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Sunday, April 28, 2024

"Wacky Woman"

Well, I had another run-in with her yesterday. This one was a bit closer and more personal. I was coming home from the fairgrounds with my dogs, and I saw her walking up the road towards the complex. I said "Oh no, it's that wacky woman!" She saw me looking at her as I turned the corner to enter the complex too. I was getting out of the car with  my dogs just as she was coming toward me. She had this big, evil smile on her face and she very sweetly said "Hello!" So, I returned the evil smile with one of my own and said in my friendliest voice "Hello!" I was standing with the back door open calling Mya to come out. I said to Mya "Don't go near that wacky woman!" She just smiled again, saying "Its so nice you can talk shit about me to my face!" I responded with "Oh yeah! I'd gladly say it to your face!" I noticed she had a friend with her, some tall, thin, Mexican woman. I didn't pay much attention to her though. Just took a glance at her to see who she was so I would know not to associate with her. LOL!

Then that wacky woman says as she gets closer to me "Yep! I'll sure be glad when you go back where you came from!" I looked her straight in her face and replied "Tell you the truth, so will I!" LMAO!! I thought it was funny she'd actually say that. I felt the same way when I was ready to move away from Montana. I knew I was pretty much hated by the people of that state. I didn't care though. But my sentiments were the same as they are here. Nobody wants me out of here more than I want myself out! It's just that wacky woman was the only person to actually say that. I've gotta give her props for that. At least she was brazen enough to tell the truth to me. I still call her that wacky woman. For one reason is because I don't know her name, and she seems like the type that if I asked her name she'd say "I'm not going to tell you my name!" So why even bother asking? Second, when I called her that to her face, she actually laughed. Of course I think it sounded like a fake laugh, but I don't know that for sure. So, I'm going to assume she likes being called "that wacky woman", just like she liked being called an asshole.

I'm actually kinda glad she found someone who will give her gumption to speak up when we are around. I don't understand her when she just mumbles to herself. I think I might know who her companion is. She owns a little dog that looks like a mixed yorkshire and brussels griffon. It's a cute dog, but that lady and her family don't seem to be very friendly people. So, I just admire their dog and stay away from them. I've been seeing them walking their dog here for a few years. She never talks to anyone. Just gives funny looks. She and that wacky woman are 2 peas in a pod! LOL! Oh well. It really doesn't make any difference to me. I don't like strangers either. I think though, from now on, we're not going to see that wacky woman without her sidekick. I think I upset her. So, maybe she feels she needs help when outside in case I "talk shit" about her again. OK then.

The truth is, and I really don't want to say this to that wacky woman's face, I don't want to start a war with her. I just want her to leave me and my dogs alone. That's all. You like being an asshole, that's OK for you. But leave me out of it. Or else I'm gonna treat you like the asshole you enjoy being. Then, you'll have nobody to blame but yourself. I can already tell she doesn't like how I talk about her, just by the fact she has to have a companion with her when she's out, and she said I was "talking shit" about her to her face, and that she'll be glad to see me go home. Those are some clear-cut clues that somehow, I struck a nerve with her. But again, she has only herself to blame. She should have left me and my babies alone. And don't act like an asshole unless you're prepared to be treated like one. I know that all too well! I act like an asshole all the time, and I get treated lousy. But I'm an older woman. I'm more used to it. And not a people-person anyway. I can cope with it a lot better than she can at this point.

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