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Thursday, January 25, 2024

The Newest Leftist Talking Point

 These dumbasses will say anything to make Trump look bad!!! First he "colluded with Russia". Then he's a racist, a sexist, a homophobe and a xenophobe. Then he's a sociopath. And he's always been a "criminal". And a dictator and insurrectionist. But now that we are in another major election year, the leftists have made up another lie about Trump. It happens every election since Trump has been on the ballots. Now they are saying he is "slurring his speech" and adding that he has Alzheimer's. Are they kidding??? Or are they just projecting like they always tend to do? Sounds like some serious projecting to me. They know Biden slurs his words in every speech he makes. They think if they don't mention that sad fact in the media that no one will notice it. But we did. Right-wingers are not nearly as dumb as leftists like to think. Biden slurs all the time.

I don't know what made them start thinking it was Trump who slurs, and not Biden. Maybe Trump mispronounced one word in one of his speeches, and the leftists just took it as "Trump now has dementia! We need to warn the public!" I don't know how these people even sleep at night! But in nearly every speech Biden has given since he became president, he's slurred a lot and already has shown signs of dementia. Not that it matters to me. I didn't vote for the guy. I still want Trump back! Trump said he would only be a dictator for one day. His first day. Just long enough to ship off those illegal immigrants and clean up this country. Then the second day, everything will be back to normal. By "normal", I suppose he means before Biden ruined everything.

People need to stop listening to the View! That seems to be the place where most people get this info from, that and CNN and MSNBC. Rachel Maddow is so funny, it's pathetic. She said they were going to stop giving Trump any kind of platform because "they don't want to spread misinformation and lies". She didn't say it in those exact words, but that is the jist of what she said. Now, I wonder if that was an actual admission that MSNBC has been lying about Trump all this time? Or was she saying Trump lied and they don't want to discuss him anymore. If they admit they've been lying about Trump all this time, then I say it's a step in the right direction for them. But if she was saying she thinks everything Trump says is a lie, then I only have to say Who the hell does she think she is??? MSNBC does nothing but lie! They do it and seem to enjoy it. Rachel Maddow is the worst of them all.

My sis and I were watching the Matthew Shepard story this afternoon. I never saw that movie before, but I do remember hearing about Matthew Shepard. I also know his death led to a lot of the gay rights they enjoy today. Now, I don't believe in using violence. And as I have stated many times before, I have no problem letting gay people have their rights. I agree they should be allowed to live their lives, and marry who they want to. What I don't agree with is when they try to push their lifestyle in everyones' faces. That especially goes for pushing it on children. I don't even agree when christians do the same thing. Let alone gays. And I don't like these queer teachers in school looking for affirmation from children. Seriously, give the kids a break! They are unable to even affirm themselves! Let alone some dumb, crazy, confused adult. As a child, I couldn't even imagine having to affirm and guide my teachers!! I usually looked for affirmation and guidance from my teachers. I could not affirm myself when I was a child. I think when an adult has to have affirmation from a child, that makes them look weak and immature! They should not be in our schools teaching kids!!

This led to a very interesting conversation between me and my sis. My sis asked me how would I feel if I had a child who came out as gay. Well, I told her I'm not gonna lie, my first reaction would definitely be shock. But the thing I would fear the most if I found out my child was gay, would be if I found out my child is a narcissist. S/He can be gay, OK. I can learn to accept that. But I won't have any child of mine running with Antifa or participating in pride parades, or associating with black lives matter. The minute I heard my child is doing any of that, I'd disown that child! I don't mind gay, but stay modest! Don't go around saying "I'm gay! And you will respect me!" Do NOT go to any pride parades. Don't get mixed up with a criminal organization like black lives matter. My child would learn that respect is not something anyone just gives away. You have to earn it. And you earn it by not being an asshole. No pride parades, because I would NOT want any child of mine learning to walk around in public naked and thinking it's OK. I don't want my child to see how vulgar other gays behave, dressing up in kink outfits and licking each others' butt holes! You never see straight people doing that at all. At least they have the decency to leave that shit in the bedroom.

Those are the two main reasons why I lost a lot of respect for the LGBTQ community. But I would NEVER go out and kill a gay person. Not even a trans person, as annoying as I find most of them to be. I believe what happened to Matthew Shepard was wrong! Matthew's parents at first wanted the perpetrator to die. But then they changed their minds, and let the sucker live. If Matthew were my child, I don't think I would have let the killer live. I'd tell the judge to execute him while I wait! Here's why; People get put in prison, people can break out of prison. Simple as that. I'd rather that killer be dead than to risk him escaping prison and possibly doing the same thing to someone else's child. I believe in the death penalty. In fact, I believe the punishment should fit the crime. If a psycho kills someone else, out of hatred or malice, then said criminal should die too.

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