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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Socialist In A Capitalist World

 This morning I saw a video about a business that opened up in Canada, and the owner is a strict socialist who hates white people. How ironic that he himself is a white man, who lives in Canada. Any white people who go into his business most likely gets treated like shit. The socialist coffee shop is called "The Anarchist", and it was opened in Toronto. Apparently, the owner just wanted a business that he could control like a communist. He said things like white people, conservatives, christians and the police were not welcome in his shop. The problem with that is, about 99% of the population in Canada is white. I know there are some colored people there, but they are actually few and far between. And who knows if they even like coffee and baked goods or not.

Well, I watched the whole video just to find out if that place is even still in business, because I did not believe a person could run a business like a commie in a capitalist world. I wondered if he even gave away his coffee and donuts and stuff. Sure enough, I heard he did give things away at his store. He didn't mind if a person paid or not for their orders. Well, if you're looking to run a business like that, it won't last long I'm afraid. Sure enough it went out of business. Well, it was supposed to. The owner contested that, saying thanks to a surge of support, they are staying open. If you look on Google, it'll say the shop is still open. OK, I'd like to go there. Since conservatives are not allowed, I would love to drop in on him. I'd order a hot cocoa. But knowing the kind of person the store owner is, I would not drink the cocoa. I'd just spill it in places he'd never suspect. I'd also be in there talking about how wonderful Trump is. I know I'd be kicked out very angrily by him, which would be funny. I'd do it all just for the laughs, and not pay for the items he brought me, not even a tip.

I also found some info on the wuss who opened up this business, and he looks very similar to what a radical leftist would look like...

His name is Gabriel Sims-Fewer, and with that tall, egg-shaped head of his, you'd think he'd be a smarter business man. But I think his body needed his brain to feed the rest of him with. Soy just doesn't give you enough nutrients to live on. Therefore, these people are never very bright. But it would give me a lot of pleasure to break in to his business and watch him fall apart on me because I like Trump, and I hate Trudeau, and I hate communism. I'd love to see how long it'd take him to kick me out of there. Heck, just seeing how long it'd take him to fall apart would be fun. Leftists are so easily triggered, I wouldn't even have to do or say much. Just me mentioning the name Donald Trump in his establishment would be enough to set him off.

And leftists are always saying it's the conservatives that get easily triggered. I remember there was a queer on YouTube who once attacked me, and because I did not want to yell back at him and call him names, he thought he'd triggered me. What leftists don't seem to realize is that conservatives are not like them. We don't give a shit what they want or what they like, and if this dude wants to open a business and lose all his money because he doesn't want to give in to capitalism, well, that's his business. Doesn't bother me! He wants to say "fuck the police", that's his problem. Not mine. I love the police, I have nothing but respect for them. He wants to say "fuck Canada" that's his thing. I love the USA. I'm glad I live here. I'll never leave it unless it actually does become a communist country here. I'll take my dogs and my sis and move to Poland. I do hope Poland will accept me, even though I am only half white. But I do speak only english. So it's not like I'll be bringing a strange new language to their borders.

Last week, on Quora, someone asked me shouldn't the leftists just stop trying to get Donald Trump arrested. I asked why should they? It's so much fun to see what the leftists will try and get him with next. They're always doing this shit. When one thing fails, they look hard for something else to get him in trouble with, only for Trump to be found innocent. It's fun watching them, and always gives me a good belly-laugh. They ain't NEVER going to arrest Trump. But as long as they keep trying, I can keep laughing. With that in the horizon, I'll never feel depressed again.

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