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Friday, April 26, 2024

Trump Vs. New York

 I will be watching this tonight on Dr. Phil. But before I did I want to give my take on what I've heard about it so far. I've got to tell you, these people are beyond evil, and are too proud of that! The judge for this case is already hinting to the world that he has no intention of making this a fair trial! Trump is not allowed to have his lawyer there, and his lawyer is a very intelligent person. But the stupid judge, Juan Merchan, said Trump is not allowed to have a lawyer present. That's something I heard the other day that the mainstream media will not tell you. Plus, Trump has a gag-order on him. He's more likely not even going to be allowed to speak up in his own defense.

Today I heard the court wants to hold Trump in contempt of court due to him apparently "attacking" witnesses. Oh GAWD!! I don't believe for one second Trump ever "attacked" any witnesses. But the leftists believe he did, with all their heart. But then again, my experience with leftists are they don't have 2 brain cells to rub together! But whether you love Trump or hate him, how is putting a gag-order on him, and not even letting his lawyer into court to defend him fair??? Tell me that! I thought all judges are supposed to be fair. I thought this country was built on the concept of liberty and justice for all. So where is justice for Trump? The judge's mind is already made up, he doesn't like Trump at all. So everyone knows he's not going to be fair to him in this trial.

Oh, but it gets worse. Trump cannot miss a single day of his hearing, and is not even allowed to go to his son Barron's graduation from high school. And I just know they want to do that just so the leftists can say "He doesn't care enough about his own child to attend his graduation!" I know how leftists are. It's the same reason the leftists took all his provisions that were supposed to go to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and put them in a big storage shed! They wanted Americans to believe Trump didn't send anything because he "hates Hispanic people". Which I know is a damn lie! But then what is a leftist if not a liar?! But just wait and see if I am not right about the leftists now going to say Trump "doesn't care about his own child". I'll bet anyone $200 the leftists start using that against Trump within 2 months of Barron's graduation. Maybe won't even need that long. Maybe within 1 month.

Well, we all know why all these trials are going on. The democraps have already admitted, they have to get Trump in prison before November. Nobody likes Joe Biden anymore. And no one is going to fall for this "there's a pandemic going on" shit again. And we're sure as Hell not going to believe Joe Biden is going to win again this year by another 80M votes!!! Not even a 40M vote will make me believe. Even if the leftists say Biden got ahead of Trump by 900M votes, by 90M votes or by 9 votes, I'm not going to believe them. You look at a Biden rally, there's only a couple dozen people there. And chances are, they were paid to be there. But go to a Trump rally, and you'll see so many people in there, some have to sit up in the rafters!! There aren't enough seats in any arena to support the number of people who go to Trump rallies!! I didn't even believe for one second that Biden got 80M votes in 2020. And my sis saw the whole thing on TV, and she said after Trump started getting more votes than Biden, they stopped counting Trump votes. That's how Biden supposedly got 80M votes. And now hearing bags of Trump vote ballots were found on the bank of a river. Shit no! I'm not going to believe it if Biden wins.

The leftists also want to have Trump jailed for denying the election. If Trump is going to be jailed for that, then I want to see Hillary Clinton jailed for the same thing! She totally denied the 2016 elections, and even spread lies about Trump, saying his win was due to some kind of collusion with Russia. Funny how the leftists will believe that, but not believe big sacks of Trump vote ballots were found dumped in fields. Well, like I said, leftists are dumb. They don't have the sense GOD gave an artichoke!

Well, I found out I am not the only conservative in the world that was converted by republicans. It took me longer than average, because I wanted to believe there's good in all people. Not so with leftists. Most other conservatives also say they switched from being a leftist to being a conservative because of other leftists. I don't blame them! Leftists are crazy asf! And they LIE!! That's the biggest thing I learned about them is they LIE!!! They do it in real life, they do it in the mainstream media, they do it on social media, it's part of their nature. When I found out the media tells mostly lies about Trump, it just made me think back to when the INXS fans lied to others about me. And how most of them believed them. That was what converted me to a conservative. I even remember Katrina made a comment on this blog about me not going to Australia. She was upset. Then one of the leftist INXS fans came in and tried to convince Katrina that I am not a good person. Katrina wasn't going for the bait. LOL!! She knew me longer than any INXS fans have known me. She wasn't going to fall for their lies.

Well, Katrina's been kinda angry with me lately, so I haven't seen or heard from her in a few months. Personal reasons I won't get into here. But we always gravitate again towards each other. But I thank her for that every single day I wake up. Just when you think the world is against you, there's always really good people out there who know your true heart and soul and don't listen to the negativity.

That's how I feel about Trump. I feel like the mainstream media and all leftists have done him a grave injustice. So, I don't go for their bait. I know how it feels to have leftists spread lies about you, and never have all the facts when they do so. Then they sit back with sinister smiles on their big, dumb faces as the rest of the world turns on you. On nothing more than their say-so. No thanks! I want nothing to do with leftists.

I miss my apartment. I want to go back! This part of the complex I got stuck in now has the meanest, rudest, most short-tempered and obnoxious people I've ever seen in my life! They all seem to be confined to the B building here. And I don't give a blue-ass fuck if Hobofart forwards this to the members of this complex, like he did back in Bozeman. I don't give a shit! I HATE the people of building B. With a red, burning passion! I came home today after taking my dogs to the fairgrounds to go potty, and my sis was upset. She told me some dumbass in a wheelchair yelled at Rosebud for no reason! I don't like that. I asked my sis if she told that woman to shut up. She said yes. But then my sis mentioned the woman had a pit bull. I thought "Well maybe that's why she yelled at Rosebud. Maybe she didn't want her to get to close to her dog because, being a pit bull, he might be aggressive". I don't know, I'd have to probably talk to this woman myself. But my sis said she was standing outside with Rosebud, talking to another woman, minding her own business when this woman in a wheelchair came up behind them and started yelling. And said she was yelling in a very angry, hateful manner.

My sis saw her go home, and said she lives in the B building. Ya know, that's also where that wacky woman lives, who yelled at Mya the other day. I mentioned that in my last post. But she yelled because Mya was offleash. Mya came running back to me that time. But when I said she's an asshole, she said "Yes I actually am, thank you very much for saying that!" I just laughed at her then. So now, whenever I see her, I always be sure to call her an asshole, and a wacky-woman because she talks to herself. She came to the fairgrounds the other day, I was walking my dogs both offleash. She went up to the outer fence with her old dog, and let him offleash to go potty. I saw her and I shouted "Oh GOD! It's that wacky woman!" I saw her and heard her shout something back at me. But I didn't hear what she said. I just turned to my dogs and said "Come on, babies! Let's get away from that wacky woman!" LOL! Then I heard her shouting something and I turned and looked and said to my dogs "I see she still talks to herself!" LOL!

I dunno, there must be some evil spirits taking over in building B here, but there's some whacked-out-ass people there! I'm kinda glad I wasn't moved in to the apartment on the bottom far right. Then I would have had to live underneath that wacky woman! And perhaps the evil spirits would have got to me too! LOL! I tried to get into that apartment because I really cannot take stairs. It's empty now. It's been empty since I was relocated here. I thought it was vacant. But the managers said it's not. Someone actually lives there. Here it is though, I've been here for over a month and no one has moved into that unit yet! When are they going to get there? Well, it doesn't matter anyways, I don't want to live under that wacky woman! And I don't want the evil spirits to get to me either! Go figure!

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