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Sunday, May 2, 2010


Did you know that there are actually people who like sniffing other peoples' butts?? I didn't know that until I was referred to a video on YouTube where someone was discussing it. And there is also a video that has gone viral of a man in a grocery store going around sniffing other peoples' butts. My only thought on that subject was "How was he able to do that without getting slapped?" Because I'll tell you, if I caught someone doing that to me, I'd slap the shit out of them!!! I don't even like it when dogs do that, much less people. Dogs at least do it for a reason! That's how they identify each other and us. My dogs don't do that to me, mostly because they know who I am. But I see dogs doing that to humans, sometimes it reminds me of why most people don't like dogs! But let me tell you, cats are no better!! The only difference is dogs actually take every opportunity to sniff a person's butt. They'll run up to a person just for the sole reason of sniffing their butt. Especially big dogs. Cats are different. They will only sniff a person's butt if the person sticks it in their face. And cats are gentler about it, whereas dogs are sloppier about it. You can actually hear and feel them poking their noses down there and sniffing. With a cat, you don't even know they're doing it. Not unless you happen to be looking back there. Both species do that because their sense of smell is important to them. That's what they mostly rely on to tell them who ranks higher in the pack. I saw one person say dogs do it because they like the smell of human feces. But that's not really true. Like I said, they sniff in areas we feel they shouldn't because they think we're another dog. To them, that's our calling card.

But what purpose does a human have for sniffing another person's butt? Nothing but their own sexual pleasure! It's weird, I know! Too weird, even for me! And I thought I had seen it all. I was listening to one person's experience with someone like that, and she talked about how when someone goes into a public restroom to urinate, or dump, there's someone who insists on going in there immediately after them just so they can sniff the previous person's leavings. I don't know about others, but I actually hate going to a public restroom, and someone ahead of me has dumped in the handicap restroom (which is usually the only stall I fit well into), and I have to go in immediately after and the smell of their activity still lingers in there! For me, that's a chore! I hate it!! I would avoid it if I could, but if I've been driving for an hour, and I have to wizz really bad when I reach my destination, I cannot help it! And I'd rather wizz on myself than try to cram my fat body into a skinny person's stall in those public restrooms!! Most of the time, I barely fit in those things, and each side of my fat belly is touching the TP roller, and the kotex disposal! EWWWWW!!!!! I HATE THAT!!!! That's why I always use the handicap restroom. If I have to go really bad, and the handicap room is being used, I'll wait! I'll sit down on a chair nearby and wait! That helps sometimes.

Though I have to tell you even the handicap restroom at Safeway in Aberdeen is just as bad. They put the damn toilet right up against the corner. So sometimes I am still touching the damn kotex disposal!! YUK!! And the other day when I had to tinkle, I found the idiot who was in there ahead of me, left some used TP with GOD only knows what in it, on top of the disposal lid! Instead of inside the disposal where it should have been! And I almost touched it!!!! The main reason I totally HATE public restrooms! Not everyone has good manners like I do! If I make a mess, I'm very adamant that I clean it up right away. I always think of the person behind me. Would they want to see used TP on the disposal lid instead of inside the disposal where no one has to look at it? I know I didn't like it. So, if I used TP and didn't chuck it in the toilet, I would put it inside the disposal. That way no one else has to see my business, and no one else risks touching it. Now, how often has anyone taken a dump in public restrooms? That's something I don't feel comfortable doing unless it is at home! LOL! Only in extreme emergencies, which I try to schedule at least once a year.

OK, enough of the toilet rant. LOL!! Some good news, the animated banner for my Metazoic website is almost done. My designer said that his crew has been working on it and it looks pretty good. I can hardly wait! He said it should be done tomorrow. This will be the very first time any of the animals from my site will be seen in actual motion. Hopefully it won't be the last time. I still hope to have some little 10-minute flicks made about some of the more interesting species. But that comes MUCH later on. And that will still only be for members only. But a simple, one-time $10 donation will get anyone into the members section :) As well as give them members-only privileges, like rating and commenting on each animal. That's just one of the features I plan to have in the future (maybe next year).
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