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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Criminal Minds

 I came across this video earlier today. It says something very interesting about the cases against Trump, and the two people who are commanding them. Fani Willis and Letitia James.

I love it! I love it when criminals cannot keep their mouths shut. Well, Letitia James was elected on the promise that she can "get Donald Trump". Now, she thought she had him, and she and Fani Willis could not stop bragging about it. I knew Fani Willis looked too happy. Especially when she was saying Trump is going to also owe interest and she spent all day every day calculating the interest she intended to dig out of Trump. She just wanted to take all his money from him. But instead of making him poorer, she made him more popular. Now, we all want to help Trump. We're sick of Biden's regime. I want Trump back in office. So do anyone with some sense. Slowly, but surely, conservatives are beginning to fight back, and I am glad to see it.

We should have started fighting back long ago! But that's why I identify better with conservatives. I tried liberalism, and it just wasn't me. I failed at it, miserably. I don't fight unless I absolutely have to. Even then, I tend to hesitate. But everyone has a limit. When I am pushed to that limit, I can fight like a wolverine! And the leftists nearly had me at that limit. Though I hadn't attacked yet because for the most part, they leave me alone. Which is good. I've even met some leftists who were genuinely nice. But they are very rare. I avoid confrontations when I can. I'm very shy and reserved. I remember feeling like I wanted to punch Fani Willis in her little smug face when I saw that evil smile when she thought she had Trump.

Anyway, according to this video, Fani is not going to get the 450M dollars she thought she was going to get. In fact, the appeals court gave Trump a settlement of about 175M dollars. I still feel Trump shouldn't have to pay anyone anything. They say he lied about his assets, that his real estate was not worth as much as he said it was. Well, real estate brokers do that all the time. They give properties appraisals that are usually more than the net worth is. Then an actual real estate appraiser comes along and gives them the actual amount the property is worth. That's what Trump did. So, he didn't lie. He just made too high of a guess. But in real estate, there is nothing wrong with that. But leftists do not understand this because they know nothing about appraising real estate. If Trump is getting sued for this, then so should every real estate broker out there who've all done this same sort of thing.

Then there is Letitia James, who wants to convict Trump of raping Jean Carroll back in the late 80s, or early 90s. I still ask why is this being prosecuted now? That was 35 years ago! This case would never sit well in Judge Judy's court. This much time later, she'd be telling them to get over it. I don't even believe Trump did anything really wrong to Jean Carroll. Otherwise she would have reported it when it happened, which she did not. That tells me it was all consensual. This is only happening now because these two prosecutors want to keep Trump from getting elected.

Now, there's Stormy Daniels who is saying she's going to sue Trump over hush-money. Well, there's a two-way road in that case. If Trump gets in trouble for giving her hush-money, then Stormy Daniels should also get punished for taking it. She didn't have to take it, but she did anyway, which makes her side not look any better. I wonder how the judge is going to see that case. LOL!

I'm telling you, the leftists are getting scared now, resorting to prosecuting Trump on 40-year old charges that never mattered until now. Framing him for little things like giving someone hush money, which she willingly took. Trying to arrest him for an insurrection which wasn't an insurrection. Trying to get him arrested for fake fraud charges that EVERY real estate broker has done characteristically and never received any trouble for at all. This shows how scared and pathetic the democrats really are. They know they cannot win the election on merit. So, they are trying to eliminate their greatest competition. All they are doing is making Trump more popular in the process. This guarantees they will lose. But knowing them, they'll just go back to cheating their way up the polls. Like back in 2020.

That's another thing, they want to arrest Trump for denying the 2020 election results. Well again, if he gets arrested for denying 2020 election results, then Hillary Clinton should get arrested for denying 2016 election results. Not only that, but falsely accusing Trump of colluding with Russia, and I even once saw where Clinton tried to take over the White House while Trump was in office. She never got over losing the 2016 election. So, I say if Trump gets arrested for denying the 2020 results, then Hillary Clinton should get arrested as well for denying the 2016 election results. It's only fair. Here's the thing too, leftists deny it whole-heartedly, but there have been dump-off spots around the country where unprocessed ballots have been found. All of which were ballots voting for Trump. And I saw the whole election in 2020. The counting stopped for Trump's side when he began getting too many votes. From then on, they only counted Biden votes. There is proof of that out there. But Clinton had absolutely NO evidence that Trump colluded with Russia, nor any of the other accusations she made against him in 2016. They cannot face the fact people just love Trump!

I know I love Trump now. I didn't used to. But back then, I was still something of a leftist. Even though I'd had nothing but problems with leftists all through 2016. But I look back on myself in those days and I cringe at the things I used to think. I hated Trump because the media made him out to be worse than he is. But then so did other leftists do the same thing to me. That's just the nature of the beasts. I learned to love Trump when I stopped listening to other leftists and began getting to know Trump for myself. The one thing that I fell in love with is how he kept his promises. Maybe not all, but he kept most of his promises. I also used to like Whoopi Goldberg back then. But now I think she's so dumb she cannot even say Trump's name on The View. There was a lot of shit I thought when I was a leftist that I sure don't think now.

By the way, I am now on Truth Social, which is Trump's own social network. I like it. It's just as good as Facebook. If not better because there is no jail. Free speech is allowed. Even if someone is speaking out against Trump. If you're not a leftist, and on Truth Social, come follow me! @INXSgrl. Yes, there are leftists there, but they are not welcome on my page. I think I say enough to keep them at bay anyway.

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