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Friday, November 6, 2009

Why Bother??

Well, today was a long and busy day for me! Thank GOD I didn't have to do any of the driving!! And I get home and go to sleep after this long day out, and I wake up, turn on my computer and check my e-mails. After that I usually thumb through various websites and I head back to YouTube. For the past week, there's been this guy who calls himself chivasusachris1 and he wants to compare a chihuahua to a labrador! Not only are chihuahuas better looking than labs, they're smarter too!! At least mine are! I need to get a video of Vegas getting his doll and his rope on command and then actually putting them away when he's finished. I don't even have to give him any hand signals! I just tell him and he understands.

I am NOT a labrador fan! Not even slightly. I cannot stand ANY gun dogs! Except American cocker spaniels. The rest of them, they could all be bred out of existance and I wouldn't give a shit! I hate labradors! Labradors, golden retrievers, irish setters, pointers, I don't like any of them! This guy on YouTube thinks he can change my mind by showing me his ass-sniffing labrador doing tricks, like opening and closing a trash can lid. Big deal! He says his dog does a lot more than that. Well, I admit, it would be very tricky for Vegas, who only stands about 1 foot tall on his hind legs, to open and close a trash can lid, but Vegas has his own line of tricks. And they are tricks suitable for small dogs.

So now this guy says "tell me how many times has your dog been on tv?" Oh ho! As if that is supposed to impress me!! Dare I tell him about the request I got from Disney Studios to star my baby in Beverly Hills Chihuahuas? The only reason I said no was because I did not agree with the kind of chihuahua they wanted to use. It was a cream-colored Taco Bell lookalike. I never even saw the movie when it was in the theaters. Well, I didn't tell this guy anything about that, except that Vegas was requested for a major motion picture! But there is no way to prove it on YouTube! I'm not gonna show some dumbass who I don't know the e-mails, when he has no business looking at my e-mails anyways!! E-mails is one thing I will NOT cross-post! Not without express permission from the person who sent it. I do have some morals!!

Well, no doubt I will be inundated with comments from this asshole about how his ugly-fuck of a labrador is better than my baby!! Ya know, I don't know why I even bother with responding to these dip-shits in the first place!! I should just redirect him to this blog!! At least here I can write as much as I want and there is no limit! And I even allow people to respond anonymously if they want. I think you can tell today I am not in the best of moods!! Well, my response on here is a lot more hot-headed than it was on YouTube! But I'm just so tired of people being so hostile to one another on YouTube! Small wonder why now everyone is calling it "RudeTube"!! LOL! I've had run-ins with people who hate non-whites now, and people who hate Americans on the whole. I can say now I have seen it all!! But I keep going back to YouTube because it is one of the best ways I've found to learn about different herps and birds and seeing other peoples' set-ups and thinking, "THAT'S what I want!!!" It's exciting!! But really! Why do people feel the need to be so rude on YouTube!? I mean, I hate show breeders! But I'm not going to be rude to every one of them I meet, because actually I have met a very few who were genuinely nice!! I prefer to meet everyone as an individual, and judge each one based on the quality of that individual's character. Not based on the actions of all the bad ones I've met, even though there's been so many. But show breeders I would just greet with the utmost caution!! And NEVER, for one second, think of them as friends!! Unless they have proven they can be worthy of being called a "friend".

On the funny side, there's this video of a frog eating a bird. Someone calling himself RSixBoy made this comment:

so relieved theres no faggot "animal activists" bitching about how the person recording this video should have saved the fucking bird.

I responded to him in this manner:

No one should argue with nature. If you don't like how nature works, leave the planet! Because it's always going to happen.

Well, today I noticed someone who calls himself theTeabag responded to my comment. Looks like finally one of those "faggots" that RSixBoy was talking about finally decided to show up, after a long time of none coming to this thread. This was what theTeabag said in response to my post:

Yes but cameraman is a human, not animal. I'd expect a human to save You from a bearattack in the forest rather than say "No one should argue with nature" :)

Besides, You're 35. In natural conditions, which I guess is the pleistocene epoch, people don't live that long. You should have no teeth and prepare yourself to die soon.

My only response (without getting personal) was this:

Where have you been? You're late!

LOL!! I was actually wondering how long it would take for some tree-hugger to chime into this thread. This one must be slow! Either that, or this is one of my old nemesis who has come back to haunt me again. hehehe!


Anna said...

Not all gun dogs are that bad. Why do you think there being trained for seeing eye dogs now? I see more of them being used for that purpose than German Shepherds these days. The reason why gun dogs are so popular is because they are more compatable to people's lifestyles and good dogs for someone with children and small dogs. They are also less likely to be troublemakers or even have a bad reputation in modern society unlike Rottweilers and Pitbulls. This is based on fact.
I dont want to make it sound like I am starting a gun dog debate because I'm not. I am simply stating the truth that I have been wanting to say for a long, long time.
I do say that Vegas is a lot cuter when he is told to get his doll. Its just the fact that a lot of people think its adorable when a small dog like a Chihuahua does all kinds of interesting tricks. It is a big deal when big dogs do tricks, hell, there supposed to, especially gun dogs. They were bred specifically to fetch things, its in their nature. But you see a Chihuahua fetch a ball and everyone says "AWWWW!" Tell me when was the last time anybody said that about a Labrador fetching a ball? I rest my case.

I think you need to get away from these dumbasses on YouTube. They always seem to get your blood boiling one way or another.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

They are not that great for small children. I would NEVER (and I mean NEEEEVVVEEEERR!!!!!) have a labrador if I had a 3-year old girl. They're far too hyper. But yeah, I agree, a labrador fetches a ball and it's like "so what!?" But a chihuahua fetches a ball and it really is a big deal! Knowing chihuahuas can be stubborn sometimes and not well known for their fetching abilities.