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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Another Conservative Victory!

 YES!! This country is now actively banning "gender affirming care" for minors. I never agreed with that bullshit! So, this makes me so happy to hear. Gender affirming care is a misnomer. Because it isn't really "care", like they want you to believe. It's nothing but child abuse. The democratic representative in Montana was practically crying when he started talking about them banning giving kids hormone blockers. He said "When you bow your head to pray for these families, I hope you see the blood on your hands." I laughed at that statement. I also looked down at my hands and I sure did not see any bleeding! LOL! Because there is no "blood on my hands". I have nothing to feel guilty about. I helped save kids. I supported the banning of "gender affirming care" for minors. So, I saved kids' lives. If I had supported this "gender affirming care" then, and only then, I would have indeed had blood on my hands.

Giving kids hormone blockers is now proven to do more harm to children than good. It is NOT reversible, no matter what the leftists tell you. It causes cancer, as well as orthopedic problems in kids. You're messing with nature. That's something that humans should never do. We cannot even control the weather, or when a volcano erupts. We have no business stopping kids from going through puberty. Any time you try to fuck with nature, it never ends well for anyone involved. Democraps also want to argue that a 4 year old knows who and what he/she is. Are you kidding??? That's also something I never agreed with! Kids wouldn't even clean their own rooms without their parents telling them to. They cannot pick out their own clothes, or what they are going to have for dinner. What makes these dumb democrats think a child can pick a whole gender?

I don't believe any parent who has ever said "My child knew he was trans when he was 4 years old!" Don't give me that shit! Any 4 year old who thinks he's trans is definitely not making that decision themselves. Look what happened to Jazz. I feel so sorry for him. His mama says he knew he was a little girl when he was 2 years old. I say she's fucking lying! She's the one who probably kept telling him he's a girl. Now, he feels like shit because he can never have children. And the constant surgeries and worrying if his faux vagina will close up. He now has to live with this the rest of his life. His mom even said how upset she would be if Jazz did allow that gap between his legs to heal up. Poor Jazz. He's the one who is going to probably wind up killing himself. He's being forced into this lifestyle by his mom, and it also looks like his big brother is party to it too. This so-called "gender fairy" gave him a curse.

It would be a bad enough curse to have a parent like that. I'm so glad my mom wasn't like that. There were times I wanted to be a boy. I was a bit of a tomboy when I was a kid. I thank GOD that my parents didn't keep telling me I am a boy. In fact, I once joked about being more boy than girl and my mom almost had a coronary! I also constantly pray that I do not become the child of democrats in my next life. I was lucky in this life. I had Christian parents; I was born before this LGBTQ era got spread as it has now. It also helped that my parents were from the south. They had traditional southern beliefs that men are men and women are women. And men are supposed to take care of women. So, in that sense, I had a pretty good life. I'm still living today. I also am quite knowledgeable about the world around me. I also refuse to partake in it. I also encourage anyone not to get caught-up in the mess the world is in now. I don't give a shit if I am labeled a "transphobe" or a "bigot". I'll wear those titles with pride!

Speaking of pride, there will no longer be any pride parades in Florida. Ron DiSantis has announced that children will no longer be allowed to attend any event that displays lude acts. That goes for taking kids to gay bars, drag shows, and any other sexualized events. I also never agreed children should be exposed to that kind of crap. Well, the gays did not need to cancel their pride parade, they just decided if kids were not allowed to attend, then just give up the parade altogether. They could have gone on with their little pride parades without having children there. But they don't want to. This tells me that indeed, these pride parades were definitely targeting children specifically. Ron DiSantis did not say they could not have their little gay parades. He just said children will no longer be allowed at events like that. So, because they won't be exposing their bodies to children in public, they just decided to scrap the parades in Florida.

I don't agree that kids should be exposed to that kind of BS. I don't agree with it from gays, nor from straight people. But you notice, you NEVER see straight people holding parades where they are nude in public and playing out whatever fetishes they have in front of kids. That's because straight people are smarter than gays. Especially the gay leftists. Straight people know it's wrong to subject kids to sexual acts. But gay people seem to have forgotten what humility is. They don't feel shame like they should.

Well, I'll be absent for a while from here. Time to move to another apartment while this one is being renovated. I don't know when I'll be back. It depends on how quickly I can get the internet back in that next apartment. It's only a temporary move anyways. I'll be back in this apartment in June. So they say.

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