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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Something Interesting

I was kinda thumbing through YouTube yesterday, and I noticed something I ran across that was very interesting. I found out what Hobofart's problem is. I found out why he hates juggalos so much! He used to be a juggalo himself (big surprise huh?) but he decided he did not like Insane Clown Posse anymore when he discovered that they were not gay. HA! That's kinda funny. Then he was never a true fan of the band. He was just hoping at least one of the bandmembers was gay so he could get some cock from them or something. LOL! I remember a year or so ago, one of my friends said he was being this way because someone gave him coal for Christmas and he was angry at the world because of it. But I knew, from my own experiences with people, that there had to be FAR more to his behavior than that! The reason I know it must be true that he hates juggalos because the men of ICP are not gay, is because I've seen a lot of Hobofart's friends, and they are all gay people. Hobofart must be gay himself as well. Either that, or he has an unnaturally big fetish for gays.

Me? I'm an INXS fan. I love the men of INXS and I love their music. I even adore the fans. I don't care for the fanatics, but I love the fans. Like the juggalos, I think of most of them as family. Not family in the traditional sense, but the fact that we do have a common bond, and that is the men of INXS and our adoration of their music. INXS fanatics are a breed totally apart. They are basically the people who think they own the band. Like they can control what the band does, and how other fans should think. Like this one person who came onto one of my INXS talk videos and said that if I really loved INXS, basically I would not be saying I didn't like that new version of Kick. I showed her up but good! I think that makes me a better fan than any of them. Because I am honest about what I like about them and what I don't like. And I personally think INXS are mature enough to accept that is how I feel. Of course I am just one fan. I cannot change how the band is alone.

Did you know that the word "fan" is basically a shortened version of the word "fanatic"? LOL! I've always known that. But I feel there is a big difference between a fan and a fanatic. For some reason, I don't see the two words meaning the same thing. I like to think of myself as an INXS fan. That is, I love INXS, but I don't care if anyone else agrees with me that they are the best band in the world. Loving INXS the way I do is my choice. No one else's. But I don't think of myself as a fanatic. That is, I don't get all bent out of shape when someone else disses INXS and says they don't like them. And believe me, so many people have tried to piss me off with that. I never even feel anger. Because I know that is just their opinion. That is how they feel, not me. As long as they don't try to force me to see INXS the way they do, I don't care what their initial feelings of the band are. I respect those peoples' decision and I just don't discuss INXS with them. And I usually tell them not to listen when I discuss the band. hehe! In no way do I ever force them to see INXS the way I do, and as long as they are as respectful with me as I am with them, I don't harbor any hard feelings against them for not liking INXS. THAT is what makes me a fan, but not a fanatic. I may ask someone why they don't like INXS, but that's as far as it goes for me. I don't tell them they are insane for not liking INXS, or they must be stupid or anything. I don't feel that way. Because that is their right of choice.

I remember once this happened on the Craigslist pet forum. One of the members there was a big fan of some professional chef from Australia, I forget his name now, but I do know he has his own cooking show. This person said he was the most handsome man she's ever seen. I saw his pic, and personally I thought he was ugly! His eyes were beady and too close together. He kinda looked like Jon Stevens with short, curly, blond hair. Of course I didn't tell her that! I just said he's not my type, and that Tim Farriss is the celeb I love the most. Well, she didn't go for how Timmy looked either. I just told her that's OK. I wasn't even angry at all. When I was younger, and a lot less mature, I might have gotten pissed. But now, no. Now, I just look at it as she has her opinion, and I have mine. Simple as that.

Well, in other news, Anna and I have been discussing my return to the coast. I'm going to move back there, and stay in a temporary dwelling until I can find a more permanent home. Perhaps stay in subsidized housing for a while until I can find a better place. I'd prefer a rental home. But staying in a temporary place will give me a chance to look for one and have a good place to come back to, rather than visiting down there for like a week, and then coming back here with nothing having been accomplished. Most of the people who put ads up, either in the newspaper or on Craigslist, usually do not answer right away. So to say "I'm going there to stay for a week to find a place to move to" I would not be accomplishing much. Who knows if I will even find anything in a week's time? It could take several weeks, or even months, to find a place. And to have to return here to Bozeman after not finding anything within a week's time, it would not help me re-establish myself back on the coast at all. One of the tenants here is selling a car and I am serious about buying it from her. Once I do, I am halfway to my goal. The next step will be to save some money for the actual move and deposits. Then, I can totally establish myself on the coast again, and I'll be home free!
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