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Monday, March 18, 2024

Say Her Name: Laken Riley


Look at her face, and say her name. Her name is Laken Riley. She was a student in medical school. Sadly, her life was ended by a person who should not have been in this country. I refuse to say his name, but here is his picture...

That is a truly hideous face. The face of evil. Why he killed Laken Riley, I don't know. He came here through Biden's open borders from Colombia. Laken was a lovely girl, with truly a lot going for her. And it's sad that she was taken at the tender age of 22. Very sad! At the last Biden rally, Margarie Taylor Greene told Biden to say Riley's name. Oh, he said a name. I don't know whose name he said though. Dumb ol' Biden got on stage and when Greene told him once more to say Laken's name, he called her "Lincoln Riley". Now, who the Hell is Lincoln Riley??? One of Biden's imaginary friends? Then, he said she was killed by an illegal. Those were his exact words. Well, apparently he caught hell from that. But either Laken's parents didn't say anything about Biden mispronouncing her name, or Biden only listened to the leftists. He apologized. But he apologized to the wrong person! He apologized to the stupid illegal immigrant who killed her!

Apparently, people like AOC, Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris told Biden that calling the murderer an "illegal" was wrong. Funny they would mention that to Biden, but not say anything about calling Laken Riley by a man's name! Democrats are so stupid! They seem to have the mentality of teenagers.

Well, you all know Reddit is a very leftist website. That's why I stopped going on there. There is a group of republicans against Trump. Nothing but a bunch of whiny RINOs. Well, I went on there because a picture of Donald Trump holding a picture of Laken Riley attracted my attention. This was the picture that was posted...

People were asking each other there "Why is he smiling?" Well, my guess is because Trump, being a people-person, was happy and proud to be in the presence of Laken's family. This is the actual picture...

You notice Laken's mother is smiling too, and I guess her father is too. You know how men are. Especially redneck men. That is considered a smile. Laken's brother and sister are also in the original picture, and they too were smiling. That's not such a horrible thing. When you remember someone you love, you smile. That's how I remember my father. He was always smiling. At least he used to before he met Kathy. Then they were griping because Trump misspelled the name Laken. Well, to be fair, it's not a common name. It'd be easy to misspell. But one person who saw this pic said that what Trump wrote was actually an E. Not an A. So, he did spell her name correctly. I said to these people there is a BIG difference between spelling her name wrong, and saying it wrong. Those dimwits wanted to say MTG called her Lincoln first. But that is not true. I saw the rally, and MTG said her name perfectly. She said the name right in front of big, dumb Biden's face and he STILL said it wrong!!!

Another thing these goons complained about is why Trump said "I love you Laken". Well, her parents were right there. I'm sure if they thought it was inappropriate they would have said something. They look like sensible people. But since they are smiling in the picture, they said it was OK. And they probably asked Trump to write that somehow. At least he got her name right. And he's a people-person like I said. He also has a sense of humor. People seem to forget that he was a comedian before he was a politician. They were all possibly setting down to a nice, long chat with Trump. I don't see anything wrong with that. His chat probably helped them feel good. So, that is why they are smiling, and Trump was sending his love to the entire family. But did you also know that Biden has told people like Dylan Mulvaney "I love you!" Now that is indeed creepy! I creep out just hearing Dylan Mulvaney and Jeffrey Marsh say "I love you!" at the end of their videos! That's why I've only seen 2 or 3 of their videos. Coming from their mouths, those words make my skin crawl.

Remember, this is all just speculation. But as I have always said, there are 2 sides to every story. But seeing how leftists in my past have acted, they don't believe in hearing both sides of a story. They just take one person's word (especially if that person is another leftist) and run with it. That's why leftists are more likely to believe in false media like MSNBC and The View. They base their ideas strictly on who's feelings are more hurt, as long as it's another leftist they like. That's why I only trust conservative media. Conservatives thrive on facts and truth. Not on emotions of others.

Well, all I can say is RIP Laken Riley. It's a shame this happened to you. But I hope it helps the sane people of this country see the light, and the mess Biden is making of this country now.

I heard a song this evening by a group called Trump Latinos. It's a song dedicated to Laken Riley. It's a nice song too. I know it won't be long before BLM and other leftists start calling the song "racist" and "white supremacist". But who cares? It's a good song. It's called "The America I Know". I hope this song haunts Biden's dreams! This is the video I saw...

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