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Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Breeds

I was just doing my rounds on the internet, and an interesting topic came up on a forum that I saw. Someone asked what dog breeds would you like to own that you don't currently have or have ever had? Well, these kinds of topics always keep me reading until the very end. There are a lot of breeds of dogs I would love to have, but have never had before. I'd love to have a siberian husky. I think they are beautiful dogs all around! And if they have blue eyes, their faces remind me a lot of lemurs. Especially ringtails.  Check this out!

You can say what you want, but I think they look like sister species! But that's one reason why I'd like to have a siberian husky. They are also so strong, they fascinate me! But there are a couple things that prevent me from achieving the goal of owning a siberian husky. First of all, I heard they are runners who will jump a fence just to get out and run away. What if that happens and I am not there? Another thing is I heard they have a very high prey drive. I'd be terrified it would possibly kill one of our little ones. Maybe not if it's raised from puppyhood to respect little dogs, but there would still be that lingering fear.

Another breed I would love to have, but never had before is an American cocker spaniel. I just think they're cute. They're the smallest of the working spaniels. I used to babysit someone whose family had a cocker spaniel, but they kept it outside. I never really got to know it's inside habits. That was a family of dumbasses! It was Patti and Chris, and everyone I've known since I had the job with them remembers the bad experiences I had living in that house! I never did forgive them for the time they kept me up until 3:30 AM doing their laundry! Then I had to get up again at 6 AM to start the working day over again. And their reason for releasing me was insipid, at best. But I don't regret it, because I was getting literally sick of working for them! They took too much advantage of me. I was about ready to quit anyway. But their little dog was cute, and I fell in love with it. It was a little chocolate colored cocker spaniel they named Keoke. Patti told me that Keoke was the Hawaiian version of the name George. Well when I left there, Keoke still looked like a puppy. I don't think he ever developed that long, luxurious coat that cockers are supposed to get. But then in all fairness (as much as I hate being fair to Patti and Chris) back in those days, I don't think chocolate cockers ever got that kind of coat. But Keoke was not my dog. If he had been, he would have been more a part of my family than he was with Patti and Chris.

Another breed I would love to have, and I have had them before, and I have to admit, I laugh every time I see them! Are pomeranians. I refer to pomeranians as "clown dogs" because that is what they are to me. Spoiled or not, most of them have the character likened to that of a spoiled child. Only poms are cuter! Mine always did funny things, and that is why I always laugh when I see pomeranians. They are just too funny! Plus they always look like they are smiling themselves.

There can't be a breed much cuter than that! And watching their little round bodies move along on tiny feet just cracks me up every time! Even my sis Eva feels the same way, she wanted a pom, but her husband does not like small dogs at all. So she wound up with this old english mastiff, which she still does not care for. She said the hubby wanted it, so he can have it! She still would rather have a cat though.

Well, that brings me to the list of dog breeds I would never want to own. I know there are people out there that love these breeds, but they are just not what I like for myself. One of these breeds is labradors. Labs are too clingy, and I just don't like them. Of course chihuahuas are also a clingy breed, but on them it's cute. On a 50-60 pound lab, it's not.

I don't really care for any of the so-called gun dogs. I think they're all really dumb-looking! One of my best buddies here has a golden retriever, and she's sweet, but she is a pain sometimes too. She has rubbed snot on me before. She'll sneeze and then come up to me, rub her still wet nose on me, and get snot on me, as if she's using me as her handkerchief or something! I HATE that!!!! I don't like golden retrievers, but I usually like her dog, because when she is not blowing her snot on me, she's usually a good girl.

Another breed I cannot stand are german shorthair pointers. I remember when Eva was looking for a dog, someone told her they make great family dogs. At first she was interested in getting one, but her hubby said no. Because he grew up with a mastiff, he wanted another one for the kids. I can't really blame him, I grew up with a papillon, and they became one of my favorite breeds. But I was glad Eva did not get a german shorthair! I told her if she did, I'd never want to be around her and the family again, because I can't even stand the sight of those dogs! I think they're homely, and really stupid too.

And the one dog breed that I hate the most out of all of them....Irish setters! I think they are the dumbest of all dogs. I don't like them and I'd never want to own one. They have a pretty color, but such a stupid-looking face and stupid disposition. I just cannot stand those dogs. The dumbest dog I've ever met was an irish setter! I like gordon setters. English setters I am very iffy about (Patti and Chris had an english setter, and it was a very dumb dog too). But Irish setters, I just can't stand them. That's it in a nutshell.

Of course there are some breeds that I LOVE that I would never have again. Such as border collies and australian shepherds. I love those breeds and have had both of them before, but I would never have them again. Not unless I had a lot of acreage. I used to breed aussies at one time too. It was a project I did with a former boyfriend I had, and he bred them for no other reason than herding. Not show or conformation, but for farmwork, like the breed was meant to do even before everything became so political.
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