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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Year in Perspective

Well, it has been quite a year! I decided to put the whole thing in perspective. I thought I could outline what all I have accomplished this year. I haven't bad-mouthed people, much! At least it hasn't been the same people, except those from the SE forum. But when they have bashed me, I noticed one thing, something wonderful happens. Remember when I posted that they trolled my guestbook on my Metazoic site? Only a week after I discovered they did that, I found out INXS will be touring the World again!!! And that's just one sample! I don't know what I have going for me! Maybe it's karma? Fate? Blessings? Or maybe just plain old dumb luck!! I don't know why every time the people on the SE forum have bashed me that soon after something miraculous has happened to me! But I told them to keep doing it!!! I'm loving it! Maybe with their bashings, and the LORD's blessings, I'll get to meet up with Tim Farriss again this tour!! Maybe! I told them do me that favor!! LOL!!!

But anyway, I made a resolution to stop bashing people so much, and it has lessened!! But I also noticed that I don't have as many readers as I used to! But hey! I feel better about myself now that I've learned to leave everything in the past. I kinda wonder what happened to FreckleFace???? She's probably disappointed in me. Well!! Forgiving is hard! Especially when the other person hasn't repented. Doesn't feel too comfortable when you have forgiven and the other person hasn't asked for it. But then again, imagine Jesus on the cross. He forgave his attackers even though they were still torturing Him. That's so hard to do though. Jesus could do it because He was near perfect. I don't like to say this, but I am not near perfect. LOL, OK I'm joking there, but still I know I'm not perfect. But at least I can say I tried. Even in this past month I noticed my attacks even on the do-dos on YouTube have lessened. And believe me there has been some on there that I haven't mentioned here!! I've been refraining myself from talking about them on here as part of my 'rehabilitation' you might say. I have also been keeping off the forums. Except for a few Facebook forums related to INXS. But with those I trust the forum keeper. It's not like the Switchboard or Rockband Lounge where I don't trust those forum keepers around the corner!!

But anyway, I am trying to keep my promise and lessen the attacks, little by little. I admit it's taking a while, and I'm trying to get myself to a point where I stop bashing others altogether. It's not easy!!! There was a sense of comfort to people thinking I was psychologically insane!! Kinda like a dangerous animal, you want to leave a person like that alone and not go near them. LOL! At least it would have kept those people from bothering me at the next set of INXS concerts. But that is not me! I cannot hurt anyone! No matter how much they deserve it. Most of the time I am all mouth, and that's all I have. hehe!

Well, that was one accomplishment for this year. My bashings have lessened. I didn't think they would stop completely, not this year! But they have lessened. There has been several times I have actually stopped myself in my own tracks from bashing others. Sometimes as I am writing these posts, something slips out, and I think about it and read it and go back and delete it. So, I've gotten better!!! Last year I wasn't even doing that, just typing and then posting. I have even lessened my attacks on Catsredrum and her friends. And I'm not even sure they have continued to attack me. But I feel I've made my point. At least I hope so!!! So as long as they leave me alone, I will do the same with them. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. That's been my motto this year, at least I am working on it!! It's been easier to calm down on YouTube as well, since I've informed the tree-huggers that they will be blocked if they bother me there. I haven't heard from any since then. Funny thing! You go your whole life without meeting any tree-huggers, all of a sudden, there they all are on YouTube!!!! What is this world coming to?

Well, Obama is an asshole! Just as I knew he was going to be!! A friend of mine is on Social Security and is furious because she isn't getting her annual raise!! Every year, for the past 20 years she's been on it, she's gotten a raise. This year, Obama isn't going to give those on Social Security a raise at all!! Instead he's going to spend the money on himself and his family. This is what happens when you give someone a lot of money who hasn't had money all his life. They spend it like crazy on things that they want. Not what they should be spending it on! I knew he was using this country's money like it's his own personal piggy bank!! I knew it was going to happen!!! So now he takes the money from the people who need it the most!!!! Thanks a lot Obama!!! But the people wanted him, so they got him! They cannot complain! But I can because I didn't vote for him!! But people loved the novelty of having a black person for president! Shoot! I'd have been happier with Bill Cosby or MC Hammer as the president!!! At least they are RESPECTABLE black people!!!! If that's all this country wanted was a black president!! BUT NOT OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get rid of that turkey!!!! Now he wants this country to ally with Iraq and I said he's out of his !@#$ mind!!!! We can't ally with Iraq! Among other things, their culture is very different from ours!! For them, to kill someone is an honor worthy of high praise. For us, to kill someone is a crime worthy of prison time! How can we successfully merge with Iraq??? Answer me that.

Well, every time we get a democrat for president they mess things up!! Yet every time we get a republican president, we go to war. Either way, we're sunk!! But that's what this country is all about!
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