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Thursday, January 4, 2024

Epstein's List

I can imagine there will be a movie made about this with that title. The long-awaited list of Epstein's clients have finally been released. After the media has been talking about it for the past couple of weeks, or longer! A lot of notable names are on that list. David Copperfield was probably the one that shocked me the most. But not too much. Stephen Hawking is on the visitor's list too. That was also a shocker! But not-so-shocking visitors to Epstein's island was Bill Clinton, Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Jackson. Bill Clinton was even reported saying he liked his girls young. Yes, Donald Trump was also on the list too. In 2002, they were friends. But apparently the following year, they had a falling out, and Trump never spoke to Epstein again after that. And Epstein's wife said she's never seen Trump on the island, or even in Epstein's house.

When I heard that, I laughed! The leftists tried so hard to link Trump to Epstein, hoping Trump secretly engaged in some child porno. LMAO!!!! But no. Trump was already exonerated for that. Epstein did talk about going to Trump's casino, and had asked his wife to phone Trump. But she said she never got around to it, and instead of his casino in NY, they wound up going to Atlantic City. The leftists were so sure Trump was on Epstein's island, this is so funny to hear! LOL! I love seeing the left fail. You can bet, I laughed when I heard that, and maybe even sounded a bit like a madman! Oh well! The leftists deserve to be proven wrong. They won't leave Trump alone!

Well, again I would like to think the leftists will learn from this. But I know they are not capable of learning anything. I heard on another video today, Disney is back at it again with their schemes. They are working on another version of Star Wars with a hardcore feminist who says she "likes to make men uncomfortable". So obviously she is going to make a more feminized version of Star Wars, which you know is going to be another big, fat flop! I'm not a Star Wars fan, but even if I was I would never see this movie. It's indisputable that Disney didn't learn anything from last year. It being their worst year ever. I wonder what is more important to Disney now. Do they want to make money? Or do they want to keep on pandering to the leftists? The funny thing is, every time a Disney movie fails, they pretend like it's the fault of the conservatives. That is eminently funny because the conservatives did not tell Disney to go woke. No one made that choice but Bill Iger and his assemblage of feminists, queers, black leftards, and cotton candy-haired chubbies.

They just don't seem to get it. We're all getting sick of the woke crap. A woke story is a boring story. Everything about it is so predictable and not the least bit funny. It's always some colored woman who rejects men and becomes some sort of power figure. Who wants to see that? I will admit there have been times when powerful women were fun to watch on TV and movies. But those were the old days. They still married and loved their men. They don't want to do that in today's entertainment. They just want people to see a woman who magically goes from being a normal woman to a superhero with no effort whatsoever. Personally, I like stories where the helpless girl gets saved by her handsome prince. Doesn't bother me at all. I don't see why other women are bothered by it.

Well, today I also heard about another attack of the trannies. Some meathead in Iowa walked into a school and started shooting this morning. I think I heard in the most recent reports that one 6th grader died. Then the tranny turned the gun on himself. I'm sorry for the 6th grader who died. My prayers for strength go out to his family. But I am not sorry for the tranny who went into a place where he didn't belong and began shooting at the kids. You notice how this seems to be happening more and more these days, and they're always by trannies. Yet the media hardly ever mentions them. I only know about this incident because I saw someone discuss it on a video. The attacker even had a pride flag on him. So the media wants to let it go. You can bet your life if this shooter had been wearing a MAGA hat, and shot up a school, it'd be front page news everywhere. We'd never hear the end of it, and all TikTok influencers would be saying "End gun violence NOW!" But they're not. Everyone is silent about it because the attacker is trans.

This is exactly what I am sick of! The media making excuses for trans people who do horrible things. One commentator I watched about this brought up something interesting. He listed all the mass shootings that have been done by trans people over the past couple of years and then talked about the shooters at Columbine High School. He said "I wonder if those kids were around today that they would identify as trans." May be! They may have been queer underneath. This is why I totally refuse to affirm queer people. Most of them are fakers anyway. But I won't affirm them because once you do, they go on to do terrible shit like this to people. They get pumped full of hormones that they should not be taking in the first place. Big Pharma is the one promoting this to extremes! Trans kids are like a big cash cow to them. They tell parents "would you rather have a son who is alive or a daughter who is dead?" Of course a parent is going to say they want their daughter to live. This is a scare tactic that big Pharma uses. Me, personally, I'd tell them "I want my daughter to live and be happy. That's why I don't want her to transition now!" Especially not before she's 25 years old.

Also the whole method the leftists are using to "normalize" queers. Makes me sad to see! That is them putting books in childrens' sections of the library that look more like Playboy magazines. And teaching kids about anal sex and kink, and twerking. Kids as young as 4 yet! UGH! I cannot imagine being a kid and having to listen to that kind of crap. As a parent, it'd make me sick! The school board doesn't even like hearing this kind of shit. Whenever I watch one of those meetings between parents and the teachers, and the parent shows off the putrid pages of these books promoting queerdom, the school board always tells the parent not to discuss that there. If they don't want to hear about those kind of books, what makes them think it's appropriate material for children? Why carry books like that in a children's library? Leftists make me so sick!

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