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Thursday, April 11, 2024

Commie Management

As I have said before, this apartment complex is undergoing some big changes. We even have new managers. Since I moved here back in 2016, right after my pa died, we've been through about half a dozen different managers. Some have been nice and understanding. A few have been total ogres. I realize apartment managers are not really supposed to be friends with the tenants. But we've had some really mean shits managing these apartments. For the most part though, most of the people who have managed this complex have been decent and fair. That is until this one took over. Now, I won't say she's a bad person. Sometimes she can be kinda nice. It may not even be her behaving on these actions. It could be the company she works for. She is probably doing nothing more than following orders. But if you ask me, the orders are silly!!

Recently, I have been reprimanded because I don't clean my patio. Well, I hardly ever use that patio. And this place used to have someone come in once or twice a year with a power washer and clean the patios and walk ways. But apparently this new management got rid of that luxury. I'm an old woman on a budget. I can't afford to get a damn power washer! And what would I do with it if I did get one? Besides once a year clean the damn patio! My sis and I have been doing our spring cleaning here this past week. Our old apartment is still being renovated. I kinda cannot wait to see how it turns out. But I don't exactly know if we're going to stay long enough to enjoy it. That is, if something doesn't change about this manager.

The new managers are expecting more from us than most people here are able to afford. I remember last month, when I moved into this temporary apartment, I asked the manager if she could get the maintenance guy over here to help me adjust the kitchen shelves. I tried to do it and I just couldn't. I tried everything! Even pulling the pins out with pilers. No soap! So, I asked the manager to ask the maintenance guy to come and help me. She put in a work order but said that because it's not an emergency, it's low on the priorities list. I said OK, but I still wanted someone to come over. Well, guess what. She never put in no work order, and I am still waiting for the maintenance guy to show up! But he won't. I think the manager gave up on that job. Without even telling me or getting me help.

The worst thing now about this management is they are trying to make this a pet-free complex. Meaning they aren't going to let anyone have any pets unless they are service animals. And here we've got 3 dogs, and several birds. OK, so I got the doctor to get our dogs in as ESAs. Mya and Rosebud are anyway, for me and my sis. But I also had to get Ele in as an ESA. I didn't really get Ele with the intention that she was going to be an ESA, but now, that is the only way I can keep her. And I really don't want to let her go. She's my baby! But now there's the birds. And this is where I think the management is being really silly!

As you all know, I have several small cage birds. I've had them since 2021. Back in those days, I was told it was OK to have small cage pets, and they didn't have to be ESAs nor cost any kind of deposit. So, I thought it was a good chance to get the birds. I hadn't had birds since 1992, and I missed them! But now this new manager has moved in, and her company wants me to say these are emotional support birds! They want to know how each individual bird helps me emotionally. I told the manager "I don't know how they help me emotionally! I just got them because I like them!" I even had to write to the company and explain the whole thing. Well, I didn't know what to tell the company. I told them I just don't know how to describe a "service bird". These are finches. They aren't pets. They cannot even be taken out of their cages. To take a finch out of the cage and handle it too much is extremely stressful. These are very delicate birds. They'll die if they get too stressed out. So to me, they aren't pets. They're just beings I keep because I like them. I like to watch them. I like to listen to their little calls. And I was told it was OK to keep them back in 2021. And they cannot make me get rid of them now. I swear to GOD, I will move out first!

My sis and I have actually been looking at places in Spokane Valley to move to. If this manager tries to make me get rid of my birds, I'm going to tell her no. They've been here longer than she has and I refuse to get rid of them! Several people have already moved out because of this new management. And several more are planning to move out. NO ONE likes this new management. They're way too strict. It's like living in a communist society. I understand adhering to the rules. I can live with that. But the rules are totally unreasonable. One person got on report because they were parked backwards. Although my ma told me that's because no one wants car exhaust coming through their window when that person starts up their car. But people here sometimes park backward. Usually to unload something. And NO ONE here is going to get rid of their precious pets! I'm OK with putting dogs on leashes. But I am not going to get rid of our dogs. Some people have pets because of their health benefits. It's not always something a doctor can describe. Animals just make some people happy. And there are many people in this complex who are confined to inside their home. Animals give them some much needed companionship.

Well, we will have to see what happens. But I am not letting go of any of my animals. If they go, I go. And I will leave here if they argue.

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