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Monday, December 18, 2023

A Black Mozart??

 OMG!!!!! Now, I've heard it all. I was watching a video clip today and it's the YouTube talk show titled "Whatever". They have different average guests on every day to discuss everyday topics of life and living. Well, one girl, some obese white chick, said white people have no culture whatsoever. The host started naming some great composers from Europe, who were very definitely white. The name Mozart came up, and a guest who was black said "Mozart was possibly black!" Everyone, including myself, was like "WHAT????" I never heard that before. Mozart was born to Austrian parents. They don't have black children. Every painting ever done of him, his skin was white as snow.

Of course if you go back far enough, every person on earth has some black ancestry. I know that. Our earliest ancestors came from Africa, where black skin is a necessity for survival. But that was 2 million years ago. It wouldn't have happened to a child born in Austria in the 18tb century. Now that she's mentioned that Mozart was black, I almost passed out! I said "Here it comes!" I'd been predicting there was going to be a remake of the movie Amadeus, ever since Disney started doing remakes, race-swapping all the white characters! This time, they're going to use a black actor to portray Mozart. Already, I'm seeing more black Santa Clauses than white ones. Now I have seen 3 commercials where Santa is black.

Apparently, there is also a movie out now that Obama helped to produce. I haven't seen it. I don't care to put any more money in Obama's pockets. I hate that guy! I'm all for keeping it that way. I did hear there is a scene in that movie where a young white child tells her father that white people cannot be trusted. She said she learned that from her teacher. If that isn't the best ad for homeschooling out there then I don't know what is. Surely, not all strangers can be trusted. I'd be more honest with my daughter and say "Don't trust white leftists!" Actually, leftists of any color is not trustworthy. But the white leftists are the worst!! Black leftists at least don't try to hide how hateful they are. Obama will apparently kill you if you go against him in any way. He killed his own house chef!

I love the movie Amadeus. It's one of my most favorites of all time. But if there is a remake of the movie where Mozart is portrayed as being black, I'm most likely not going to watch it. I think this race-swapping thing has gone way too far! Not only race-swapping, but gender swapping as well. Now, you see women in places where there were always men. The Marvel Universe is a prime example. The new Marvels movie was gender and race swapped. Also, Dr. Who. Which I do not watch regularly. Apparently they turned the main doctor character into a transgender "woman", and said he's "been like that all along"! We don't need any female superheroes, and we sure don't need any transgender ones. You know why I liked Wonder Woman so much when I was a child? Because she was unique. She was a woman doing a man's job and very well. I always wanted to be Wonder Woman. To look at me now, you'd never think that. But I did! A fat chick does not make a good superhero!

In fact, I saw an article of a police patrol force made up entirely of fat women, and I said "Boy! They really want to destroy the image of the police department don't they!?" This small group of women caught a perpetrator, and could not even keep him contained! The perp was able to fight off the women. I mean, I am fat, I know it. But I don't care to see fat people everywhere. In fact, I would not wish this fat on my worst enemy. It's a hazard. As soon as the holidays are over, I'm going back to the gym. I need to take at least some of this fat off.

Well, I hope my premonition is wrong. I don't want to see a black Mozart. Because I know it would not be true! Black people not only want to just erase white people from society, they now want to take over our history. They want to take our accomplishments away and claim them as their own. It's sickening! We need the meteor now to come down and wipe out humanity so we can start all over again. Hopefully this time, only good people survive.


mikessa said...

This is going way too far!! Im tired of seeing all these colored people dominating our movies and commercials. They do this to gross us out so they can keep at it. Its forced diversity and its just as bad as it sounds. Its the lefts stupid agenda. Black people used to make me laugh but now there not funny anymore cuz everything to them is about race. I sure as hell dont wanna see this movie.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

I would avoid it at all costs if a Black Mozart was to come out.