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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

How To Redpill A Leftist

California has just made a major move in this progressive war. They've always been the most expensive state, next to NY. But today I heard it's about to get worse. Minimum wage is going up to $20 per hour. And we right-wingers know what that means. It means prices are going up, and some companies like Pizza Hut will be laying off some less-needed employees. I heard in California, starting in February, they will get rid of all their delivery drivers. So now, people have to go to the restaurant and pick up their own pizza. A double-whammy because gas is also very expensive in California. Not many people are going to like traveling all the way to pick their pizzas up, wasting gas. But this is what the progressives in California wanted. It's what they voted for.

I was watching a guy on YouTube who calls his channel 'Black Conservative Prospective', and he's a very good commentator. I like his videos. He was talking about this same thing. He said the same thing all us other conservatives have been saying all along. He said the best way to redpill a leftist is to give them what they want. And yes, I do believe that. But the sad thing is the hardcore leftists are too dumb to learn from their mistakes. Yes, give them exactly what they want, it's a great idea! But the hardcore leftists are incapable of linking their actions to those consequences. They'll hear news like this and they'll blame capitalism. Or they'll blame right-wingers. Or they'll blame white people. Or they'd blame racism altogether. Or they'll just completely deny any of this is happening at all. But one thing they won't do is make the connection from their vote to this disaster. Leftists are just not capable of making that connection. Their own actions have never gotten them in trouble before, so they don't know that this disaster in California is due to the way they voted.

This is all happening courtesy of the actions of Gov. Newsome. I don't trust that guy! I never did! He's nothing but a self-hating white man who doesn't have the sense that GOD gave a watermelon! He makes me so mad! It's a good thing I don't live in California, and have absolutely zero desire to live there. I'd be wanting to strangle that Newsome character! I also heard that Google is going to be laying off employees too from their company. So, get ready with some popcorn to turn on TikTok. Because come next year, a lot of gen Z'ers are going to be crying and weeping that they no longer have jobs. They are going to be replaced by AI.

Speaking of which, did you all see this video by some creep named Tommy Dorfman? Apparently he's an actor who believes he is a she. Well, he recorded himself communicating with an employee from Delta Airlines. He was bellyaching because he was being "misgendered". Oh boo-fucking-hoo! Well, the employee was having none of it this day. He gave Dorfman a piece of his mind, and even threatened to have him thrown out of the station. Watch this video...

I wish this to happen to all these gender bullies. And look at what Tommy Dorfman looks like...

He just barely looks like a man, but he sure doesn't look like a she. If I were in that employee's position, I'd have said the same thing. Only I would have already told him to get the hell out of my airport! He took the video and posted it up on TikTok, hoping he's gonna get some sympathy from other TikTokers. But we are all getting sick of this gender nonsense! Instead of sympathy, these are examples of the comments he got...

😂😂😂 I'm loving this! It's so good to see people like Tommy Dorfman are not getting as much sympathy as they are craving. That's the only reason why they post videos like this on TikTok. Because they want attention and verification for their 'woe is me' lives. These people make me sick! I hope this employee gets a raise! I hope he doesn't get fired. He actually handled Tommy Dorfman better than I would have. I lost my patience for these people a long time ago. I still believe in live your life the way you want. But only as long as you're not hurting others. And these gender-pushing people hurt a LOT of other people. They get them fired from their jobs. They steal womens' spaces and privacy. Some even go out and kill people who are "transphobes" whatever that means! Or they beat them up for 'misgendering' them. Or they just simply get in the way because they want to be verified. They are also hurting children by advertising this sordid lifestyle. I praise any parent today who refuses to send their children to public school. It's just not a good idea these days.

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