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Monday, March 4, 2024

The Latest Trump Conviction

 Well, hopefully the leftists will now leave Trump alone. But it's a sort of bittersweet victory. Now, Trump is being ordered to pay just over $350M in penalties by some dim-witted NY judge. All bullshit if you ask me! It's based on something someone complained about that happened 40 years ago! It's all nothing but a big witch-hunt! The democraps wanted this to happen so Trump would not be able to have the money to run his campaigns. That's the only reason they are doing this.

Well, I looked up this case and I found an interesting article on Politico. I don't normally read that crap, but the article was interesting. Apparently what happened was some ugly chick named E. Jean Caroll was first defamed by, and then sexually harassed by Trump. Apparently she is accusing him of rape. I don't believe her frankly! She is so phony, and full of bullshit! Why would Trump rape her??? She's ugly asf! And not only that, but she is much older than he is. I know for sure Trump has standards. Then there is this other one Letitia James, I think she defended the plaintiff. I hate her, she is such a phony!! Apparently in a video I saw she was crying because Trump called her an unhinged, crazy, racist, feminist, venomous, disgraceful woman. And you know what? He's right! Letitia James is all that and more. She totally sucks! She is indeed crazy! She's even counting the days it takes Donald Trump to pay her the money and adding interest. If I was Donald Trump, I just wouldn't pay it. Why did this Caroll chick not come forward with this accusation sooner? Apparently it happened in the 90s. And she's just bringing it up now, almost 40 years later! That's because this whole case is nothing but a witch hunt. The democraps want Trump off the ballot, because he's winning in the polls already. Biden sure cannot win on merit alone. No one likes Kamala Harris. So, this is the democrat's latest trick,

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