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Monday, April 8, 2024

When Selling Online

I remember a couple years ago, I sold my car stereo on Facebook Marketplace. When I post an ad online, it's always first come, first served. That means I do not hold anything for anyone. Anyone can come and try to get the item, but if someone else shows up before them, and takes the item I am selling, then too bad for the other person. Even if they are on their way. Sometimes, when I am feeling generous, and someone tells me they are in their car, and on their way, I might put a Pending sign on the ad. But only for a couple hours. No longer! I will not hold something for someone until the next day.

This past weekend, my sis tried selling an item on the Facebook Marketplace. One woman, who lived in Newport, contacted her and seemed very interested in the item. But she said she had to wait to ask her husband. When my sis told me she said that, I was like "Oh. We'll never hear from her again!" But in the meantime, my sis had already marked the item she was selling under Pending. I told her she shouldn't have done that. I would not have done it on someone just simply saying "I'll ask so-n-so". Before I mark anything Pending, I would have to hear "I am in the car, on my way!" It's just simple etiquette. Well, this woman said her husband would be back around 3:30. So my sis waited, and never heard from this woman.

About 5, she texts the woman and asked if she's still interested in the item. The woman said her husband was running late, and would not be back until 6. So my sis waited until then. In the meantime, I told her to never put anything on Pending again until you're sure, beyond reasonable doubt, the person is coming to claim the item. That's what I do. But my sis kept the item on Pending anyway. The next morning she said she heard from that lady again, and this time the woman had made up an excuse saying "I'm pregnant and not feeling good." When my sis told me she said that, I told her "Take the item off Pending. And don't ever do that again unless the person is actually on their way!" I've come across people like that too many times when trying to sell something. That's why I always sell on a first-come-first-served basis.

That may drive some people crazy, or anger some people, but that's the way I operate. And this lady who led my sis on all weekend is the reason why I do. When I sold my car stereo, two people said they are coming. One was a woman and her boyfriend, and the other was a man in a pick-up truck. I told them both to come on over. The woman with her boyfriend showed up first, and I was expecting the other guy at the same time. I told him to come on over. I didn't say that to trick him into coming or anything. I said come on over because at the time he messaged me, the first couple still had not made up their mind if they wanted the stereo or not. By the time the man in the pickup showed up, the first couple had made up their mind and paid me for the stereo. The poor guy in the pickup was upset. Yes, I felt bad telling him to come on over, and by the time he got there the stereo was already sold. I felt very bad because of that. But I don't hold for anyone. Not anymore. And usually no longer than an hour or two if they are coming from out of town.

The guy in the pickup truck went home and gave me a bad review. But all I could say to him was "I'm sorry." I told him I just wasn't sure if the first couple were actually going to take the stereo. That's just how it happened. My sis had her item marked Pending overnight, and she probably lost out on some other customers because of this one woman. But I gave my sis a stark warning never to do a thing like that again. Never mark any item you're selling as "Pending" unless you know absolutely the potential buyer is on their way. Hopefully she never does that again. As of today, that woman still has not shown any sign of getting this item my sis is selling, and no one else seems to be interested.

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