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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nevermind My Last Post!

The feeling is completely gone. hehehe! Actually, my "sadness" over losing TwiztidAsh as a buddy didn't last long at all. Only a couple of hours. I thought I would have to at least take several months to get over losing her as a bud, but no. I was over it almost instantly. For 2 reasons: 1) Because my primary focus now that spring is here is in getting myself back to the coast. Looking for an apartment there now has become my daily chore, and I find I have no time to think about anything else. And 2) When you consider TwiztidAsh's history, she was very easy to forget about. I heard about the World of Warcraft incident, and I used to think nothing of it. But that was why she made this one video that became viral of her getting all ninja and everything, calling everyone else a bunch of 'pussies' and threatening to bash their heads in. LOL. She allowed those people to bully her off her account. I never let people bully me off of anywhere! I never have and I never will. I may quit someplace because I don't have time to go there anymore, or some other reason, but I never allow bullies to push me off of somewhere I enjoy. And believe me, people have tried! LOL!

I remember a long time ago, on the Pluba forums (back when they were a forum) Mcgillicutty tried very hard to bully me off those forums. Even going so far as to create a whole new troll identity (MyFaveMartian) just to post up a link to my old MySpace where I was discussing the people of that forum a lot. She was probably hoping I was going to turn away in shame and never come back, but I didn't. I stayed there and communicated with my buddies. When Mcgillicutty found out that her tactic was not going to work with me, she started harassing, and getting meaner and meaner with me, still in hopes she could bully me into leaving. Still no. It did not work with me. I wasn't nearly about to give her the satisfaction. I stuck around. If for nothing else now, to piss her off more! hehehe! I hope she got ulcers from being that pissed off every day! hehehe! I figured out she was not a 50-something year old man, but a teenage girl. It was Sara Weiler (in my book, Serena Weiner), who was pissed off because I didn't like her intentionally breeding BYB quality chihuahuas, and I told her so. I knew there was only so many people mcgillicutty could have been. I didn't give my personal info to many people, and I could never imagine any of my friends doing what she did. So, I knew it had to be this teenage girl. I sure as hell was not going to let a teenager run me off anywhere. So, I stuck around. There is a lot to be said about your real friends standing by you, no matter what. So, that's why I stayed.

I only decided to leave when most of my friends left, and I started to discover what jerks show breeders are. With my friends there, for some reason, that was harder to see. But when they left, I started to see that much more clearly. Especially when DJ's Doxies fell under their spell. She was someone I considered a friend, very much so. But then she went to a dog show one weekend, and said she came back with a different attitude toward show breeders, and began saying how stupid people must be that thought show breeders were "a certain way" (not her exact words). Well, I could not help how I felt about show breeders, since most of the ones I met were that "certain way". Some were nice and kind, I really liked her closest friend on the forum, Hornybull. I still think she was cool. But not all show breeders are like her. In fact, she was in a class by herself. She was the rarer variety of show breeder. If show breeders were to be judged by their personality, as well as the quality of their dogs, she would have been the champion of the world.

Well, that's why TwiztidAsh was so easy to "get over". Just consider her history, she gives up on things (and people) too easily. In other words, she's weak-spirited. My guess is she can never be a real friend to anyone. EVER. Especially those who do not agree with her 100%. So, I don't feel the least bit bad about losing her as a buddy anymore. In fact, in thinking about this, if she were to try and befriend me again, I can tell her now, it would not work. I don't like weak-spirited people. I prefer much stronger people as friends. I think she's the f***ing pussy. No one else.
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