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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

"Hitler-esque" Trump

Colorado makes me so angry! They seem to have found some kind of ancient law in this country that gives them the authority to take Trump off their ballots. Because the leftists think of Trump as a confederate figure, confederates are not allowed to be elected for president. So, they gave him confederate status and now he cannot be elected president in Colorado. I hope this gets overturned by the supreme court. Because there is no proof whatsoever that Trump is connected in any way to the confederates. He's the only president in our history whose ancestors never even owned slaves. That includes counting Obama's ancestors, who did own slaves. And seeing his father was from Kenya, they probably caught and sold other smaller tribes to slavery too.

This is what I hate so much about the democrats! They whine and cry because they think when Trump gets elected then democracy will end. Then they turn right around and do everything they can think of (and thensome) to get Donald Trump off the ballots. They're taking away our choice! I thought that was the very definition of destroying democracy. They griped when they thought Trump was doing that. Now here they are, doing what they were afraid Trump would do! UGH!!! As dumb as the democrats are, I wonder if they even realize what they're doing?!

Another thing that happened yesterday. Now, the leftist media is saying Trump has finally done something to earn the comparison to Adolf Hitler. Well, that doesn't surprise me. To the leftist media, everything Trump does is comparable to Hitler. Well, this time they think he was talking about immigrants when he said "they are poisoning the blood of this country". Trump intends to deport all the illegal immigrants. The democrats who demanded their towns become "sanctuary cities" keep complaining about more and more illegal immigrants being bussed to their sanctuary cities. But now, Trump is saying he's going to deport them, all of a sudden the democrats don't want to see that happen. I would tell them to make up their minds, but you'd have to have a mind to make it up. And that leaves the democrats out!

Well, last night, I heard about that quote made by Trump. When he said they are poisoning the blood of this country, he was not talking about the illegal immigrants. Although he wouldn't be too far from correct if he had meant that. But no, he was talking about the democrats who wanted their cities to be sanctuary cities. They are the ones poisoning this country with their ridiculous, backward agenda. So, those who have better sense can relax. Trump did not say the immigrants are poisoning our country. Well, no matter what the democrats are always complaining. And no matter how much you prove them wrong, they will never accept the truth. So, they are always going to believe Trump is "Hitler-esque" no matter what.

I want Trump back! I don't care what the leftists think! That would make the best Christmas present for next year.

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