People judge. Animals don't. At least they don't judge us. I often wonder though how many animals say "I don't like others of my own kind because they judge me. I like people better because they don't judge me" hmmm. Like dolphins are intelligent enough, I wonder if they judge one another and sometimes don't like another dolphin of the same species because that individual is not up to that dolphin's standards. Am I the only one that has thought of this? Maybe animals do judge us. We just don't know it because we cannot speak their language.

I know there are some animals that just don't like humans. I don't think cats are people-lovers, no matter what cat fanciers say. They only love those people because they feed them. Bears don't like people. If we disturb a bear, they would maul us to death! Most wild animals don't like people because we hunt them, or have taken away their land. For some reason, animals always associate us with bad news. They see us as a threat, or as dinner. Some people don't like me at all either. My guess is they probably see me as a threat too. I am multi-talented. I can do almost anything I set my mind to. I can completely destroy a person if I want to, but I don't ever want to. Because I believe in live and let-live. If someone leaves me alone, I will leave them alone. The only reason I haven't left the dirty dozen mob alone is because they have not yet learned to leave me alone. But hey! That's OK. Every encounter they set up I've learned has made me a stronger person. MUCH stronger than them! Even stronger than I expected myself to be! They can't even handle the fact that someone doesn't like them. I say, so what?! If someone doesn't like me. So, bring it on! Do your worst!

So, who has been the most judgmental people I've ever met? By far, it has also been the people I've known to be the biggest hypocrites on the planet; pet people. How ironic! I cannot say show breeders, because some of the pet people I've met that were the absolute most judgmental have not been breeders at all. They were mostly rescue workers. I remember before I moved to Bozeman, and I was a regular on the Craigslist pet forum, me and this girl who called herself LuvsMyChis got into a scuffle. She even accused me of being a breeder. I haven't bred anything since Vegas, I would not call myself a breeder, and I gave that business up after Vegas was born. I was even proud of the way I carried myself in that argument. I remained completely calm, while she totally lost it! LOL! She was the one who got all irrational and called me names. I could have called her names back, but I chose to keep my maturity in tact. That pisses immature people off more than anything!! LOL!

Anyways, can you taste the irony in that?? The people who hate other people the most, probably because they've been judged by other people, tend to be the ones to judge others themselves, and the loudest at that. Not to mention, they are the most closed-minded. I was labeled a "breeder" by someone who did not even know me at all. I don't know if she knew at that time I had a hatred for show breeders. By the time I stopped going in there, I'm sure everybody knew, because I made it perfectly clear. I stopped going in there after I moved to Bozeman because I wanted to use that time for other things. Not going into a forum and watching people tear each other apart. Sometimes I lurk in there, but it's very rare. I just go in there to see sometimes if they are still tearing each other apart. Then I leave, because yes they do still tear each other apart in there. I haven't commented since just after I moved to Bozeman, it was enough! I did not want to get drawn back into days-long battles with them again. Apparently the dirty dozen mob had taken over there too, not sure though. But I did get a surge of views from there (thank you!) to this blog, especially the post I made where I discuss the battle I had that one day. But that was a good thing! Of course I did not see what they said about it there, I had better things to do. But if any of it was important, and I doubt any of it was, they would have posted a comment on that post.

I've learned in my years of being on the internet, that most things cannot be taken seriously. Lots of people do take things that way, but I've learned to take things said over the internet with a grain of salt. Some things I take seriously, like when this guy said that panthers would make a better pet than a dog. Well, I've met more than one panther fanatic in my life, who did think panthers make good pets, better pets than dogs. So I know that person believed what he was spewing! That wasn't the first time I heard some dumb panther fanatic say that! I like animals but I have my limits. I don't like spiders, they terrify me. I don't like panthers, they disgust me. I don't like people. Some animals I have a moderate distaste for, but I cannot say I dislike them. I'm not too crazy about koalas. Other people are, but I don't share their fascination for them. My favorite marsupials are kangaroos. Koalas do nothing but sleep. Kangaroos are more exciting! I don't hate or dislike koalas, I just don't care for them as much as I do kangaroos. Or kitty cats. Of course I can't stand gray tabby cats, because I've seen them so often I get disgusted by them. Its like when a person has a favorite food. They can eat it so much they start to get sick of it. That's me with gray tabby cats. I prefer dogs, but if a cat is in someone else's house I would pet it and play with it if it wanted to play. Unless it's a gray tabby. Then I just wouldn't have anything at all to do with it.

Even among dogs I have my limits. I can't stand labs, golden retrievers or mongrels. I like poodles, but I don't want them near me. I'm not too crazy about big dogs, because they are notorious butt-sniffers. I like smaller dogs, with shorter noses, like Chihuahuas. I've never known a Chihuahua that was a butt-sniffer. At least not the ones that don't resemble the Taco Bell dog! Or Pekingese, I've never known one of those that was a butt-sniffer too. Minnie was a butt-sniffer when I first got her, but I quickly cured her of that! She never did it again!

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