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Friday, March 2, 2012

Gosh I Am Mean!

LOL! Some chick on Facebook named Kristy is dissing Ciaran Gribbin. I have no clue who this person really is, I've seen her name around Facebook, and her comments sound corny. Well, if she's dissing Ciaran without even giving him a chance, she must be a moron. Ciaran is GOOD! I like his voice, and I am glad he is now fronting INXS! I just hope INXS keeps him. I hope with people like her dissing him the way they are that Ciaran does not get discouraged and quit! Then there goes INXS. I need INXS to stick around for at least a few more years! I want them to come to Montana (if I am still here). And I am just dying to hear what new works Ciaran and Andrew are working together on. Now, I have some friends that don't like Ciaran, and it's a different story if they have given him a chance. If those people don't like him, that's their prerogative. But to just diss him without giving him a fair shake, that's not fair at all. It shows me this Kristy has a complete lack of character. All I can say to someone like her is open your mind, shut your mouth and listen to him. He at least deserves that.

I just don't want INXS to break up or quit. Not yet. I want to see if Ciaran sticks around, and perhaps breathes new life into the band. I liked their new song, I thought it sounded great with Ciaran singing. I'm sad about JD as well as anyone else. But JD is going solo. That was apparently his choice, not Ciaran's and not the band's. And Ciaran is a nice guy too, not just a good singer. I notice he reacts to the fans, and that's good. Try and get that from JD if you're not a friend of INXS's, or a friend of a friend of INXS's. LOL! That tells me that Ciaran is not a "stuck-up celebrity", and he really cares how his fans (and others) feel. He's a perfect match for INXS! I'm not trying to act like a fanatic, I just hope all this dissing going on does not discourage Ciaran, and cause him to quit the band. Hopefully the people who have heard him, and didn't like him, can change their minds soon. I realize some may be upset because they may feel he is "replacing JD". I can understand that! The Michael fans felt the same way about JD. But just like with JD, a lot of people adjusted. So, we can adjust to Ciaran as well. But first one must give him an opportunity to prove how good he is.

Well, in another matter, my things are at the ceramics store, getting fired. It's a good thing they are only charging me $5 to fire my ceramics! I can handle that. Much better than the $35 the other ceramic store in Ocean Shores was going to charge me. I could not handle that. Not every time I wanted to create a new sculpture. I redid all my former creations (the ones I made out of resin clay) and did more. I want to do more still! I have fun with this. I even added some sculptures of dogs. I started off with a chihuahua and a papillon, and then added an australian shepherd. Those are my 3 most favorite breeds! I can't wait to see that aussie shepherd with it's blue eyes put in! It's gonna RULE!!!! The chihuahua, I plan to make it look just like Vegas. The papillon, I want to make it look just like Minnie, only with more hair! LOL! I don't know why Minnie is shedding so much! It's the wrong time of year for her to be shedding this much! Probably because she is not yet used to this Montana weather. Her body must still think we live in Ocean Shores. :(

Ya know, this gives me a great idea for a film, I should make a movie of myself creating one of these little sculptures from beginning to end. Sort of a "how-to" video. It should be fun! I just need to go out and get myself some more clay. Plus a few more sculpting utensils. I haven't made a movie in a long time to put up on YouTube, that's because I've been short of ideas! Every other idea I had between now and when I made my last movie (back in November last year) I hated, and had to throw it away. But I think people would really get a kick out of watching me creating one of these little sculptures. Well! Everyone except Hobofart and his stupid cronies. They always give my videos negative feedback. LOL! I know it's them too. No one else would do it. Just about every time I see negative points on any of my videos, I can almost be assured it's from Hobofart or one of his dumb friends. LOL!
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