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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Celebrating Michael Hutchence With Specials and Mya

Today is a good day to celebrate Michael's life! Now, I've got some specials to post. Damn! If only I can embed posts from my other blog. As you know tomorrow is my Thanksgiving (always on the 22nd). So, I may not be in. I'll be too busy cooking that day. I do still give thanks, but it's for Michael. Well, him and family. So, I still call it "Thanks-giving". Thank GOD for giving us Michael for those relatively few years he was here. I wish it had been longer, but I guess GOD had other plans for him. I love Michael so much, I just cannot let him go. I'm still angry though that he got with Paula and she practically aided in driving him over the edge. The libtards can hate me for that all they want to. I don't care! But in some small way, I still feel like she was responsible for driving him nearly crazy! He was so protective of Paula to a point he became vindictive (his therapist's words). That's not good! Such ugliness does not look good with such a handsome man! But I think Paula drove him to it.

It's cool she agreed to give Michael a child (A child). But still, I think she did have a hand in driving him over the edge! Though I do mostly blame that Piers Morgan guy. I could see why when I saw one of his interview shows. He's so fricken annoying!!!

Anyways, here are some of the specials I have going on UMG Productions to celebrate Michael's life...

20% off Uncle Martin and the Gang Discusses INXS

In honor of Michael growing his wings 20 years ago today, I am offering 20% off on a printed copy of this book. This book contains the stories "INXS Goes to Mount St. Helens", and "One Day In November..." and also a previously unreleased short graphic novel story "Jon's Nightmare". Link will open in a new window. Only available from today until November 24th.


50% off all streamed videos

Also until November 24th, I am offering 50% off any video streamed on the site. Use the coupon code HUTCH20 at checkout. This includes videobooks. These are like podcasts, or like audiobooks, only they have pictures and sometimes video. Check it out! So far, I've only done 3 videobooks for the site. But they are all stories also inspired by INXS. I'm getting those out of the way first 😀👍

You can access regular video movies here.
Or, you can stream videobooks here.

Now, I got something else to share. Mya is also helping me celebrate Michael's life. It's her first holiday with mommy! We are both celebrating. She never met Michael but she's heard a lot about experiences with him from me. Check out how she is celebrating Michael's day!

Did you ever see such a happy baby? She is loving INXS as much as I do! I've taught her well!

I've seen people do this with the Kick album cover. LMAO!! I'm too fat to do it. But Mya is just right! Look at how cute they look together. Well! At least I got the eyes right. Dogs are not like cats. When they look straight at you, the length of their nose hides their mouth. I always liked that about dogs. Cats have a flatter face and frankly, I think that looks rather ugly. But there's my girl celebrating Michael's life with mommy!

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