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Thursday, March 7, 2024

The North Face

 Seems I remember hearing that somewhere before. I think it was Mount St. Helens. But this really isn't about a single mountain. The North Face is also a coat manufacturer. I hear their coats are a lot more expensive than they're really worth. Well, I just saw a commercial for them stating that black people now cannot enjoy the outdoors because white people are always there. WTF?!?!?! Who the Hell is stopping any black people from going outdoors?!? It sure isn't white people! If it's anyone stopping them from enjoying the outdoors, it's other black people. Like Mahogany Jackson. She was kidnapped by 8 black people who were pretending to be her friends. They took her, raped, tortured and then killed her. Mahogany was just a 20-year old young mother. And what these other blacks did to her is nothing short of a modern-day lynching! Why they did it, I have no clue. But it shouldn't have been done. The leftist media won't even talk about her because she wasn't kidnapped and murdered by white people. This is what leftists do. They don't really give a damn about black lives. Only when they can make big money off them.

What is even worse, now the North Face is saying they will give anybody a 20% discount coupon if they will complete a "racial equity course". FUCK THAT!!!! Keep your damn stupid coats! I ain't gonna pay money just to hear some jerkoff tell me I have "white privilege" when I am sitting here struggling. Fuck that shit! Besides, I would think a company that would demand we take a course like that in exchange for a measly 20% off, would just raise their prices 30%, and then give the customer the 20% off, then they'd still make 10% more profit. These damn DIE miscreants, I wouldn't put it past them! But in all the years I've been here, I have never once, ever seen a white person hold back a black person from enjoying the outdoors. The problem is, most young, black leftists do not like nature. Because there would be nothing oppressing them in nature. So they'd have nothing to complain about. And you know a leftist is not happy, unless they are able to complain about something! That's probably why the North Face doesn't get many black customers. Besides the fact their clothing is so overpriced. Maybe the North Face can take some solace in knowing their coats were probably stolen by many blacks over the past 4 years. But they don't make any money on that!

Sometimes, as a conservative, I feel like fighting the left using their own tactics. How about if I only offer discounts in my store to conservatives, and true heroes like firemen and policemen? Remember that coffee shop I mentioned in an earlier post who refuses to serve conservatives and policemen? Maybe I should only offer discounts and friendly service in my store to conservatives, and people who are oppressed by today's leftists. How would they like them apples? I am going to go back to breeding puppies here soon. I already pledged to offer discounts on puppies to our military men. But I do have a thing. They had to have been serving since before 2020. Or retired in or before 2020. Basically, I should just give discounts to everyone the leftists hate. LOL! See how they feel about that! And when a leftist comes to get one of my babies, I completely turn them down, or make them pay huge prices for one of my babies! LMAO! That'll show them! And I'll only offer puppies to people who do not believe in DIE, white privilege or racial equities.

Well, that might work, except again, it'd be a waste of time. Leftists don't like pets anyways. I don't really understand why. There are lots of things a person can complain about with a pet. Since leftists love to complain, I don't know why they'd object to having pets. I swear, leftists need to find new role-models. Get out of this anime, Stalin, Obama, bullshit wussy crap!

Just like that, these people who own these businesses need to think more about who they are marketing to. As I have said many times before, stereotypes are there for a reason. No matter how hard you may try to deny them, just to be virtuous, stereotypes will always be there. And it's a pretty well-known fact that most black people, especially leftists, do not like nature. I'm not saying ALL black people don't enjoy the outdoors. I'm saying most, more often than not, don't go for nature. If people would look more at regular statistics, ie., 'stereotypes', no one would even think there was such a thing as racism, white privilege, or racial inequity. But those are talking points the leftists hold on to, because they actually want to complain about racism and that other stuff. The North Face is upset because only white women seem to buy their clothing. Well white women, statistically, are the most active, nature-loving group of people. What it is is what it is. People like those who work with the North Face may think that's not fair. But that is the way it is. It's the same as the argument about the 'gender pay gap'. People who believe in that think women get paid less than men because they are women. No. That's not the reason at all. The harder a person works is the reason they get paid more. A woman working inside an office is surely going to make less than the man who is outside building bridges and doing a balancing act every day. Most women do not like doing muddy, mucky work. So, that's why they get paid less.

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