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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Michelle Obama Jealous?

I saw a couple of videos yesterday that Michelle Obama is having some kind of a meltdown because people on TikTok have been saying she is jealous of Melania Trump. Apparently, Melania wore a gray coat to a funeral, and that sent the leftists over the edge. Including Michelle Obama. So, some TikTokers responded by saying Michelle Obama is simply jealous of Melania Trump. Well, putting my own feelings in to this subject, all kidding aside, Michelle probably is jealous of Melania. First of all, to complain about the color of a person's coat at a funeral, that's just plumb ridiculous!!! Maybe that was Melania's favorite coat. Maybe it's her warmest coat. There could be many reasons she wore that specific coat. Who cares?! That's as silly as the time someone complained about the color of Melania's dress! Or complaining about what position Donald Trump's thumb was in when he was carrying his Bible! The leftists are just so desperate to find any links between the Trump family and people like Adolph Hitler, that they will stoop to any dumb thing they can find. Including how Trump held a book!! So, it doesn't surprise me when I hear Michelle Obama griped about the color of Melania's coat at a funeral!

I'm getting to a point where I'm beginning to believe black leftists may just be jealous of white people. I don't know. Melania has class. Michelle doesn't. Melania's an immigrant who speaks 5 languages. Michelle cannot say the same about herself. Melania worked for many charities. I don't believe Michelle worked for any, unless it was a phony organization like BLM. Michelle entered office with a bad chip on her shoulder about this country. Melania did not. Like Donald, Melania loves this country. Michelle went to Harvard Law School. Melania did not. But then, I heard Michelle went on a diversity-type entry. The only reason she was accepted to Harvard at all was because she's black. But I heard from some former classmates of her's that she did not do too well at all in school. At graduation, she was just handed a diploma whether she earned it or not, just because of her skin color. To be able to get into a university with no credentials other than you're a black woman, is NOT very impressive at all. I would not want her as my lawyer! I'd much sooner hire one of those inbred morons from the Westboro Baptist Church as my lawyer. And I don't even like them a little bit.

Another thing Melania has that Michelle doesn't. Melania has classic beauty. Michelle looks like a man dressed as a woman.

It wasn't hard finding a picture of Melania where she looks good.

This was actually the prettiest picture of Michelle Obama I could find!

Even when she smiles, Michelle always looks angry. Maybe it's because her eyes are too close together. Maybe her eyebrows arch in such a way it makes her look perpetually angry. Or maybe it's her bad attitude showing up on her face. But no matter what, Michelle will never be as pretty as Melania is. If that makes her feel uncomfortable, then too bad. Your looks might improve if you stop being so negative.

All the years Obama was president, Michelle was fawned over and her looks and accomplishments were over-exaggerated. Yet, she was the most unlikeable first lady we've ever had. The only reason she was elevated to the point she was was because she was a black woman and married to Obama. If she hadn't been married to Obama, nobody would ever have given her a second glance. Even after Obama begrudgingly left office, the media was still elevating Michelle as "the first lady". They were saying she was "the most beautiful first lady we ever had", highly debatable. She'd also been lifted to the rank of "woman of the year". And she did NOTHING to deserve that!!! Neither one of those titles she deserved. All the time, Melania was put on the back burner, only to be griped and bellyached about by the left. Accused of stupid things like the wrong dress color. She should have gotten the award for being the most beautiful first lady this country has ever known. But instead they give it to a cockroach like Michelle Obama. The media only did that because Melania was married to Donald Trump. Think about it. Imagine the arrangement made the other way around. Suppose Melania was married to Obama. Then, the media would have acknowledged her as the most beautiful first lady. And suppose Michelle had been married to Trump. The media would have said "Trump is so ugly, he can't get a gorgeous model like Melania Obama to fall in love with him!" But because Melania is married to Trump, no one in the media ever acknowledged her at all. They did everything they could to not even mention Melania and how classy she is, how gorgeous, nor how nicely she was always dressed. It was sickening!

Could that be leftist jealousy? Perhaps it is. There's a lot for Obama to be jealous of. I can't think of anything nice to say about Michelle Obama. Once I heard she did not want to live in the White House because it was "built by slaves", I realized who was the big problem in this country, who brought back the concept of racism, and I hate her for it. It was the Obamas, not Trump, who divided this country. They are still doing that today. Look at reporters like Don Lemon, Joy Reid, Joy Behar and Whoopie Goldberg. Look how they always talk about race and racism. You think this is by accident? No! They are trying to destroy this country. It makes me angry. All they are doing is bringing back racism. And making it much worse. I wish it would stop. We already stopped the evils we committed in the past. That's where it should stay. But the media blows shit up all out of proportion. I still hear black people say they're being hunted by the police, when I know they're not. I will admit there are bad cops out there, I've come across a couple in my life.  But they are really few and far between. The whole time I lived in WA state, I've only come across two cops who were truly bad apples. And I lived in WA for over 30 years. One was in Aberdeen and the other was in Lakewood.

But I always try to cooperate with the cops as much as I can. I never act threatening to them. I don't mouth off at them. I try to be very respectful. And I always do what they tell me to. The one cop in Aberdeen that was mean as a lion, even the cops in Ocean Shores did not approve of the way he treated me when he stopped me. They told me "Believe me, we're not all like that!" The cop in Lakewood, was not mean as a lion. More like mean as a viper! In fact, his entire demeanor was like that of a venomous snake. But I still respected them. Black leftists would have nothing at all to worry about if they would just learn to do the same thing.

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mikessa said...

yeah, I like Melania Trump better. Shes a million times better looking than Michelle Obama.