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Monday, January 4, 2010

Another Decade Flashback

Well, I'm not sure what to say,  but another year has gone and now it is 2010, the new decade! Seems they are going by so fast! It feels like it was only yesterday grandma passed away, and I was still getting over it. It was tough getting over it because she was always there all my life. Took me most of 2001 and part of 2002, but I finally learned. That same year we moved to Olympia, after living in a torture chamber for 2 years. That is, Lakewood, a crap little town. I wanted to go back to Toutle, but my father said there were no jobs there! UGH!! Though I admit, I did have much better luck finding a job in Lakewood than I ever did in Toutle, it wasn't really worth all the shit I put up with when we moved there! I hated it when I was a kid and moving there as an adult didn't change my mind!

It also seems like only yesterday I got my Groucho. She was a special little girl. You all can say what you want about chihuahuas, but everything that dog did was adorable!!! I got her as a tiny baby in 2002. I still remember visiting the breeder in Oregon, and the female, who would turn out to be Groucho's mama, was just starting to show she was pregnant. I saw that characteristic sag in her belly. Even the breeder wasn't sure she was pregnant, but I knew! Seems from that moment on, me and Groucho were spiritually connected, even though she wasn't born yet. I remember the mama even bit my finger when I stuck it out in front of her to sniff. hehe! I was OK with that though. In fact it's tempting to believe that may have been what connected me and Groucho so spiritually! LOL!

Then there was the time our country went to war, but I don't care to remember that! 9-11 happened just mere months after our family lost Grandma and I remember ma saying how grateful she was that Grandma was not there to become a part of the trauma to come to this country! She knew that was going to lead to war sooner or later, and so did I. Though the other night I was watching a show that discussed 9-11 and it said that it was some kind of conspiracy by the government! Believe me when I say I am going to be PISSED if I find out for sure that was an American government planned thing!! So many people lost their lives and others lost loved ones. It's not really fair that the government would do something like this to their own citizens, and then turn around and blame people of other countries.

Then there was Rockstar: INXS, the best summer of my life!!! At the time that show was announced, I hadn't thought of INXS in such a strong way in more than 5 years! In 1998, I had a bout where I loved these guys more than life it's self, but Michael was my main focus back then. Since he was dead, there wasn't really much to talk or think about INXS anymore and by the following year, INXS was all but forgotten by me. Then one dark morning early in 2005, I couldn't sleep and I got up and looked for INXS on the web. That was when I discovered their old website, and saw the link to the old INXS Fan Forum. At the same time, I saw it mentioned that INXS were looking for a new lead singer, and there was talk about the TV show, Rockstar: INXS. I became instantly excited! I also joined the forum. I met some nice people on there, but I would not go back now! I'm bored with forums, I enjoy my blogs a lot more. I always have a lot to say, too much to put into a mere forum post. Besides, these INXS forums are all messed up now. Seems they are more for sticking up for some of the fans rather than getting together and talking about INXS. Well, I'm the kind of person who says exactly what is on her mind, and I am not sorry! In cases like that, you always find out who the truly worthy people are of being in your life. But I still love INXS!! I'm not going to let the nitwits and knuckleheads cackle me out of that! :)

Last year was the beginning of the end when Obama was elected president. I see it as that anyway. I knew he was going to become this country's president! I went to school for 14 years, been many places, attended  many social events, went to church even for about 8 years, I've been in many forums, e-mail groups, chatrooms, and met every kind of person you can imagine and thensome, I know what turns people on! Smooth-talkers and assholes! That's what everyone likes, as long as they aren't attacking them or someone they care about. That's why I knew everyone was going to vote for Obama. He's obviously a smooth-talker and a manipulator. And I have noticed he's been spending this country's money like crazy!! That cannot last for long! Plus a lot of other mistakes he's made so far. Seems ridiculous to discuss all of it here, but he is what this country wanted! So he is what they got. Not me, I didn't vote for him!!!

This past Christmas, Anna and I we listened to some Christmas tunes I downloaded last year. I noticed I have a muppet version of the 12 Days of Christmas! At first I thought it was Sesame Street because I heard Bert's voice and Big Bird's voice! I heard that and I forgot I even downloaded that!! I was dreading hearing Elmo's version of any bar of that song! Oh! I can picture it now, since words like "My" and "Me" are taboo words to Elmo:

"On the 12th day of Christmas,
Elmo's true love gave to Elmo--"

But thankfully he wasn't in that song! They jumped from some of the cast of Sesame Street to the cast of the Muppet Show. I used to like that show when I was a kid! My father still likes it. I also used to like Sesame Street before Elmo dominated the scene! Since 1988, you would be hard-pressed to find a Sesame Street episode that doesn't have Elmo at least once or twice in the show! That pisses me off because I can remember when Sesame Street used to be cute and fun!! Now that Elmo has taken over, it's just stupid! No wonder today's kids have gone to Hell in a handbasket!! Elmo is enough to drive even the strongest-minded child to the point of insanity!!!

Well, my resolution this year, I suppose, is to continue working on my attitude!! I've even stopped attacking people on YouTube, and believe me, there's been some I wanted to just wrench on here!!! But I haven't. Though I did do a video asking why the people on YouTube are such dumbasses, it's up on my channel. One person in particular, I won't mention names and stuff, but I got into it with him and frankly, I figured out almost right away he was doing nothing but playing games!! It wasn't a real argument. So I just played right back! I will say I have not been back to that video, even though I do still get messages from people there. I've said my piece! I just don't even open those messages and move on to the next.
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