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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bear, Dog or Horse?

Last night my sis and I met at the dog park to put our dogs out one more time. We were out there for quite a while mostly all we did was talk. Just as we do every night. Well, the chatter started to die down and I happened to be looking at the gate. We don't normally close the gate because our dogs are usually good about staying with us. They're used to staying close to home from when we used to live in Ocean Shores. Even when the dogs are after something, they've never left the fenced area, even with the gate open. Well, as usual, I didn't close the gate last night. I happened to be looking in that direction, and all of a sudden this big, black head poked in the gate. My initial thought was "Oh my GOD it's a bear! We're all gonna get mauled!" Sure looked like a bear's head! Then this thing came into the dog park and I thought "That's not a bear! That's a horse!" Sure looked like a horse! Actually it was a big, black great dane. It started to play with our dogs, and our dogs did not want to play with it! They just went ballistic and started barking. I was still scared to death! That dog was so big, it stunned the shit out of me! The biggest dog I'm used to seeing is an australian shepherd, and even they don't get that big!

I kept looking at the gate, thinking that dog's owner was nearby and would come and get it. So I started shouting "Hello? Did somebody out there lose a horse?!" No answer. Meanwhile the dog was getting a bit too rough with Odessa, and poor 'dessa was trying to get away from it. I urged my sis to go get Odessa, so she shooed the big dog off her and grabbed Odessa and put her in her buggy. I grabbed my babies as well and put them in their cart and we took off. I told my sis to just leave the gate open and that dog would find it's own way home. Or the owner would come and get it. The dog followed us out of the dog park and we kept shooing it away. I hope it did find it's way home. I knew it didn't belong to anyone in this complex. I don't recall seeing any dog like that here. He was twice as big as the biggest dog in this building, which I guess would be Mike Murphy's big mutt.

Well, this morning I told Karen about our visitor last night. When I told her it was a horse, she thought I meant a real horse. I told her it was actually a big great dane dog, but it was big enough to be a horse! Karen knew that dog, and the owner. She told me she's actually helped the owner catch that dog once before when it got away. Well, at least someone here knows that dog! It stunned me though. I'm used to little dogs, not big ones that look like horses! I was relieved though it was not a bear!

Well, we had some unpleasant excitement last night too. Someone broke into one of our neighbor's cars. We walked past the car in the parking lot, belonging to this woman named Peggy, and the driver's side window was smashed in. Karen noticed it first and we stopped to talk to her. Apparently Sharon was the one who called the police. The robber got away with her pill box, and an old cell phone. He was probably thinking the pill box contained drugs, but it didn't. Peggy uses it as a mini sewing kit. And the cell phone is such an old model, you cannot get service for it anymore. Thankfully nothing valuable was taken. But I felt bad this happened to Peggy's car! She's such a nice person. She was still as cheerful as always. She has full coverage, so since it was a robbery, they should take care of the window that is busted out. But it's still scary. No other car was touched, just her's. Why I have no idea. She said she had a bag of books sitting on the passenger seat and the robber probably thought there was money in there. This is also very sad! I'm glad the police caught the guy in the field, where that great dane came in from, but I still feel bad this happened to Peggy, of all people here! Makes me even more determined to get back home. This kind of thing never happened in Ocean Shores! But it's a sad testament to today's broken economy.

Neither Anna nor I saw anything on our way back in. So, the robber must have come along some time after we were gone. Thank GOD Sharon was awake at that moment, and saw enough to phone the cops. I kinda wonder if the robber met up with our "horse"? LOL!

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