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Monday, December 25, 2023

Merry Christmas! 2024 On the Way!

I'm hoping it will be a better year! I want Trump back in the White House. The leftists don't though. I have a distinctive feeling they are planning something again. Just like they did to rig the 2020 election. I really did not believe 80 million people voted for Biden! I heard an interview with Kamala Harris. The interviewer asked "What would you do different if you are voted president again?" To which Kamala snapped "Not if, we will be voted in!" She knows something. She and her cronies are planning something. I will tell you, I don't care what Colorado says, if Biden is voted back into the presidency next year, I'm going to know it was fixed! No one likes Biden. Biden is a total flop as president. His first day as president, he already had this country ruined!!

I never will vote for Biden! I hate him! I feel like Trump is owed the presidency now. It was stolen from him in 2020. I heard back in 2020, there had been some tampering with the ballots and voting machines. The leftists claim 'the machines were broken'. Bullshit! They were RIGGED!!!! If they were broken, then any random votes would have been cast. Not all turned into Biden votes. I have the feeling the leftists are going to try that again. Colorado already banned Trump from their ballots. For no real reason! It's the democrats who always complain about democracy being lost. They're the ones taking away our democracy. Not Trump! I just wish they could really see what they are doing. They love giving everything labels, how about they give a label to what they are doing? If it's not taking away our democracy, then I don't have any idea what it is. 

Well, we didn't go hog-wild for Christmas this year. We never even put up our tree. My sis just gave me some money and said that was my Christmas present. Well, I knew just what to do. I found someone practically giving away puppies. So, I asked my sis to text her, since my sis is always on her phone, and I am not. I have a smartphone, a good one too. But I hardly ever use it. So, I always have my sis do the texting. This was also how the breeder preferred to do all the communication. I tried calling her phone number, but she would not answer. So, she preferred texting. I leave that up to my sis. So she texted the breeder. I've been scammed before. I just found out a person I texted last month was a scammer. He was using a picture that belonged to one of my buddies to sell puppies. I told him I can give him a deposit in January. I told him that's the soonest I can give him a deposit. But he kept talking like I was supposed to give him the deposit at the beginning of this month. I told him I couldn't. Only in January.

That was the first red flag he shot off. He kept demanding I send him the deposit the first of this month. He would not get it into his head that I couldn't send him a deposit until January. Then he asked me the same questions over and over. Well, things went back and forth, and I got a bad feeling. So, I did a search for the dogs in the pics, and found out they belong to a breeder in Europe I am friends with. So I asked her if she knew this breeder. She said no. Then I realized the pic is stolen. I told her I think this guy is using her pics to sell puppies. She must have confronted him about it, because next thing I know, he kicks me out of his group. That's OK! Even better. I now have a puppy I got from a local breeder. The parents are cleared of hereditary ailments. They had beautiful coats. So, I got a fairly good shot.

It was a sort of fiasco, and I almost did not get her. She'd been consistently answering within a minute when we texted her. Well, we asked where she lived and she didn't answer back for hours. I was beginning to get the idea she was a scammer. There's so many of those now, you have to be careful. So, I figured I'd just keep looking. Well, after a while she finally got back to us and told us she was on her way to work, which is why she could not answer me right away. I said OK and decided to give her another chance. So, we asked her again where she lives so we could come get the baby. I figured if she would not give us her address, then she really is a scammer. But she did give us her address, so off we went to get my Christmas present.

I had told the breeder which pup I wanted, so I went there expecting to see her. She was as beautiful in person as she is in the picture. So here we had my little Christmas gift. Her name is Ele, she is a standard-type australian shepherd, 4 months old, black tri with blue eyes.

Its so odd! My sis took these pics when we got her in our possession, and she looks like a red tri. I think it's just puppy highlights, because she looks black in normal household lighting. I paid the breeder. Took Ele and brought her home. When I got home, she needed a bath really bad so I gave her a good bath. I honestly don't believe she's ever been inside a house! She has no manners. She looked around the house like she didn't know what it was. At 4 months old, she should be somewhat potty-trained. But she's not really. I'm working on it though. Plus, she was covered in dirt and fleas! I got rid of those too. But she is here now, and I love her with all my heart and soul! She's learning quickly.

My sis also saved her Christmas money and put it toward her own baby. Now, she's getting a female shih tzu that she's going to name Rosebud. She won't be ready until February and my sis is on pins and needles! It's a tricolor shih. I've never seen a tricolor shih before. Rosebud will be the first one I've ever seen. So after all these years, my sis is going to have her own little traveling companion.

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