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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Grasping For Straws

I noticed Kenny hasn't been around for a couple of days. I figured he wanted to give up the ship and move on. But no, he was studying those last 2 days. That way, he can look smarter on this forum than he really is. Well, I got a message he was responding to me again on that same thread. Last Friday, I noticed he got into it with 2 other people and I wanted to let them know what kind of a person Kenny really is. So, I wrote this:

Kenny is stupid!! LOL! He just doesn't know it, which is kinda sad. But he's funny. Then again, ignorance is always funny! Anyway, want proof he's stupid? Besides seeing his posts, I told everyone he talks out his ass, and it went WAY over his head!! LOLOL!!! I say Kenny needs to heed his own advice! Don't call others stupid if he is stupid himself! Rather contradictory of dear Kenny, don't ya think? LOL!! :P

Well, 2 days later, I notice these posts after discovering he'd responded to me again:

No I dont think its contradictory at all.

If you were referring to methane coming from my anus well mate the major component of flatus (fart gas for a dumbshit like you) contains 90% hydrogen with only trace amounts of methane. Unless you are a ruminant which Im not - possibly you are since you are so full of bullshit...

How am I expected to make sense of what you write when its not even accurate or logical?

What's this? So now he's acting like the grammar-expert? It was he who didn't care about his own grammar when he first started this battle. But heck! At least now he's showing just a little bit more smarts. Just a little bit! LOL! Well, he added this to his original post:

Honestly kid it was sort of fun to begin with but now you are just going beyond silly.

And please stop with this puerile LOL :P stuff.

It might seem cute to you but anyone with an IQ over 60 finds it childish.

Stupid stupid boy...

Well, whereas up to this point, I had been playing with him, since he decided he wanted to get serious now, I decided to accommodate along with him. So this was how I responded:

"And please stop with this puerile LOL :P stuff."

Since you started this whole confrontation, you'd better be prepared to sit it out mate!! I'm ready to quit whenever you are. But if you want to keep pushing, I can go as far as you want me to and beyond!!

Well, his response was this:

Kid some of us have a life.

You should try it...

To which I responded in this way:

I know most of us have lives, but you sure aren't one of them!! :P

I think he's trying to make me feel like I started the fight. But it's not working. The posts speak for themselves.

Well, YouTube was acting up this morning. I think it was due to the maintenance the site was going through. For some reason, my initial response to him today got repeated. So, this is what he said:

Hey Timmy why are you repeating yourself?

Nobody was listening the first time.

Hey when you finish high school (if you can) try doing a degree in physiology, then you wont get confused about methane in human farts.

And if you call typing smilies as a 'language skill' then I fear that you juts wont graduate from highschool at all.

At least you will have youtube to make yourself feel bigger...


I have a feeling, looking through all of his posts, that he's the one still in high school. I honestly think he's still a teenager, even though his profile says he's 37. Could be a lie, but he doesn't act like a lot of 37-year olds I know of. He's sure not smart enough. Well, I decided to let him know about my lack of control over how many times my first post posted. I didn't have to I know it!! That first sentence really was not worth responding to.

I don't know why that was posted twice. But I deleted one of them.

BTW, I graduated from high school LONG before you did! Probably before you were even born!

It's true! I probably was getting my diploma handed to me while he was still shitting his diapers and sucking his mama's breasts. As for his last statement, about YouTube making me feel bigger, well, he obviously thinks I habitually go around and act like an internet warrior. But the truth is, I don't. So, I didn't direct this at Kenny himself, but anyone who comes in and thinks Kenny has the slightest idea of what he's talking about:

And just FTR, I don't start fights on YouTube. Kenny got his knickers in a wad because I could identify this was not an American eagle, and those were not mountain goats, and he couldn't. Thus he started this battle. But I always treat everyone with respect. I can come off sweet, and I can come off sour, I can go either way, it depends on how I'm approached. ;)

No need really to be jealous because I know animals. Just continue reading. You'll learn.

Well, just now I noticed that Kenny responded to this with probably the most ignorant come-back I've ever seen. Now, he's turning to accusing me of beastiality. LOL!!! I mean really! I love animals, but not THAT much!!! LOL! I believe this is just Kenny's typical attempt to grasp at straws. But yes, some of my stories do involve animal-erotica. Animal-erotica is actually more popular than you think. I believe it started with the old Archie and Mehitabel broadway plays of the 1950s, and still goes on today. My animal-erotica stories involve Martin and Genny, who are in love with each other. But both are animals. None of them are people. Beastiality is not even implied in my stories because I personally find it disgusting for a person to make love to an animal! For Kenny to even think that is disgusting!!! But it's his views, not mine! Anyway, this is what he said:

"I know animals"

I bet thats the truth!

Well anyone who boasts about writing 'animal erotica' on their Youtube channel page should be listened too when it comes to identifying dead goats.

Honestly mate the fact that you articulate like a teenager yet you are a middle aged man is fucked enough, but when you trawl Youtube trying to find animal snuff erotica to get off on is beyond sick.

It was fun sparring with you at first kid but now your plain creepy...

I see not only is he not familiar with the concept of animal-erotica, and ignorantly accusing me of beastiality, but he also still believes I'm a man. Apparently he hasn't grasped the simple fact that my name ends in "Gal", and it could mean I'm a woman. I'm thinking "What in the heck is wrong with this character?" He's obviously deluded!! But oh well!! I say Google animal-erotica. There's actually hundreds of artists who practice that. But anyway, this was my response to him. I thought he might as well know the truth:

You totally misunderstood my profile. That's not what animal-erotica means. My stories are about animals loving each other. Not people loving on animals! Get your facts straight.

BTW, I'm not a man. If you had read my screen name carefully, you'd notice that it ends in "Gal". Timmy is the man I adore. Hense my screen name.

Yes I know animals. I've been studying them since 1986, when I was in middle school!

I also added:

But then again, I believe this is another simple grasp for straws. You've been doing that a lot I notice.

So apparently he's read one of my stories. Most likely a sample story. I bypassed a lot of pages and left some phrases out in the samples. They were merely meant to capture peoples' attentions, not meant to copy the full versions of the stories. But hey! I really do appreciate his opinion. I cannot discuss it here because Trisha, my supervisor, would not let me. I'd be fired for sure!

NEWS FLASH! I think Kenny's been deleted!! I tried to respond to him and I couldn't!! Either that, or he banned me from responding to him.

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