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Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Eye For An Eye...

 And so-on. I love it! I love watching the conservatives, who know what they are doing, give the leftists a taste of their own medicine! And like any spoiled rotten, angry little child, the leftists HATE it when their shit is turned back around on them. They cry like little bitches and gripe "Waa! The right-wingers are causing all this misery in our towns! They won't stop! What will I ever do?! Woe is me!" No! It's not the right-wingers causing misery in your cities and towns. You leftists wanted the sanctuary city status, now you got it! No conservative anywhere ever said "I want my city to be a sanctuary city. All immigrants are welcome here!" We're just giving you leftists what you always wanted! Don't blame us because you cannot handle all these illegal immigrants coming to your cities! It seems this is the only way to get leftists to think about what they are doing. But even when we force them to think about the consequences of their actions, leftists still find a way to blame the right-wingers. But really, they cannot. They can pretend it's the right-wingers' fault all they want to. But it doesn't change the fact that this is what the leftists wanted.

Another genius move the right-wing states are making, Texas and Florida are taking a lesson from Colorado. If Colorado is going to take Trump off their ballots, Texas and Florida are going to take Biden off their ballots. Boy! I wish I could have seen the face of a leftist when that was announced!!!! I bet it was priceless! Well, two can play their game! Or more than 2! The difference is Trump did not do anything. Colorado wants to take him off their ballots because the leftist media still has them believing that Jan. 6 was some sort of insurrection. It really wasn't. Those people were let in by the Capital police, and the police even stood with them and said a prayer. They're just angry because the right-wingers are not as violent as their "precious BLM" is! All democrats should be punished for allowing the 2020 BLM riots to go on. 30+ people were killed in those insurrections, plus one sweet, innocent puppy, and many businesses were destroyed. Yet it was the people who stood up to the rioters who got in trouble! That doesn't make sense to me. The democrats all demanded they get arrested. Several of them did. Leftist privilege!

Another insurrection was caused by Biden, allowing illegal immigrants to come into this country undocumented! So, that is why Florida and Texas say they are taking Biden off the ballots if Colorado is going to take Trump off their's. Biden deserves it more than Trump. The democrats totally HATE people who have any kind of privilege, not realizing the privileges they have that no other groups have. Leftists are the most clueless people I ever met! I was talking with one of my buddies here last night, and she has 2 kids and one on the way. Her oldest is supposed to be starting school soon, but she said she's not going to send her to public school. I told her it's not a good idea to. She told me when she spoke to someone at the school here, they admitted they teach kids about gender studies, and that a little girl can become a little boy just because she says so. Well, this friend was offended by that, so she said she's homeschooling her kids. I told her that's the best idea for this day and age. It's no secret anymore that teachers in school are teaching kids how to be gay, trans or bi. My buddy here says that's highly inappropriate. I totally agreed! Not only are they making kids more uncomfortable with who they are, they are also doing it in the worst possible way! They teach kids as young as 5 about anal sex, eating each others' turds, and other forms of kink. I'll tell you, I sure don't want to be a child in today's world and have leftist parents who are going to send me to public school to hear a bunch of that shit! It's hard enough listening to that stuff as an adult!

We had a rather long chat about politics. She used to be a leftist too. But she told me about some strange dreams her daughter had. Her descriptions were a lot like what you see in the book of Revelations. I told her to listen to her daughter! She sounds like the chosen one. Like she's a prophet here on Earth. If so, then her family is truly blessed! I'm not saying it sarcastically or mockingly either. Her daughter really sounds like she's the next prophet of GOD. If she's having dreams about the Revelations, at 4 years old, and never been exposed to religion before, then GOD is talking directly to her. After all, that's how the prophet Joseph got started. Its good that this friend decided not to send her daughter to public school. I would hate to see her potential prophecy destroyed!

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