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Thursday, March 21, 2024

Holding Accountability

It's not hard to hold accountability for anything wrong you may have done. Or for what you create and bring into this world. When I start breeding puppies again, I intend to hold accountability for each and every one of those lives born under my roof. My sis takes care of me and holds accountable for what happens to me. But let's talk about liberals demanding we all hold accountability for what happens. Let's take Letitia James for example.

Trump tried to make an appeal on the case Letitia James is holding against him on behalf of E. Jean Carroll. Carroll is the one who accused Trump of rape and sexual harassment. An incident that supposedly happened nearly 40 years ago. But it is just being sent to trial today in 2024. I'm using the word "happened" loosely. Partly because I don't believe a word E. Jean Carroll is saying! Not in the least. This is nothing but a witch-hunt. Why did the "incident" happen in 1989 or 1990, but it was never put on trial until 2024? Isn't there such a thing as a statute of limitations? That is a sure sign that this whole thing is nothing but a witch-hunt. But ya know, Letitia James is not innocent herself. I recently heard she was in cahoots with a man who also wanted to get even with Trump. Plus, it was believed that Letitia James paid off the judge in this case. In other words, it is believed she paid the judge to decide against Trump. The whole thing smells fishy. And I don't trust Letitia James anyway. Her entire campaign was all about how she was going to get rid of Trump. So, that pretty much says this was her diabolical plan from the beginning. She's just an evil, mean-spirited leftist, and she loves that about herself.

Well, GOD has ways of doling out punishments to evil people. Letitia James will get her's for sure. She may not believe in GOD, but you don't have to believe to face HIS judgement. I hope it comes soon. And I hope it's every bit as merciless as she has been to Donald Trump. And it's not even like E. Jean Carroll is anything to write home about! She's not attractive at all.

She looks like Paula Yates. Probably doesn't even have half the character. Unless Trump was really drunk, or in some way out of his mind, I don't think he'd touch Carroll with a 10-foot pole. But then again, sometimes ugly women do get the good looking men. Paula Yates managed to bag Michael, almost. But even as a young woman, Carroll was not that attractive!

She's still ugly as sin! Donald Trump would never touch this. That's another reason why I feel this is nothing more than a political witch-hunt! We all know it is! Only the leftists believe her. But then again, leftists believe everything said against Trump. Well anyway, Letitia James did not accept Trump's appeal. I knew she wouldn't! Just because I know she is evil and mean-spirited. I don't know her, but I know her type very well! She's a black, leftist woman. Nothing more needs to be said. She told the appeals judge that she wants to see that "Trump is held accountable". You know it's funny! Black leftists want conservatives to be held accountable for their actions, but I've never seen a black leftist woman take any accountability for their actions. For them, they have a scapegoat that "it's the white man's fault!" when we all know it's not. It's the black leftists' fault. They just don't want to hold themselves accountable. And black conservatives know all about that. They don't like it either.

I'm even disappointed in Morgan Freeman. He got all giddy talking with Joe Biden and Obama, but said if Trump is elected, he's going to leave the country. But then again, a LOT of celebrities say that same thing. And they never do it. Eddie Vedder said the same thing too. But he's still in this country. So did Lady Gaga. She's still here too. Ya know, she's gay? She even endorsed Dylan Mulvaney on International Women's Day. Mulvaney isn't even a woman!!!! He's a nut who is mocking womanhood.

Ya know, I think I have a theory about Mulvaney that just might be true. I think he once had a girlfriend. And I think this girlfriend hurt him really badly. So, his way of coping is to make fun of women. I dunno, he said he was gay before. But I think even that feeling of being gay probably popped up only because his girlfriend rejected him. If that's the case then he must have been hurt REALLY bad due to that break-up. What a shame!

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