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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Most People Are Good?

This morning, I had an encounter with one of the neighbors in this community. She lives right across from us. I don't know her name, but she is kindof a fat, hateful chick with reddish-blond hair that she always has up on top of her head. She also has an old hound type dog that she walks around with. Well, I was out at the same time with my dogs, I had just gotten back from taking them to the fairgrounds to do their business. When I got back, that woman came out with her dog on a leash. Yes, I know! We're supposed to have our dogs on leashes! But normally, Mya follows me directly to the house. I don't know why, but Mya insisted on trying to meet this woman's dog. I didn't want her to. That's the one time she won't listen to me is when she is distracted by another dog, or something that smells interesting.

So that woman yells at me "Do something about your fucking dog!" I start calling Mya, which is all I can do. She came running to me. I don't know if Mya sensed that the dog could attack her and flatten her if it wanted to, or if Mya did not like the vibes coming from that woman. But she came running back to me like her life depended on it. Either way, I was grateful she came to me. But then the woman kept going and going. Honestly, I think that woman is a bit psycho. Most of the talking she did was more like mumbling to herself. But I heard her say "My dog can eat your dog and you won't have her anymore". I said to her "You leave my dogs alone. They ain't harming you!" Then she muttered something else, that at first I didn't hear. I asked her to repeat what she said and she said "And shut your dogs the fuck up while you're at it! Fuck you!" I said to her "Yah, yah, yah, fuck you too, bitch!" Then I realized what I said, and I turned and said to her "No wait! Bitch is too good. You're an asshole!"

Well, apparently this woman is a habitual asshole and is proud of it. She said to me "Yes I am! I thank you for that!" I looked at her and I said "Yeah, and you look like one too." I chuckled a bit and took my dogs upstairs, all that time, that woman was talking and cussing to herself, just barely loud enough that I heard her as I was going up the stairs. I said to her "And stop talking to yourself! You look like a spaz!" I understand people sometimes talk to themselves. But this woman was talking and cussing at herself. I wanted to slash her tires. But I am not that kind of a person. My sis wanted to curb-stomp her face. But I don't want her to do that either. We're not going to be here long. Just a couple months. But I am telling you all now, these are going to be the LONGEST couple months of my life! Especially with that asswipe in the next building. And would you believe? She has children. I couldn't help wondering if she kisses her kids with that filthy mouth. She is the very definition of white trash.

The thing I am trying to say is I've noticed the people in this part of the complex are meaner! Much more so than they were in our regular neighborhood. It's like this complex is two different worlds. One where everyone is nice and friendly, and this one, where people hate and are hostile to each other. The funny thing about seeing this woman this morning is I was reading a post on Quora just yesterday, and it made me think of why people are so grouchy these days.

This guy on Quora spoke of seeing a woman carrying bags of groceries in her arms to her car. The man approached her and offered to carry one of the bags to her car, and she said to him in a very rude manner, "I don't need your help!" So, the guy put the bag of groceries on the ground and got in his car. As he was driving out, he saw that same woman at her car and one of her grocery bags tore, and all her groceries were all over the ground. The guy just looked, smiled and waved at that woman and drove away. He did not offer to help her again, and I don't blame him! Shame on that woman! If someone were to offer me any assistance, I thank them as kindly as I can. I'd never turn down any help I can get. But then I was raised to be appreciative. Though I've got to tell you, these days it can go any way. Sometimes when you've spent your entire life being nice, people still tend to want to kick you in the butt. And I have also seen when people are mean to each other, other people find them fascinating for some reason. Since I've stopped being such a nice person, I've noticed people find me more interesting now. Go figure!

But this neighbor of mine, she wasn't even trying to be nice. Just hateful all the way. They say dogs can sense when a person is bad. I truly believe that's why Mya came running to me. She didn't want anything to do with that woman. I don't know what this woman's problem is. Maybe she's like me, she hates strangers. Or maybe bitching at people gives her some kind of sexual thrill. Or maybe she's not really a dog lover. Who knows? But the next 2 months are going to feel like an eternity if I have to put up with her every day like this.

