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Tuesday, January 2, 2024

2024 Prophecies

 I was watching a video of Tucker Carlson. Another thing that happened, Trump is still not in jail. I knew he would not be imprisoned. The democrats were so certain they had something on Trump. The problem is, you cannot have someone arrested just because your feelings were hurt. If I had someone arrested every time my feelings ever got hurt, I'd have no family and no friends left. LOL! Well, it's been a very long 3 years with Biden as president. I hope I won't have to go through another 4. But I know the democrats are going to try something. I just don't know exactly what. They might just embezzle votes like they did last election. They might be just dumb enough to try that again. Though I doubt they'd be able to fool us right-wingers again. It just finally came to light how they threw away a lot of Trump votes. I heard about some ballots being found in a field. When I brought that up, leftists laughed at me. But I know what I heard.

Well, I heard a grim prophecy in an interview with Tucker Carlson. The leftists will most likely laugh at this too, but I have had the same prophecy for a long time now. Since sending Trump to prison did not work out for the democrats, the one and only thing they have not tried now is assassination. This scares me, and I have had the same fear for years. I hope it does not happen. But the leftists have proven that they would not be above doing something this bad. Remember back during the 2020 riots that one conservative guy who the leftist killed for no reason. I would definitely not put it past them to try to kill Trump. I don't really want to think of this one, and I don't want to give the leftists ideas. But I pray to GOD for Trump's safety.

I sure don't want Trump to be killed. I'd feel awful if he was. I want Trump back in office. We need him. If not him, then please send the meteor now! We need this world to be reset. It's gotten so bad now. I think it's at it's worst point when people begin praising evil. I heard about the Satanic Christmas tree. I don't remember if it was at the White House or if it was at a city tree-lighting. But I heard there was a satanic Christmas tree put up by a bunch of leftards. Then there's George Floyd, he was a criminal that all black leftards worship today. He was pure evil, and all leftists mourned his death. Although for that, I am grateful I'm not a leftist. When George Floyd died, it didn't affect me at all. Just one less evil thug in the world today. But it enraged the fascists. And there is nothing more evil on this Earth than the democrats, and there are still people who praise them. So, this is obviously the end. But I do hope Trump lasts long enough to get this Biden shit out of the white house. I want him GONE! Kamala too! I hate her just as much.

Speaking of which, now the black leftists are telling us we can't say "good morning". Some stupid chick made a video on TikTok about what she thinks about the words "good morning". According to her version of history, the term "good morning" came from back in the slavery days (yet again!) when the white slave owners would take away the babies of slaves and the mother would spend the night mourning the loss of her baby. Then the next day, the white owners would ask the mothers "Did you have a good mourning last night?" The blacks are totally rewriting everything to link it to slavery. It's so dumb! Morning and mourning don't even mean the same thing, and the spelling is wrong. And the word morning has been in use far longer than the word mourning.

Black people these days are just never going to stop linking everything to slavery. They do it because they are miserable people, who want to stop us from using our language.

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