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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Giving Up The Tube

Nah, I don't think I will really be giving up YouTube (according to my last post). Still not sure yet. I mean, there is still the problem that their new channel layouts will be a mandatory thing. I hate that still. I will indeed miss the layout I have now on my channel. I feel terrible about it.

Well, today I checked out this place that I have been dying to check out for some time. I heard about this cupcake parlor that was moving into town. Well, today I found it. Anna told them about my multi-flavored cupcakes. I can make cupcakes in any flavor possible. I made lime, orange, cherry, marble, and all kinds of cupcakes for our church bake sale back in Ocean Shores, and they sold like hotcakes! Everyone loved them. So, in light of this, I hope to get a job there. Maybe I can combine my flavors with the ones they already have there and we can offer up several good flavors of cupcakes. They have some nice ideas for flavors there too. I can add more to their line-up though. I tried one of their cupcakes today and they were awesome! So tomorrow, when I can get a copy of my resume printed up, and I turn it in there, I will tell them how awesome their cupcakes are. I was only able to buy one, and Anna and I split it. We both loved it!

Well, this morning I got an invite from the Pluba forum, they've changed their look. I went there to investigate it. I haven't been back there in like 3 years, so I have no idea really who is still there and who isn't. Well, the mod still has Albert Einstein as his avatar, and he posted a funny joke! They are also running through Facebook, and they are allowing members to keep blogs. That's funny. I should go back there and keep a blog, telling how much I hate show breeders, courtesy of the people on that forum. Well, it's not just that forum, show breeders just suck! It was also some that I met at the last show that I went to back in 2006. One guy I didn't even know gave me and my sister dirty looks, after he had been talking to Rio Bellon. She said something to him, and I don't have any idea what. And she doesn't know either me nor Anna well enough to talk about us to anybody! But she thinks she does, and that's what I hate about show breeders! They are far too judgmental. But if you do the same thing to them, they absolutely HATE you for it. So they can dish it out, but cannot take it when you throw it back in their faces. Rescue people aren't much better.

I probably won't be going into the new Pluba forum any more than I went to the old one. While I was there, I found it very tough to navigate. I didn't like it much, so I won't be going there either. Besides, I don't know who all is there. But I did like this joke the mod made, I put it on my Facebook profile.

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