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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

INXS Tour Again!!!

I think I read that INXS will be touring again. Awesome!!! They're going to be starting in Vancouver. I'd love to try going to that concert, but I doubt I'll make it. Anna wants to take me to the concert in style. hehehe! Gotta love these guys. And of course Anna! Looks like the band is going to recruit guest vocalists. I cannot wait to see whom! But I saw the announcement today that they are planning another World tour starting at the Vancouver Olympics on Feb. 24 at Vancouver BC's Place. According to this article, there's going to be tickets on sale. They are going to range in price from $22 to $50, and INXS is going to be one of several bands that are going to perform a concert to kick off the Olympics. I need to call and find out when exactly INXS will be performing. I don't care about any other concert! I sat through one opening act in Michigan. They were not too bad, but they had instrumental portions that went on into the night!! That was boring as HECK!! But I stayed because I thought their bassist was CUTE!!!! It was that group "Four-Fingered Five".

Oh GOD!! I never realized how much I miss Timmy until I heard they will be touring again. Well, I knew I missed him a lot, I just didn't realize it was this much!! I've been looking at some pics of him, there's some pics of him at the Australian Aria Awards, and I gotta tell you, he is looking MORE handsome than EVER!!!! I cannot wait to see him in person again. I doubt I will have any meetings with any of the guys (I don't think they want to see me again!) But if I could just see them one more time, it'll make me so happy!!!

Anyway, here is the article.

I'm feeling sooooo good!! You know what? Nothing can bring me down. My favorite men are making a comeback. NOTHING else matters to me now. Even this idiot on YouTube could not get to me. He claims he lost 30 pounds, and is calling me a fat ass and saying that I don't eat less than any skinny person. I think he thinks that every person processes fat the same way. It's a shame. Personally, I don't believe him at all. He may have lost 30 pounds once before, but he's probably still a fat-ass himself. Otherwise he wouldn't feel the need to call me a fat-ass and all kinds of fat names. But you know, I truly don't give a shit. With this new INXS news, nothing can bring me down. :)
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