Ya know, right after my sis moved here, she told me some woman in a black hummer got behind her at the intersection by the main office, and was practically yelling at her to move her car faster. You can only go so fast down these roads. There are too many speed bumps. Plus there are kids everywhere and no one wants to run them down. But my sis told me she saw this woman behind her, yelling and pulling on her hair, trying to get my sis to drive faster. When my sis described her to me, I thought it was someone else at first. But then I thought no. That person is not that bad. She has kids. I would have normally thought someone with kids would be more conscientious about why the speed bumps are out there. But now, thinking back on it and the description my sis gave me, and knowing this woman revels in being an asshole, I think it was her.

I'd seen that woman before, many times, around here. Mostly at the school bus stop is where I remember seeing her most. I never talked to her. I never had a reason to. I still don't. Maybe I had a sense too that she's not a good person. I told my sis that I had a bit of a falling out with that woman, and she said to me "I'm sorry you had to deal with her". I said "Ah! It's nothing. Doesn't bother me at all". But what does bother me is how she is not the only person I've seen around here like that. It's almost no wonder people here want to move out. I know my sis and I do. But I really do not want to move to Spokane, or Bozeman. My sis loves heat. I don't. In Bozeman and Spokane, a 70-degree day feels like 100 degrees! And a 90-degree day feels like 120!! What I love about the coast is we rarely get days that warm here. But I don't want to stay in OR. I want to go back to WA. I miss it there. That's my home.

I have a good mind to send my sis back to Bozeman or wherever, and move myself back to WA. Either Long Beach or Copalis Beach. Not Ocean Shores again. Because I want to have a lot of dogs! And OS has a limit to how many a household can have.

Right after I moved here, my very best friend, Katrina, who is much more of a people-person than I'll ever be, told me that most people are good inside. I mean, I agree. I don't know many people who will watch a person fall into a hole and not offer to help them out. At least, that's how I was raised. But in this day and age I don't know! Seems to me that if one person spots another falling into a hole, they'd be more likely to film it to share to TikTok than help the person in need. I think social media is to blame. Although I've seen some horrible people even before social media. One day my sis and I were at the beach in Westport with our little chihuahuas, and there was this big, fat Mexican-type boy walking his dogs. He had 2 cattle dog puppies on leashes. The boy looked to be no older than about 12 years old, and fat like the side of a barn! Our little dogs wanted to greet his dogs. I didn't want them to, because I had no idea how his dogs would have responded. And I didn't like the vibes I got from that boy! He just looked genuinely evil and hateful.

Anyways, I like cattle dogs, so I was smiling looking at his dogs. One looked just like Hutchess! My sis was watching as Odessa walked behind that boy and his pups. She told me that boy actually flipped Odessa off! LOL! I was laughing and thinking "What a dumb kid! How's a dog going to know what flipping the middle finger means?!" We called Odessa back over and she started to come. Well, I always say kids who look evil generally are evil. I heard that boy say out loud to his dogs as he left the beach "Come on guys! Let's get away from those RATS!" He said it in a very harsh and angry tone of voice too. I knew then, I was right about him. Then I heard his parents calling him, saying "We've been looking for you!" And that boy said to his own parents "So kill me!!" also in an angry and evil tone of voice. I turned to my sister and said to her "He doesn't need to be killed! He needs to be SLAPPED!" Parents today are so afraid of their own kids that they let them walk all over them! I could not believe it!

I've seen how rebellious teenagers talk to their parents, and I never heard anyone sound like how that kid talks to his parents! If he was my kid, he'd have been smacked the first time he tried to disrespect me like that! I blame these democrat laws that say a parent cannot spank their child. I remember when Bill Clinton mentioned passing that bill. I thought it was a bad idea then, and I've not changed my mind 30 years later! I've now seen the result of parents who refuse to punish their children. I see it all the time in leftists. As well as modern-day feminists, the neighbor lady we have here, that boy at the beach, Antifa, etc. I would only hope we go back to the days of corporal punishment. Kids need to have that fear put in them. Otherwise they will never learn accountability. And they'll grow up to be like the evil people I always see around today!

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